Dear Blog – 12.35 – 12/09/20

A Busy couple of days …

I have a few posts to create this weekend despite my reticence on the Hello this morning l guess it was more a case of what order should l present them in and under which genre? As you know l have been deleting series out this last week – mostly prompts and blog games from my Sundry section and the Game’s Day Directory. From now to the end of the year l have a task of cutting down from my 35 odd series and features to only 18 and opting to introduce more defined shape to the blog.

In addition to my posts l am also creating another blog today – this one will be for Suze – she has given it considerable thought and thinks she finds Facebook more overwhelming than WordPress – or she might find it easier to try and balance between the two. But she is becoming – quite understandably considering everything, frustrated with things. Sadly more of the ‘side effects’ are starting to materialise now, and she wants to journalise her story.

So today sometime, after the housework, the kitchen prep for the worm farm, feeding the birds, oh that reminds me l need to get some feeders for Suze too for her garden … l will be creating a new blog for Suze – the name currently is ‘A Life On Pause’. Suze may change that at some point, but she likes that name – we discussed last Thursday when she was over here for lunch.

So this afternoon, l will make a blog shell for Suze to have and should we wish to change any of the formats she can do so over time. It might be that this blog is just something to fill her time – l have no idea if this is something Suze will want to have long term or not – but she needs something for now.

Posts l am thinking of for this weekend are – Eric Clapton Guitar Talker – this episode of Dear Blog, The Blokes New Digs, Poetry Directory and possibly a 24 Hour Blog Question too [maybe/maybe not] and including the two morning Hello posts and a Brisker 25 feature that brings us to around six to seven … yes l think that is manageable.

Yesterday finally, my indoor exercise bike arrived and l had quite the adventure putting it together! YES, you read that right, l assembled it and as a dear friend said only today – “Good for you! That’s a big deal!” For me it is indeed, normally l might try and cadger someone else to assemble it – but l thought NOPE. This one l am doing myself! Plus l did it, you’ll read about my exploits later, but l now have a bike!

I have started using it, but have realised that as l have a nickname of Rory NoNees! There is a reason for that on account that my right knee is pretty beat up. It does have an injury anyway – a result of an accident years ago – and the ‘bionic’ kneecap that replaced it, has worn down and is chipping inside the actual knee cap itself and orbiting around the tendons and ligaments. It’s called osteochondral fracture fragmentation and l suppose l should go to the doctors about it.

However, one of the other benefits to the indoor bike is to strengthen the knee itself, walking is good for it. I saw a surgeon five years ago on the Isle of Wight and he basically said that apart from some ‘sexual activity’, people tend to not kneel anymore – people used to perform that more when they were in prayer. But walking and cycling are great alternatives to surgery. I usually wear knee pads in the garden to protect the caps themselves.

So indoor bike riding and starting as a novice with dodgy knees means l must start slowly and not overdo it. The ideal riding time for a beginner is half an hour a day and reflective on the cycler’s weight one can expect to burn off 200-300 calories a day. It’s all very technical – but as a new special interest l must say it is quite exciting!

In my first few weeks of cycling l should be looking at 30 minutes a day which is about 2 miles a week with an average speed of around 12 mph. Beginning from 0 l don’t need to ride for 30 minutes straight but balance it out during my waking hours and try 5 minute slots to 30 minute slots so 5,10,15 and a 30. In addition to my two daily walks, normal about town or house walking , gardening, and whatever ever else l do – l am getting a good mix in. The only thing l probably am lacking in upper body exercise – but l’ll look at that properly later on this year.

I had to move things around this week, mostly boxes, and this involved a lot of walking up and down the stairs here in the house, so l had quite the workout l have to tell you! I moved a load of flatpacked cardboard moving boxes from the top of one wardobe to the bottom of a seperate wardrobe, and moved two of the wooden compost units from the top of the house to the bottom under the stairs and rearrange The Burrow [make more sense later] but from Thursday afternoon to Friday night my FitBit displayed to me that l had walked a total of nearly 35,000 steps!!

I try to on average hit a 10,000 target daily. But you know the healthier you get, the more you strive for! Suze says l have become obsessed with exercise – this is sort of true to a degree – l mean trying to lose the Furry Football is my main driving goal, but l just want to feel better about myself. I have lost nearly 2 extra pounds in weight since l first displayed the above image and my muscle mass is increasing daily. I have to moderate myself because of my Aspergers. I have no moderation really…. so l must otherwise, l might injure myself.

Anyway, l need to crack on … things to do, posts to write, blogs to read, homes to clean, worms to feed, and a new blog to create! Not forgetting a bike to ride!

Anyway – thanks for reading – catch up with you all soon.


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11 thoughts on “Dear Blog – 12.35 – 12/09/20

  1. Hey Rory !! … what a busy man you are !!! … I think you should go to a doctor about your knee, before using the bike, they will tell you if biking is really good, or if you should do something else

    1. Hey Juju, the surgeon said that cycling would be okay. When l spoke to him in 2015, he said my knee would deteriorate like it has . However l am still yet to register with the doctors here as a new patient but with Covid that’s taking time.

  2. Look at you, assembling things and you didn’t injure yourself!! Well done, JB!! Isn’t it a great feeling?!

    Yes… MODERATION! You can do it! Look at all the things you’re doing… the Mind Yoga is huge!!

    Give Suze my best. I’m keeping her in my thoughts.🌊🦄💫🧸💌

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