Me & Robby ..

With the courtyard garden l have here and more so because l made the decision for the remainder of this season after the move from Hillyfields in July to NOT keep gardening but to take a break for the rest of 2020 and simply get used to the actual garden itself – what l have noticed is that it is very low maintenance.

Principally it is a garden that is made up of a few gardening styles – mostly it is container gardening but it also has small natural earthen plots to the left and the right of the central gravel path and at both the bottom and the top it has a concrete slab patio and workspace.

The earthen plots are established and have a number of different plants and bushes and ornamentals growing such as conservation wall roses and large bush herbs. The container gardening side may have been tended to at some point but not during the last tenancy before mine therefore – many of the containers be these either crockery pots or walled hanging baskets were dead or pot bound and had to be dug up, removed, transplanted or placed into the compost.

When l first got here and indeed before l moved into the property full time l began the task of tidying up and straightening out the actual garden – containers and earthen potware alike and introduced more of my own features like the mini raised beds l used to maintain. A different composting unit was introduced, a working worm farm and a functioning bin system that would support the mini hot composter.

But when l got here, l was tired from establishing the Hillyfields garden from August 2019 to the breaking down phase in June and July of this year and opted to skip the remainder of this season and start afresh in 2021. This was the right decision to make as it allowed me more time to get the house sorted.

Despite having a garden that is low maintenance and basically running itself – l still needed to rest the soils and introduce wildlife elements which would further encourage for the Spring of 21 a vibrant eco-organic natural community. However, all gardens low maintenance and or self runners still need some maintenance and upkeep. So once every two weeks or so, l go out and weed and attend to what small jobs there may be.

A few times a week l fill the bird feeders and the sand and the bird baths, sweep up, de-weed the gravel path [bird feeders drop seeds which root in the path] and once every ten days l feed and water the worm farm and once a week l work with the mini composter.

Mini Hot Composter on the cooldown and having fresh week old lawn cuttings added.

Support system to the Hot Composter.

I look at the garden and there are times when l don’t see a real garden but a kind of compact garden that Barbie and Ken would be seen roaming around – in other ways it’s like a toy garden – it is so twee and ‘quite’ at times. BUT, the payoff with working to encourage natural wildlife to reside and take up residence and habitat the environment is incredibly rewarding.

I was out in the garden for a couple of hours this afternoon, and had a work companion who was at most perhaps 6″ away from where l was working and l called him Robby [for obvious reasons] and he in bird language l can only guess tweeted to all his friends that this old guy was no threat and so it wasn’t long before l had a few birds come and land within feet of me!

This reminded me why l loved this garden so much!

Below mostly Robby and a few of his friends!

Robins are pretty friendly anyway in truth, they are many a time a gardener’s companion, they are there usually when you start digging up ground as there are always tasty tidbits in the soils for them and because of their overall confidence they hardly ever have a problem with human beings. But it’s nice to have a robin hanging around as you work as it is also someone to speak to.

I had a pair of doves visit, but they were a bit skittish and kept their distance but a small flock of perhaps 6 or 8 sparrows were flitting down to the bird feeder in front of me whilst the rest were watching me from within the bush l was working next to.

This week my wildlife cameras are being fitted to the garden, so this should be fun and something l am really looking forwards to ๐Ÿ™‚

Anyway, just a small visit today, next time l will tell you more about the mini hot composter.

Welcome to the Secret Garden folks see you next time!

6 thoughts on “Me & Robby ..

  1. I don’t think we have Robins โ˜น Finches, sparrows, mockingbirds, crows, seagulls, hummingbirds, mourning doves and PARROTS are what I’ve mostly what I’ve seen.

    I’m glad Robbie told his friends to come visit. I’m still waiting for your new Percys to move in.

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