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Thursday 17th September 2020 – Season 13 – Series 9

What were your best songs from the 1990’s – your favourites?

Madam KristianLisa 

A Jolly Good Morning To You All and here’s hoping you have a fabulous Thursday to boot!

How did l select today’s group? … Well, see it began last night with the visions … a sore stomach and rapid fire visits to the you know where! To say l was riding on the wind is merely over glamorizing the grinder of the situation – l was desperate for some kind of painkiller in the grim hope of it delivering the goods – however l settled merely on an early night and l lay in bed listening to these guys …. so there we go ladies – l sincerely hope you enjoy my selection of Judas Priest!

Time to Rock on!

Have a totally awesome day!

Today’s Post Schedule
…… mm!
Have a totally fabulous day folks!

26 thoughts on “The Hello

  1. Happy Thor’sDay, JB! I hope the “thundering” has stopped, or settled a little. I know how bad GI issues can be. People on the Spectrum are plagued with GI issues.
    💡just had a thought… will email you.

  2. Rakin the lawn rakin the lawn! Rob did a video of himself raking his lawn and I worship his good humor and his 87 octave voice. Amazing, brazen and brave man.

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