Dear Blog – 11.45 – 20/09/20

Mask Less Making Me Sick!

Just some Sunday ponderings on this crazy world of ours….

Of late, l have taken to some deep thinking – well okay, that’s not unusual for me but I don’t understand people at times – l try, maybe l try to hard – maybe the simple truth is – it is just blatant arrogance or mass complicity or stupidity or imbecility – but l still struggle.

Boris Johnson wants to NOT lockdown the country again if he can avoid it – l would like for him to NOT lockdown the country again as well – but logically we may not have that option if this mass or maskless stupidity carries on.

I don’t disbelieve there is a medical problem – l do believe the world is experiencing serious problems with Coronavirus – l personally haven’t met anyone who has had it or who knows of someone who has had it – but then, l live quite a quiet life these days and more so since Suze and l started living seperately. When we were a couple under the same roof l hardly had anyone visit – ME – then either.

We had people visit Suze and as such l would see people – because they were Suze’s friends or family and l did my social bit and came in and swapped banalities for a while, made my excuses and returned to my own thing.

There were people Suze and l saw together as they were joint friends, mostly from Suze’s side to life and family and so on – the point is – that really most of my friends are ‘virtual’ – even friends l have in real life are so scattered to the winds l don’t see them, and speak to them only virtually or digitally through one social platform or another.

I don’t have people over because l don’t really know any of ‘my kind of people locally’ – l have more acquaintances now since moving, but they are not ”friends”, they are just people l see in the street when walking by themselves or their dogs, or out shopping …

With a muchly reduced social circle as mine l am hardly likely to know many people who may have had dealings with Covid in comparison to more social people.

But even with my reduced social circle l still exercise caution with regards the wearing of masks and social distancing – JUST because l don’t know anyone who has had it – there is a reason for that – as said, l am new to Sandwich, l don’t have many real life friends close by and l am not out partying or drinking nightly!

On average l am out of the house twice daily, once in the morning anywhere between 7.30 – 9.00am set off, with an additional late afternoon/early evening walk with a set off time of 5.15 – 6.15pm. Each walk takes me roughly 30/35 minutes and on each walk l see roughly 30 people. If l see people approaching l ensure l have a a good 1 – 2 metre distance between us – to comply with the protocols in place with regards social distancing.

Some days l might also be out of the house during either the mid morning or early afternoon. Whenever l leave the house these days I always have a mask with me and a small bottle of hand sanitizer, even though all stores now have hand sanitizer stations. When l am out walking despite not having close contact with people l still have a mask with me and a bottle of sanitizer in my pockets.

Whatever your beliefs with regards the severity of C19 and whether you know people who have died, become sick or ill or not – there are reasons for these medical safeguarding health proceedures to be in place and that is because as communities of people we are supposed to care for each other and look out for each other. Supposedly …….

But of course this is the 21st Century and that kind of community sociality and solidarity that traditionally used to exist on a national level is mostly pocketed these days in smaller parishes and villages and some towns – but is fast disappearing with logics and sanity it seems.

People don’t seem to care anymore about anyone else apart from themselves and l am seeing this more and more as the months of social distancing continue – that common sense has vanished and sad to say Westernized greed seems to rule the day over being careful and less selfish with regards others.

People are complacent with regards everything regarding not just the pandemic but everything – herd mentality is fast becoming a major concern. We have anti-maskers now – who screech and scream about conspiracy theories about there being no such thing as Covid – 19 because they don’t know anyone who has had it or they see empty waiting rooms and parking lots in hospitals signalling to them – there is no pandemic.

There are protests up and down the country about people’s freedoms and liberties being taken away from them – that the governments are lying to us [well that ‘s not news really]. If not anti-maskers then we have Corona-Deniers and the list of disgruntlement goes on and on.

