Do You Fancy Scrapping Your Memories?

Fancy Scrapping Your Memories?

Credit for the inspiration to today’s question is awarded to Lauren of ISS Attitude of Gratitude with thanks.

A few days ago l published this When a plan comes together …. you may recall and more so if you read it. It was the progress update on my new house here. Well in the comment section Lauren and l were having a conversation about “Scrapbooks” and how Lauren was so into it as a hobby that she became Creative Memories consultant which until she mentioned l had never heard of such a thing. This is basically 21st century Scrapbooks!

I became a Creative Memories consultant to support my habit. I was diagnosed with plantar fasciitis and could no longer do my walks. I needed something to keep myself busy.

I had a 12 by 12 sun room built off my bedroom. It is filled with cabinets and cabinets of empty scrapbooks of all sizes. I have shelves of embellishments sorted by occasion. I have 6 deep shallow drawers filled with papers organized by colors and themes. I have punches sorted by themes. I have extra pages and page protectors sorted by style and size. I have cutters and various tools.

I need to catch up on my pictures and then rethink the hobby. I estimate this will take a year.


Well l have to say that l never knew 1] that scrapbooking as a hobby had progressed so far since l was actively involved in it back when l was around 12-14 or 1975 – 1977 and 2] that it was now a huge multimillion dollar affair in the States!

After doing some research, we don’t have a movement like that here in the UK – well not that l could ‘easily find’, we do have a lot of craft shops offering scrapbook supplies but not to the degree as the States offers.

So my question today is threefold …..

1] Did you have a traditional scrapbook as a child and 2] are you still a scrapbooker as an adult or like Lauren, maybe a Creative memories consultant today or just a very keen enthusiast and or 3] what do you keep inside our scrapbooks?

Let me know below – Thanks.

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16 thoughts on “Do You Fancy Scrapping Your Memories?

  1. I made scrapbooks for bit trips that I did. They were nothing fancy; just a combination of photos and ticket stubs and things like that.

    1. Hey Ashley, yes same with me, it was literally for bits, bots, scraps and oddities. A newspaper clipping, a postcard, a badge, some dried leaves or flowers and or stubs like you 🙂

  2. I was into fancy scrapbooking in the 1990s. I had the Creative Memories, etc. stuff… didn’t need a consultant, just went out and spent gobs of money at all the stores. I think I have a dozen scrapbooks and they’re fun to look at sometimes. Then I stopped. Digital cameras and online sharing of photos took off. I went back to work full time and didn’t have time. It’s a fun thing for young moms…

    1. Oh wow, so a 1990’s scrapper in the flesh oooher missus 🙂

      That’s what l thought when l was discussing it with Lauren, that with the arrival of digital that scrapbooks would become very much a thing of the past … but it’s all so very fancy and technical now 🙂

      I think my scrapbooks would be worth a fortune now, but they got lost years ago.

  3. I think way back in 4-5 grade we made scrap books for school and some for personal memorabilia. But never after that. Never had the idea or time.

  4. I had 2 scrapbooks. One was for all my Drama/Theater/Acting stuff… playbills, photos, bits & bobs
    The 2nd was full of ticket stubs and pictures and bits & bobs from all the concerts I went to.
    Lost them & so much more when I was homeless.🤷🏼‍♀️

    No time for hobbies except photography and that’s going to improve after I give my daughters a chance to buy me a camera for xmas. If they don’t, I’ll buy it myself😉

  5. I have a couple scrap books from when I was a teen they are in a trunk in my closet where they have been for years. I’ve never got into the fancy scrap booking that is so popular but a couple of years ago I made memory quilts for two of my daughters for Christmas. Each of them had moved out of the house but left all of their t-shirts from high school behind. They had t-shirts from different events and groups that they participated in each year like volley ball, basket ball, band, drama club, homecoming etc. So I cut the t-shirts into squares and used flannel backing and sewed them into quilts. The quilts are something the girls will likely keep forever where as the t-shirts were headed for the rag bag.

    1. What a wonderfully creative idea Ruth – l do love that. It reminds me of a Jamboree Tunic l had once years ago, in the end it was completely and utterly covered in badges from all the jamborees l attended and the awards and merits l earned in badge form. I had that with me for absolute years till around 2011 when it was stolen 🙁

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