Talking about my generation musically …

Yesterday Grace of Just Tawkin’ commented on Theme Times –The Guitar Talkers 8# about her generation of music being way better – see her comment below concerning Eric Clapton and Fan or Not

Fan. Yesterday I was doing a little history dive on Youtube concerning my youth and came across a video of a live performance of White Rabbit that was basically the most amazing mind blowing guitar solo. Don’t know which guitarist it was, and my adored Grace Slick was just an afterthought in that performance – it was from 1975. I don’t care what anyone says, my generation’s music was the best. If only because it WAS music and there were actually bands who played instruments. I don’t think that exists much anymore except in Country music. Damn, but we rocked! And we were oh so beautiful! We were all so beautiful, and cynical and hopeful…I’m kinda on a nostalgia trip this few days – a month until my 74th birthday, maybe that’s it.

Grace of Just Tawkin’

Now Grace’s comment made for a question begging to be asked …. which generation or decades of music is best? Is it Grace’s as in the early sixties to the seventies? Earlier or later? In 1969 Grace was 23 and so by 1975 she was 29.

I can relate to Grace’s comment about reminiscing also, l too have been traveling back in time and thinking about my growing up years and l think that is something we all do every now and again if not more as we age.

After reading her comment l sat down and had a think .. everyone has a favourite generation/decade of music and so often as is the case many others will instantly chip in that their generation is the best of all and that all others to follow theirs was crap, is crap – will always be crap!

Why do people do that? There is crap music from all decades and then there is the majority that is classed as commercially popular and then there is always outstanding music, songs, tracks, artists, gigs, concerts from the generation itself that make history memorable.

I tried to think which decade l truly loved? It was a simple and quick response for me – most assuredly the 80’s but l also loved music from the 70’s as well as many from the 90’s but then, generationally speaking l am of the same as Grace as a later Baby Boomer in 63 as opposed to Grace as a very early Boomer. The biggest difference is l have differing decades of fondness.

At a stretch l liked some music from the 2000’s but not so much in the way of commercial hits – more specialist genres and individual artists and groups – and now most of the commercial highly popular music l occasionally listen to l think is crap – but now in 2020 l am 57 years of age, whereas in the 70’s l was a youngster coming into my teens, whilst in the 80’s my life was just starting to get interesting! In 1980 l was 17 and by 1990 l was 27, by the time the turn of the century arrived l was 37 – all these ages are important – because we all grow up and pass by yet another decade.

My favourite musical decades were in fact 1977 – 1999 or from the ages of 14 – 36

Music affects and shapes our generation as we grow up and age with them. But generations are different really …. those are mostly an ageing process – the way the world changes and the music of the times reflects each person’s observation of life and the emergence of life as they know it.

Here are ALL the Western Generations ….

Which Generation are You?
Timeline of the Most Popular Music Genres (1910-2019)
YearsGenPopular Music Ranges
1890 – 1915The Lost Generation – The Generation of 1914Opera, Marches, Folk, Ragtime
1901 – 1913The Interbellum GenerationMarches, Folk, Ragtime, Opera
1910 – 1924The Greatest GenerationCountry, Folk, Ragtime, Gospel, Tango,
1925 – 1945The Silent GenerationJazz, Tango, Folk, Country, R&B
1946 – 1964Baby Boomer GenerationCountry, R&B, Jazz, Bebop, Chanson, Polka, Rock & Roll, Soul, Pop Rock
1965 – 1979Generation X (Baby Bust)Soul, Pop Rock, Chanson, Classic Rock, Funk, Disco, New Wave, Techno Pop
1975 – 1985XennialsDisco, Funk, New Wave, Techno Pop, Pop Rock, House
1980 – 1994Millennials
Generation Y, Gen Next
Techno Pop, Pop Rock, House, Hard Rock, Punk, Eurodance, Indie Rock, Techno,
1995 – 2012iGen / Gen ZHouse, Pop Rock, Country, Techno, Hip Hop, Rap, Alternative Rock, Indie Rock, Electro, Punk, Tech House, Deep House
2013 – 2025Gen AlphaHip Hop, Rap, Techno, R&B, Punk, House, Deep House, Alternative Rock, Indie Rock,

Every generation has its own sound . . . and a previous generation that wants to turn it down.

