When a plan comes together ….

Soul of Willow – N.A Porcupine

Well it’s two weeks since the last episode to the series that being Oh Handy, Where Art Thou!? and have things changed significantly since then? Yes – things change all the time although now, the changes are becoming more final and just require tweaking. Other changes are more distinct and to do with the settling down of the house and the ambience.

I am becoming more chilled with the house and l would say it is around maybe 75/85% done – the things that are left are the hanging of pictures which will be done on the 24th September by the handyman when he gets back from holiday. A new curtain rail to go up, indoor plants to be sited, and the bling elements or tidbits or home tasters that will complete the overall ensemble of Willow.

The image above is the final position of my Sneaker collection with all new colourful laces and all the drab ones thrown away! But l have in the Hallways or what are known as The Soul of Willow of the house a couple of these large shelved units that needed filling and for me that meant quirky displays to my personality.

Soul of Willow – N.A Porcupine

So l decided to make them featurettes to some of my hobbies as well as allowing them to be practical where they could be as well as colourful and unique. This house will not truthfully be seen by many people unless they visit and l don’t have many visitors but it needs to be tuned in to my hyper sensory needs and as Angie of King Ben’s Grandma quite rightly said many of us on the autism spectrum do have this need to be stimulated all the time which can be quite overwhelming to those who like a quieter maybe less noisy visual environment to live in.

The alcove shelving unit above isn’t yet completed – l have been doing some shopping in second hand shops and l have seen a few pieces for literally pennies that will fill these shelves and still describe me – here is my love for the ‘olden worlde’, cameras and photography, toy cars and military and l have a few ideas still for the top and last shelf. A lot of these things were already mine in packing boxes just waiting to be unpacked and presented.

The Dappery Sett – Badger

Above is one of the large shelving wardrobe units inside the Master bedroom and what else do l collect? Yeah, tee shirts l have a thing most assuredly for them – but then l haven’t worn a formal shirt since l don’t know when – maybe fifteen years now? These wardrobe units proved to be massive, there is a second one that is purely storage for cardboard packing boxes!

So things are taking shape – pictures, cushions, indoor decorations and indoor plants are really the focus now and they will all be completely finalised by the end of this month.

Of the rooms in the house of which there are 7 main areas excluding the two bathrooms … although the main bathroom – is being worked on, but ironically l tend to use this bathroom only 50% whilst l tend to use the shower room by around 50% also. In some ways the two bathrooms here are kind of frustrating – downstairs is the shower and upstairs is the bath and l only ever shower, Downstairs the toilet is in too tight a space for ‘sitting comfortably’, but is ideal for a quick pee, whilst the upstairs toilet has more space for sitting down!

But downstairs is a real workhorse of a room, as it houses the washing machine and house bins and the Bokashi bins so it is very practical, whilst upstairs looks pretty but is mostly storage!

The other awkward room of the house is actually is actually The Burrow – Rabbit – it is the spare bedroom but will only ever be used as a storage bay and an area for trialing new pictures out for the house to see how they look. Currently the burrow is filled with all sorts of bits – but by the end of this month, it will only hold the storage boxes and the tumble dryer.

Heart of the LivenDen – Dogs – hasn’t changed that much from two weeks ago, it is waiting pictures to be hung alongside clocks and then literally being dressed up, it mostly is in the final position – it’s the most lived in room and the most functional.

It’s not that there are no changes, those who remember two weeks ago will notice the presence of a few differences – otherwise it’s mostly the same.

The kitchen hasn’t changed that much – it has and it hasn’t – the astute observers to the series and the progression will notice them – like the arrival of indoor decorations and more silk flowers are around the house now as opposed to two weeks ago when there was only a small bunch in the kitchen. The kitchen has two themes on account of it being a longer room, it’s predominately kitchen – but it’s also extended dining room/conservatory. From the breakfast bar it’s not really kitchen anymore.

The kitchen or Kingdom of Vibrance – Cockerel – has a very strong vibrant colour theme, but also a presence of chickens and roosters and animals which will become more apparent when the pictures go up, as will the vibrant colour theme too.

For those who like to hear about Ava’s progress – well as hard as l try to ensure she is okay and watered and fed and secure – we still come back to the fact that she is now four and a half years of age grown from a pip and she wants desperately to be a tree, but she is in the UK and she can’t be. So it is now standard practice that she will undergo the blackening of her leaves. She is however growing new leaves which are unaffected thus far.

I just have to accept that this is her normal routine having now experienced it for two autumns already. I will trim back the parts that are a problem and come the spring and summer months she will produce new growth and have a good few months.

