Dear Blog – 19.15 – 15/09/20

Just a quickie – well of sorts …

I was over at Suzanne’s on the weekend just gone to help with her garden … l don’t think you have seen it in a while and more so because of everything that has been going on in recent weeks – it’s not that the garden took a back seat, but understandably there were other more pressing issues at hand.

Suzanne was determined to cut her own lawn and she did – it was the first cut that lawn had since Suze took residence on the 6th July – although she had been going out once a week with a pair of hand shears and manually cutting down the longer wispy bushy clumps.

It was also the first since the last tenants left in late April and the agents had it cut on the first week of May.

We have a lot of work ahead of us with the lawn because it is unkempt and hasn’t been maintained properly since the house was built five years ago. None of the previous tenants have been enthusiastic gardeners and so the back lawn has been allowed to develop some nasty habits and behaviours.

Mostly it is sparse grass a term l learned years ago from Lincolnshire agricultural farmers as in it is a grass that is mostly a set aside grass for barren fields. Also the lawn is filled with dense moss which by itself is a grass killer..

I have been over to Suze’s a few times in recent weeks doing some random gardening jobs, but on Sunday we were on a mission to really get a lot of the plants sorted out one way or another as well as ensure that the garden was ready for the approaching autumn and winter months which could be very wet. Suze cut the lawn and l demossed it with the rake and soon new grass seed will be planted and covered with a view to hopefully seeing some new lawn grass grow.

Suze’s bro and his family built her a fantastic shed from scratch and that now sits in the once vacant plot down the back of the garden. He saw on the roadside a much larger and longer shed free to a good home and so he [very gifted craftsman is her brother] collected it and then set to work to take the best bits out and make a new shed! Excellent!!

Sunday’s job for me was to make the shed more efficient for its workspace. Suze’s brother will build her some bespoke shelves to fit into the shed itself – however for the time being it was a task to take it from jam packed to easier to work with and in which we achieved.

I was with Suze from around 2pm to 7pm working solidly in the garden and she now has a much happier space. I have ordered her some bird feeders which will make the wildlife visit her more often. They already visit and love the bird bath – now we just need to encourage them to come in and feed.

Suze has got some great plans for the garden that will be fun helping her with – they all involve a lot of colour and well you know me … where there’s colour there’s me!

I’ll keep you updated as we progress. Thanks for reading.

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16 thoughts on “Dear Blog – 19.15 – 15/09/20

  1. We have a nice back yard, but it has gone to weeds and Ben’s dirt hole. It’s a project both Daughters and I want to fix, but goodness… the time, the weather, injuries… I guess when the time is right, it will come together.

    Suze is fortunate to be surrounded by loving, helpful people. Especially now when she’s poorly.

    1. Well her garden is now on the path to repair – trust me Angie if l was closer to you, l would be in your yard getting it sorted for you 🙂

      Suze does indeed have a good support team 🙂

        1. Well both of us in truth … l mean ha ha Suze was determined to cut her own lawn and l thought okay, do it girl 🙂

          It’s getting there, l just want it peaceful for her you know? She got through the first chemo fine and dandy of sorts, but the times will get worse and her strengths each recovery time will not be great, so l want her garden to be sustainable and easily efficient.

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