According to the latest polls … 25% of the nation believe the virus is a hoax, another 20% think it is a global experiment by governments to gain control of the people like historical religious sects used to and some cults still do today and then there is an 18% concern that the pandemic is not the real issue and that we are not being told the ‘truth’, whilst the remaining 37% are people who don’t know what anything is – but try not to be selfish whatever IT is and whether they believe it or not will still wear the masks and maintain to the social distancing and the protocols.

Where do l stand in all of this?

Well – l do believe there is a pandemic and it IS an issue – l don’t believe it just appeared magically almost overnight like they tried to tell us – l believe it was here for some time just not identified and most assuredly not properly known about or medically recognised and then it became a major concern.

I am not an anti-masker, l don’t think the government is trying to seize or gain more control but can understand that as horrific as this may all be – that our governments are playing a game with our lives – intentionally or not – but governments have been doing that for centuries – that’s not new.

In some ways the pandemic is an inconvenient convenience to other issues more pressing that may not be addressed and yet the pandemic has highlighted even more damning problems such as the shortages of funding to organisations that truly needed help long before this arose.

This or ‘pandemics’ like this have been discussed in earnest since the turn of the century – global environmental concerns have been discussed since the 70’s and many of those came true – the world’s getting bigger and bigger and l don’t mean land mass – l mean population size – we have too many people on the planet – you squeeze too many people into a tinderbox and there are going to be problems!

Suze, was here last Thursday – who as you know has throat cancer and therefore a weakened immunity system – she is undergoing her chemo and her first ’bout’ was a couple of weeks ago, and her second bout is next Friday – with each new bout – the aggression levels of treatment are increased. Suze was wearing a mask from the time we stepped out of the house and as l neared more busier places l donned my own mask and we both used hand sanitzier.

We wanted to do some shopping in the local Thursday market which comprised of perhaps 15 stalls and at the time we were there which was around 11.30am there must have been a good 100 people there. How many were wearing masks including ourselves? Can you guess?

If you guessed 10% well done!

We, despite the area and the amount of people, maintained a social distance of a metre – how many did the same, can you guess?

If you guessed roughly 8% you would be right …

People have become way too complacent and care not for others, think they themselves are invincible and whilst l was there l heard people discussing C19 and l must have heard at least a half dozen conversations between groups of 4 – 5 of non distanced unmasked people discussing how they thought the coronavirus was nonsense!! People wearing masks were fools and the biggest victims of all!

It really is a crazy world – scary too – l fear people more than l fear the virus .. or maybe l should simply say people who go out and mix with society without a mask make me sick…… think about that!

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18 thoughts on “Dear Blog – 11.45 – 20/09/20

  1. It’s doesn’t help when you hear senior Tory MPs say that we don’t need to take extra steps. Apparently the NHS coped so well this year, never struggled so it’s fine. Just get on with life. Your so right some people don’t seem to care.

    1. This country is in a shambles, the governments handling of the shambles has been more than shambolic. I get confused as to how Bojo who supposedly had C19 isn’t iller? Those who have survived the coronavirus are as ill in recovery if not worse for months afterwards. If there a truth untold, it will be recovering from C19 and that is the thing no one is discussing.

      I fear the worse is still yet to come for this country.

  2. Yeah, it’s all kind of weird. I think this is a real pandemic because I don’t get why governments would make such a huge rod for their own back otherwise.
    Yeah, I don’t rate politicians, don’t trust them, don’t listen to much of what they say…but when it comes to them telling me that there is something important/dangerous and giving me instructions, I will comply.
    I know it’s been freakin inconvenience not being able to go on vacation where you want and not being able to go to concerts and parties. But we’ll get all that back eventually. It’s only been six months so far, not that much of a big deal for most people (except those that work in those industries). As far as washing our hands, wearing facemasks and stuff is concerned – why the hell is anyone complaining. They are easy. They are not a big inconvenience or encroachment on our life.
    I do get why people are doubtful though. They are so used to politicians making and breaking their pledges that won their votes, so when it comes to something important their past record of not being true to their word makes people think they can’t trust them. In the olden days, people in public roles were supposed to have integrity, so people respected and trusted them. I don’t think anyone expects a politician to have integrity anymore because they sometimes seem more scandalous than the rest of us normal folk put together.