The two rooms with probably the biggest changes are the guest room and the master bedroom. I am still currently sleeping in the guest room because l am still waiting the arrival of specific bedding – basically the main bedroom has a 16″ mattress and l need to protect that with a topper and everytime l order one it arrives a foot too small. So l am sleeping in the guest bedroom.

All other bedding arrived but l washed it all and am now awaiting for the laundry service to collect and iron it …. no, not lazy! I washed all the sets at once to save time and as we are talking, 7 double quilts, 4 double fitted sheets and 19 pillow cases which as you can see is a lot, l decided to get them done professionally in one big hit. Because once they are done, l will never be using all items at once so l can then wash, dry and hand iron myself.

The bedrooms have two very distinct themes of their own – the master is Steampunk Victoriana whilst the Guest is Eco Organic Environmental styled. I have had a lot of fun getting these two bedrooms prepared and made up and am quite excited to see the finished look. I mean l am very excited for the whole house – my home will just start to click into place like an old jigsaw puxxle soon and all the little bits will suddenly make sense or literally asthe A – Team’s Hannibal Smith himself used to say … “I love it when a plan comes together.”

Finally the master bedroom is mostly dressed apart from pictures and cushions and obviously both rooms are waiting on the bedding …. but it really is starting to become a home now.

The master bedroom is like l said to be a mixture of Steampunk and Victoriana with a twist of modern bachelor thrown in – the whole house speaks l think a uniquely different language and those who like unconventional would find it quite comforting.

The bust statues you can see in the LivenDen and the Dappery Sett are in fact Steampunk Badger and Hound and when the pictures are hung, you’ll see quite a strong presence of Steampunk and Victoriana throughout the entire house.

Anyway, there we go a more recent update of my home – Willow, l hope you enjoyed the tour as she sits today.

 Slowly and surely things are getting done!

Thanks for reading, catch you soon!

36 thoughts on “When a plan comes together ….

  1. You really should do a series on organization! I could use a few lessons. I could also use a few pairs of garish, colorful shoelaces to make life more interesting! I sure hope you wear all those sneakers! Kudos on getting your place organized and happily decorated!

  2. Poor Ava… I dont think she’d be any happier in California right now☹

    The house is really coming together and I see YOU everywhere I look. So awesome! I can’t wait to see the pictures up.

    Thanks for the tour! I don’t believe in ironing. I like the rumpley look.😂😂

    1. Nothing beats a freshly ironed sheet, l love my bed linen to feel like a mirror when l first start using it – for me the best type of rumpled bedding is a bedding l don’t seem to be experiencing just yet ha ha 🙂

      Yeah l know, Ava is quite upsetting – but l have to just go with it now.

      I too am excited for the final look, l need it done now.

  3. I admire how much you have done in such a short time. Your organization is to be admired. I have been in this house for more than three decades. I am always changing and modifying things. Right now I am in the purging and decluttering phase while I repaint and rebuild furniture.

      1. It comes and goes with time I allow to work on it. 4 rooms are totally done. My sewing room and my scrapbooking room are going to be a year long process as I plan/hope to use up my supplies.

        1. What do you have in your scrapbooking room? I remember scrapbooks, they were great fun. I think l had them up till the age of about 14/15 then lost interest …. so are you talking the large blank paged scrapbooks?

          1. I became a Creative Memories consultant to support my habit. I was diagnosed with plantar fasciitis and could no longer do my walks. I needed something to keep myself busy.
            I had a 12 by 12 sun room built off my bedroom. It is filled with cabinets and cabinets of empty scrapbooks of all sizes. I have shelves of embellishments sorted by occasion. I have 6 deep shallow drawers filled with papers organized by colors and themes. I have punches sorted by themes. I have extra pages and page protectors sorted by style and size. I have cutters and various tools.
            I need to catch up on my pictures and then rethink the hobby. I estimate this will take a year.

              1. It is. For years I made scrapbooks for everyone in my family. I would buy multiple sets of photos and make a 12 by 12 album for myself, an 8 by 10 album for each of my daughters, an 9 by 11 for my mom,and some assorted sized albums for other family members. Being the person I am, each had to have a different layout, different accent colors, and different embellishments. I did that for years. I finally got burnt out after completing hundreds of albums. Now retired, I am ready to complete albums for myself at a slower pace.

              2. Hang on a moment – are we talking about the same thing? The scrapbook l used to keep would hold all sorts of things like scraps of paper, newspaper clippings, pressed flowers and so on – whilst photographs used to go into photo albums. Do you put photos into your scrapbooks then?

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