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Saturday 12th September 2020 Progress Report!

The bike turned up on Friday and l was determined to assemble it myself – now you’ll know l am not that practical – l am too impatient – however l was determined to make this bike myself because l wanted to use it and if it sits in a box waiting to be made, it can’t be used!

Now admittedly at my own concession l am at times a few sandwiches short of a full hamper when it comes to physical technical stuff and the bike was no exception! It took me a time to configure l had the bolts around the wrong way for a while – but l got there in the end. Me and selfies, well we are never going to have a healthy relationship.

So far since my last post on the 7th, l have lost just under two pounds so l am quite pleased that technically in a little over two weeks l have nearly lost four pounds just by walking. Looking forwards to exercising properly on the indoor bike – albeit l must take it easy – but it’s all good.

7th Sept – 112th Sept – 2
The Saga of the Furry Football!The Saga of the Furry Football!

The Saga of the Furry Football!

Part 2 – Nothing Beats a Good Mount!

Gutsy and me are in full dietary swing now,
The Furry Football has also agreed, we are right!
…. Decided to join us without even a raised eyebrow,
And put up no fight!
I thought there might’ve been more of a struggle,
… disagreements galore,
But Furry merely jiggled and was no trouble,
…suggesting the Football was indeed an eyesore!

So, this last week alone, all three of us combined,
…. Have worked together in unison,
On the new and exciting streamlined…
… planner with almost military precision!
I do wonder perhaps if ol’ Furry changed attitude,
Upon seeing the arrival of the bike…
…. Realised that potentially he was screwed…
And it was either join us or a hunger strike!

Furry likes his food as indeed do Gutsy and l,
…. Therefore, refusing to eat was not an option,
So with a choice of enemy or ally…
The Furry one decided to run with idea adoption!
Smart move you don’t want us as aggressive foes!
…. Joining us is indeed the way forwards,
Most assuredly a much healthier way to go,
…. With more justified rewards!

This week, well since we last all spoke,
Has been busy, and fun and fun and busy,
I kid you not – no lie and no joke….
…. Some of the tasks have been full on, others itsy-bitsy,
But as they say,
………. some things take longer to create,
And Rome wasn’t built in a day!
The same can be said about losing weight!

Patience is a virtue, so l am told,
Time and time again the books and Google advise…
…. Take it slowly young grasshopper, not so bold!
Moderation, visualise, vocalise and time flies!
So this week, We have started in earnest,
Identifying all elements of our programme,
Making sure everything is properly addressed…
… and that we take it easy with not so much wham bam!

So – it’s all official,
Now that the exerciser is here…
…. Not too much, not too little everything’s beneficial,
Together we work towards losing the furry sphere!
From this point onwards it’s all walking and riding,
Smaller food portions, plenty of water, good sleep as well,
……fruit and vegetable smoothies and some hiking,
No pain no gain, but to get to heaven first there’s the hell!

© Rory Matier 2020

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9 thoughts on “The Saga of the Furry Football! [2]

  1. Yay on getting the bike all together!!! 👏👏👏 Suze is going to be impressed if she hasn’t seen it yet!! Check you out!! That’s so awesome!! 👏👏👏

    As far as weight loss… took awhile to put on… takes awhile to take off. But sounds like you headed in proper direction… eating healthy and exercising – sounds like a good plan to me!! ✌️ wish you the best!

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