    1. Hey Jenna, yes this ………………..

      “In the olden days, people in public roles were supposed to have integrity, so people respected and trusted them”

      You are spot on with that observation – we did used to trust our politicians, now l don’t trust them as far as l could throw them, and that is exactly what is going on.

      You are also spot on with the comment of ‘why would governments do that? Why create a falsehood to the detriment of the economy?” That is suicidal for any government … no, there is a pandemic whether people like to agree or not.

      Plus absolutely, where is the hardship of wearing a mask and using a sanitizer?

      People, nowt as strange as folk is spot on, and normally l wouldn’t be bothered BUT not when it affects mine or people l care about lives.

      1. I’m not really the type to overthink things but I think we are at a crucial point in human history. But I am not clever enough to work it out. I have clever friends who have all sorts of interesting ideas, and Ben has an eye on world events.

        People are cute and weird and funny and pathetic and noble and mostly wanting the same thing – WORLD PEACE AND GREAT SEX – but all have a different idea about how we will get that for everyone. What I mean is, I don’t lose faith or hope in the goodness of people, but all this division aint getting us anywhere.

        I dunno. I just think it would be great if we could just agree on one idea and work together.

  3. It is a crazy world indeed! For the people that think this virus is a hoax, I have a simple question…what about the 962,349 deaths so far? 😢
    Take care Rory and stay safe!

    1. 962,349 is 962,349 reasons to believe and YET, we still have people who think it’s a joke?? I don’t get it, but l do, because society and l hate to say this, but westernised societies haven’t had to face things like this and so think they are above it.

  4. I agree with this whole post, JB. It makes me SOOO angry! The Idjits without a care for how their actions affect other people.
    San Diego County is experiencing at spike around the University and it’s incoming students. Everybody partying… and because of that spike, the entire County may be moved into a more restricted tier (our Governor has a tier system. Better numbers=less restrictions… higher numbers=more restrictions)
    Ben’s school is wanting to open the campus 2 days a week for students. Rotate smaller groups on campus. If the cases keep rising, they won’t be able to. All because some 18-25 year old Idjits wanted to get drunk. 🤬🤬🤬

    Last time we had spikes it was because of tourist flocking to our open beaches and bars. Ben has missed 6 months of education and therapies because people only care about their own superficial, consumer, selfish lives. To hell with everyone else.

    I’ll never know if Ben had the Kootie when he was SO sick a few months back. It’s entirely possible. He rarely gets sick and has NEVER been that sick before. He didnt seem to have the breathing problems but it presents differently in children.

    Wearing a mask, especially in warm weather isnt comfortable, but it’s NOT too much to ask. Just like wearing shoes in stores, wearing a seat belt when driving…

    UGH!!🤐🤐🤐🤐 I’m gonna stop now. I could rant for hours🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬


    1. I know, it’s funny someone the other day said that to me … it was a warm day and l was in a shop, the owner of the shop was telling people, they had to wear masks to come in and it was that simple..

      “It’s too hot, we don’t have it, you are being unfair!!” They Hollered , “Anyway there should be an alternative to masks!”

      I answered them curtly having had my absolute fill of these mask complainers ……… “There is an alternative aside from not coming in to this shop ……. you know what that is?? No, it’s called death! Wear the fucking mask and shut up or go to another shop!”

      Well they just looked at me and walked off huffing, l apologised to the owner and she said “Nope, you are right, l couldn’t say that as owner, but as a customer, l can’t stop you. Well said!”

      I am tired of all the youngsters [18-25] here moaning and groaning about having to wear them, saying it doesn’t affect them ……… and yet figures show us that the new age of people being infected is 2 – 35 err, what were you saying about it not affecting your age group?

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