Troy Brownfield

There are two generations to date that have produced the best decades of music so far as we know it ….. The Baby Boomers and Generation X – 1946 – 1979 has produced the best ever music – the most memorable music – music that will forever go down in history as some of the best tunes ever to be heard on the planet … those 33 years are responsible for introducing the most eclectic music of all time. No other generation comes close to variety created and played – none.

Interestingly enough Millenials both love and appreciate the music from the 1960’s to the 1990’s over much of the music created and produced from their own decades of listening.

So with the above grid you can see both generation and decades of music – so we come back to the question of why do people think that the decades of music to follow their own are crap?

It is quite simply answered our favourite generations or predominatly decades are the ones in which we start as teenagers and we emerge at the end as young adults. We are when younger like sponges, we absorb and then we learn, we garner experience from the world and the music we listen to shapes us, defines us.

Anyway – to the question of the day – the 24 Hour Blog Question is ….

Which Generation of music do you think is best and which decades of music are your favourites and …….. defined your tastes today?

Let me know below – Thanks.

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16 thoughts on “Talking about my generation musically …

  1. Just too many. 80s metal then hair metal. Definitely my Whitesnake and Kiss and Motörhead and Maiden years. Bit of Prog, lots of classic 70s rock. Then awesome new stuff like Alter Bridge and Shinedown. And yes a bit of Mongolian Metal.

  2. What defined my taste? A lifetime of good music. While neither of my parents played an instrument music (and books) were a constant in our home. My mother was a semi-professional dancer so there was big band, 1930’s jazz probably from the minute I was born. There was opera and classical music from my father. Oy my parents favorite game was the song game, I won’t go into the details. I was in the church choir from when I was 10 – Music just WAS a constant – all kinds. So I still love all kinds of music. As a young teen, even tho rock and roll was the be all and end all (and the bane of all parents at the time) my favorite song was probably Liebestraum by Franz Liszt and Glenn Miller. Somehow, tho living in NYC, I came across country music in my late teens and Hank Williams, Patsy Cline were on my record player. And again, because of where I lived, I was exposed to every type and form of music, on the radio, on television and on street corners. So yes, I prefer music that IS music – techno doesn’t register for me. Rap, which I was exposed to probably earlier than most, again – street corners in NYC, doesn’t do it for me. I’m used to music having melody as well as beat.

    All music is best – but not all of the all. Every genre has clunkers. Every performer has clunkers. I don’t think you can say you love music if you don’t love something from every era and genre. (And the ring tone on my phone is the bagpipe version of Amazing Grace).

    1. I agree with you – about loving music from all genres but wow – bagpipes are a required taste – l lived next door to a pipe player and lost my passion for it after that.

  3. I am happily a boomer. I grew up listening to country twang and hating it. I was given my first LP at 13/14. Beatles were the only music I wanted to listen to. My mom hated the music. It was pure heaven to hide in my room and blast my music on my small portable record player. I searched for bottles and cans to recycle to buy 45s.
    I am stuck in the music of the 60s and 70s. I have a very old iPod in my car with ‘my music’ so I don’t have to listen to anything but what I love.

  4. I’m most definitely a Gen Xer, born in ’68. And the 80s will always be my favorite. At one festival show I saw Bow Wow Wow, Modern English, Stray Cats, The Ramones and Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers. That show was the 80s… no metal, but another show that summer was Motley Crue, Eddie Money & Def Leppard. Yes, the 80s had wonderful variety!

    As far as taste… I like it all. I can only listen to some genres for a limited time but I can appreciate it all. I LOVE music🎶💃🏼 yes, even Bagpipes.

    Music is EVERYWHERE! From the beat of our hearts, to the wind in the trees, to the cars on the street.

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