Why do you bother to cook?

Why do you bother to cook?

I am a qualified chef – not that it means a great deal domestically – well not to me anyway – l am not a chef when at home by myself, l am just a cook cooking – when l am perhaps making up a special dish that requires more creative thought – maybe then l am a chef again!

I heard this question the other day whilst walking through town – a guy asked another guy why he bothered cooking when it was just him at home, why not just grab takeaways and cut the costs?

MM, this stuck with me whilst l walked around the town and gave it some serious thought ….

When l first arrived here not long after the move and being basically in the centre of town and having an Indian cuisine takeaway literally across the road, and that everytime l open my front door l sometimes feel like l am standing in a street on an exotic holiday due to the many enchanting and deliciously tasty smells and scents that drift on and in the wind and head my way and assault my nostrils – but when l got here, for the first month l was a twit! I had mostly take aways for the first month or so whilst l stabilised in the new house!

Two months on and for the last two weeks especially, l now cook a few times a week for myself in the evening, l cook eggs every morning for breakfast and the last ‘takeaway’ l had was a couple of weeks ago – l now limit myself to one a month – for many reasons, but principally my health – they are great – but not good for someone who has a problematic stomach.

I should cook more – but l don’t – three times a week is fine – aside from that microwave meals are actually a lot more convenient and most of the time less messy…. l’ll get better as time gets on … but still l do ask myself this question weekly…

People cook for various reasons so tell me yours,

“Why do you bother to cook?”

If you are not the cook or a cook and someone else doesn’t cook for you, what do you do for your weekly eating and why do you not cook?

Let me know below – Thanks.

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  1. I am a good cook, but rarely do it. I got burnt out with it toward the end of my marriage. Younger had become a vegetarian, Older was always picky and the ex demanded meat & potatoes. Period. I was like a short order cook and half the time, I fix a bunch of food and no one would eat.

    I sometimes cook for Ben, but Daughter usually does it. She’s still picky and prefers to order food or eat frozen meals, or make her own food.

    I have issues with eating and I usually microwave a frozen meal.

    I do get special requests to make certain foods from both daughters occasionally and of course I cook for them.

  2. Our system is to buy once a month, cook up batches for the freezer, and nuke. Mostly. Fresh veg/salad from the garden (when we had it, now the greengrocer). Life is short. Enjoy.

    1. Hey Cage, oh l hear ya, life is indeed short and we don’t need shit in it – but that’s a good system, and something l will be starting again 🙂

      Suze and l were discussing this literally tonight, cooking up in batches.

  3. I cook dinner on Saturdays with my daughters. Started off as a good way to spend some time with them and has now become a tradition despite their having grown (they are 23 and 19). I look forward to Saturday evenings!

  4. I don’t cook anymore. Food is just not that important to me to spend time cooking from scratch and then dealing with the cleanup. I eat boring basic sandwiches, fruit, frozen dinners, etc. Sometimes i make eggs or grilled cheese, but I don’t consider that cooking!

    1. Hey Lisa,

      Very very true – batch cooking has its merits – but unless you make a variety of recipes up at the same time you are eating the same thing over and over again.

  5. Cooking for the whole bunch of people or just oneself is better than getting takeout or meals delivered. The food is fresh, made according to what you like and way healthy thanks any other option.

      1. I would be making mostly veggies and lentils. I love lentils. They are easy to cook and are nutritious and low calorie too.

        1. Yes, except my stomach can’t tolerate lentils – l tried them before, became ill on them, and l was advised to steer clear as for some reason my stomach can’t break them down. But l know a lot of people use them.

  6. Ben’s been brought up on amazing home cooked food. I cannot compete with his mom and aunties. He is always appreciative of my efforts to cook from scratch and to learn how to cook Greek dishes. But he is not averse to eating shop bought pizza or something on nights when I can’t face all the work that goes into cooking and clearing up the kitchen.

  7. Have you seen the movie, “Chef”?

    First, I should tell you that I come from a long line of great cooks, without ever really discussing it, it became sort of a tradition for at least one of us to be in the kitchen every time there was any kind of gathering. I’ve been cooking since I was about 8. I’ve always enjoyed the culinary arts, but I discovered my passion for it a few years ago. I watched the movie “Chef” and was instantly taken. Every dish looks like a piece of art, including making something as simple as a grilled cheese sandwich! Since then, I’ve been working on creating my own recipes (something I had only previously mastered with cakes & icing.) Now, I’m finding ways to take my favorite foods & make them healthy(ish). It brings me so much joy!!

    1. Hey Kristian 🙂

      Excellent and no l haven’t seen the film Chef – Buuuuuuuuut l did see this one …

      Who Is Killing the Great Chefs of Europe? Although it was initially titled Too Many Chefs in 1978

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