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Earlier today, l was having a Online Messenger conversation with a good friend of mine, Stephen. Some of you may also know him and his blog Stephen Blyse Writes.

We were talking about a lot of subjects to do with writing and reading and the various audiences that written content enjoys today and with that – the various styles of reader, readership and audience a writer has. In fact it was this conversation with Stephen that inspires today’s post and question.

We got onto the subject of books and who reads them and how they read them as well as how people find the time to read and then we progressed onto books on our shelves and how readers prefer to read books these days?

Do people still have bookshelves filled with books or is it mostly digital? Below is Stephen’s book collection whilst above is mine. Mine is a very small collection now located in three areas in the house, most of them are here in the Livenden with me whilst some of my ‘childhood’ favourites and just those that when l have the time l can re-read again and again and ag … you get it!

I used to have a much larger quantity of books and as little back as 2017 when the collection perhaps numbered 750. In 2009 l had a collection of around 1000 books, but when younger and by this l mean between the ages of 14 – 20 l had a massive collection of reading materials including magazines and comics and fanzines, but my book collection numbered close to 3000 and used to line one entire wall of my bedroom.

But books take up space and time. So in 2012 l started to downscale my collection and now, the books you see in hard copy are the only books l have left and l guess the total now numbers maybe 130 books, around there anyway.

I have another hundred books on my Kindle ……. my biggest problem, is not always having the time to find the time to read any more. Since l started blogging l find l spend most of my reading time reading blogs and you know l am always behind with that as is!

Anyway to the questions –

How large is your shelved book collection?

Do you actually have a shelved collection of hard copy books or a digital collection only or both?

Are you willing to show an image of your collection in the shelves?

Let me know below … Thanks, Rory

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32 thoughts on “How large is your shelved book collection?

  1. I hate to admit it, but the reason we bought a 4 bed house is because two of those bedrooms are libraries! One is a dedicated to a specific type, the other is more general, but just as full. Each room has six bookcases and several smaller nook shelving areas. And yes, they all get read, have all been read at least twice, and cycling out of the general books happens regularly.
    The down-side is that they’re heavy, prone to dust and insects (we have bay leaves scattered throughout and refreshed annually), and addictive …
    And no, not one of the books on our shelves are the books I write! Okay, there might be two left, but they’re going out to friends to read at the end of the month, so they don’t count now.

          1. We met. Neither of us can whinge about the other’s obsessive streak/s, and we’re still living together, no knives in the back, lively discussions, respect for space and time for reading, etc. The twain may be a mirror, but sometimes, it’s not all that bad to see a reflection of what we are, who we are, and how we see the world.
            I think I need a coffee.

  2. We have a mess of a bookshelf in the living room, Daughter has a huge full bookshelf in her room, I have piles and stacks on top of a row of books that line one wall of my room… we have boxes of books in the shed (probably rodent ruined by now) plus I have close to 100 digital books.
    We don’t have room for more books, but some authors we buy their hardcover books because we know they will be read and reread.

    I love books! They DO take up space though.

    I haven’t had the time to read as much as I used to. I would read 2 or 3 books a week. Now I fall asleep after a few pages, if that long. The great thing about owning books is that they’ll be there when I have more time and get better sleep.

    Books saw me through some very dark times. I owe my life to Stephen King and his Dark Tower series. I’m not exaggerating. I’ve worn out 3 copies of the set. I’ve also worn out numerous copies of The Lord Of The Rings trilogy.

  3. I love hard copies books, I love their smell…😉 Leave me in a library and I can stay there the whole day…☺️ from when I’ve started blogging, I do spend my time reading blogs more often than books though…I have around 20-30 ebooks in my collection and around 20 hard copy books…the problem in Singapore is that with the humidity my hard copy books are destroyed after a while…all the pages will become yellow and humid 😢…I don’t know how to preserve them…

    1. Build a closed off room maintain little light and a nice vool temperature. Ensure the room has a little tapdoor in it so you can feed your tortured victims because you are a nice person. Oh wait I’m just rephasing the hit show You

  4. I’ve loads and loads of books! I had more before emigrating; we must have sold about a 1000. We brought many old friends with us though, and I’m still buying, mainly from second-hand bookshops (new books are very expensive in South Africa). Of course, I have my Kindle too – lots more on there. Plus I have a box of author copies of my own books under my desk… and a few in my car boot, well, you never know…

    I love perusing other people’s book shelves. All those ‘at home’ interviews we’ve been seeing – I just wanted people to get out of the way so I could see what’s on their shelves!

    At the weekend I’ll be sharing what I’ve been reading this year for the #armedwithabingo book challenge. Lots of covers, but actual bookshelves? Maybe 😉

  5. Good Morning Rory. I have one bookcase downscaled from two overpacked when I first moved out in 2016. I now have one which contains books in collections of authors I really like. I.E. Terry Pratchett. George R.R. Martin. Brandon Sanderson. Otherwise I have switched completely over to digital. My problem is not so much finding the time to read (I need to stop playing Clockmaker game all the time lol) but rather what to read. Besides the books I purchase there are also a lot from sites where authors offer their books for free. I have found sooooooooooo many new authors this way. But once I finish with one book that was I have got to read this right now I can take upwards of a day and a half to try and find something that I want to read. I am also becoming a little more heartless. Where in the past I use to finish a book no matter what now if it does not catch my attention I don’t force myself to continue. Move onto the next book. Have a fab day. 🙂

    1. Hey Jay-lyn – exc ellent policy – l apply the same to films, l know in 10 minutes if a film will grip me from the start. Books, like you – when it comes to fiction l am quite fussy, other books are mostly topical of documentary so it’s easier to find reading material. But fiction has to not be just great but shit hot.

      1. I need to be sucked right in. Where I don’t put it aside even to make supper lol. A new author I tend to be a little more lenient with as getting to know their style. Unless it is absolutely dreadful. Or I paid for it. On the $12.99+ range. Then I read all of it. On principal lmao 😂😂😂😂😂 🤓🤓💜💜

  6. Here’s my contribution in blog post form:

    Because any questions concerning books and/or reading will evoke a far too long for the comments’ section response!

    Currently I’m reading “The Colorado Kid” by Stephen King, a pulp fiction novel he wrote. He’s done three or four of that kind so far and all have been excellent. I have high hopes…

    I just finished the “Midnight” trilogy by Charlaine Harris, and a ten book series (cozy murder mystery type) by Dale somebody, who uses a garden theme for the series. It was honestly a pass the time and relax type of read…there were some really fantastical (as in fantasy, no resemblance to reality) situations and the heroine was alternately ditzy and endearing… So my reading hasn’t suffered a whit!

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