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Season 5 – 541 –

There are moments in your life when at times, there are little pockets of silence in your world, voids of emptiness – those times when you think that you have your life together … that nothing else could go wrong …………
……….., then there are those times when your gift with words is pollutive and minimal and rather blue, because no amount of narrative is going to make this right!

Rory Matier


“One of the most jolting days of adulthood comes the first time you run out of toilet paper. Toilet paper, up until this point, always just existed. And now it’s a finite resource, constantly in danger of extinction, that must be carefully tracked and monitored, like pandas?”

Kelly Williams Brown

12 thoughts on “Random Quotes 550#

  1. Yes indeedy! Those of us with IBS know all the joys and sorrows associated with The Throne. The paper, the diaper wipes/wet wipes/ personal cleansing wipes, the creams, ointments, suppositories and other assorted products.

    When we spent half the day in the baño, loo, bathroom, salle de báin… thoughts do occur…


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