Settling In The Right Mood

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Blogging Insights 45# Ambience

Some people can write anytime and anywhere. Others require certain pre-requisites such as the appropriate setting before they can get their creativity going. In today’s Blogging Insights we discuss the necessity or otherwise of the right ambience for blogging.

Salted Caramel – 07/09/20

What , in your opinion, is the perfect ambience for blogging / writing?

Are you able to work in this setting on a daily basis?

Do you feel that the ambience has any particular effect on the quality or quantity of your output?
Below are examples of music l need playing in the background when my creativity is buzzing – l need them playing at a decible level that would make it difficult for two people in the same room to have a conversation.

These types of music are needed for the bulk of poetry, stories, creative fiction and topical writing l create and where possible remixes, dance mixes and long play club mixes are better as they are a repeated beat for anything upward of 15 minutes which l use to pace myself and dance to at the same time – basically l let myself go and float into the words.

I need an eclectic mixture to set the ambience in my mind to the right level.
What , in your opinion, is the perfect ambience for blogging / writing?

l first really noticed my normal requirements for writing change back in January after the death of Scrappy. We used to listen to music most of the day back then. With the right music playing l could concentrate and allow my mind to react to the tunes and grooves and escape into the words l needed to write. The music would allow me to let myself go and dance in the chair or get up and dance, whilst the verses of say poetry formed in my head.

The setting for creative writing started to break by around March when lockdown started and Suze started to work from home. The music couldn’t be as loud as it was needed to slow my mind down and l struggle when listening to music with headphones on because it still needs to be loud.

Of course my ability to creatively write stopped dead by around mid April and by this time also my personal life was changing and so my motivation for creativity and wild imaginations were brought to an abrupt halt. At that point, very little music was playing in the house and instead my writing style switched to the creation of prompts and more topical writing.

In the last couple of weeks l have felt my creativity starting to reignite , l play more music freely and loudly. But also l don’t have the same level of stress that l did have back in the older property.

I am slowly coming back – and l am achieving this through bringing my house up to speed with my mind’s requirement for functionality and eclectism as well as aestheticness or directed aestheticity.

The above is an example of the stimulation my mind needs daily to create.

My mind needs music, colour, textures, visual stimulations, scented stimulations, exercise, photography, dancing and just letting myself go and so on – l suppose in many respects l hadn’t realised how much l was missing quirkiness until conventionality started to rule my world. But equally ‘stress’ is a real killer for me with regards creative writing.

But that’s just me – every individual is different – some can write with loud music, others with background music and others still with no music, some need stimulations, some just want to be left alone … but for me the secret to the right ambience is eclectic variety and stimuli and lots of it – l need my mind to be excited most of the time and actually turned on which can be interpreted by whoever however – but l need it to be sometimes the way that many might instantly think.

I seek stimulation all the time even in just intellectual conversation or harmless flirting and naughty talk. Creative Writing and imaginative poetry for me is a form of almost sensual foreplayif my mind is ‘tickled’ so to speak then that is the perfect ambience for my writing.

Are you able to work in this setting on a daily basis?

If the ambience is spot on l can write however and whatever l wish to – yes, if it is not … then my writing is reflective my mood. In recent weeks, my relaxed and buzzed state of mind has returned in a small percentage and l am able to start writing poetry again and also … have the desire to respond to prompts. The more my house becomes a home and my quirkiness becomes apparent, the higher my creativity and imagination becomes.

Do you feel that the ambience has any particular effect on the quality or quantity of your output?

Okay so let me see quantity versus quality output ….. Quality first – if the ambience isn’t 100% it’s not that l cannot write l can, but l tend to be more reflective and topical and not so balanced whilst if the ambience is much better not only am l balanced again – but l have the wants and desires to write from many genres.

I try whenever l write whichever mood l am in – to write qualitable content – but writing is like much of everything else in the creative field – it is not a perfect art – we have to keep at it. I can’t write quality with every post – no one can. I have a postcard here that simply states “I like music more than l like people!” This is true for me …… when the music flows so too do my words.

Now with the quantity side – that is almost a different question in truth – a lot of things can affect the writing one does …… mood, ‘ambience’ and writing style, but also blogging style. If a writer for instance has a daily target of creating 10,000 words a day and no more – then that is their quota target. But that can be affected at times more so by mood than ambience … my interpretation only.

You might have the perfect ambience, but wake up with a different emotion for the day this means that your output will be potentially seriously reduced but also so too could your quality be.

I have greatly reduced my blog post publications over the last year. My target per day maximum is mostly three posts including The Hello which is fixed, so l am only truly producing two unique posts per day – but if l only ever have The Hello posted to the blog that day – l am no longer bothered by say the reduced statistics for that day.

So even with the right ambience for me it is not reflective per se on actual output. Life dictates the quantity.

My thanks to Tanya for the questions.

14 thoughts on “Settling In The Right Mood

  1. This is a great post. Surroundings, creative stimulation, and state of situation definitely is reflective of what we can produce. It takes a while to return to normal and I am so happy to hear that you are settling in again. My world was changed when my creative space at home was now my work space, too. Finally finding my balance with that but it has taken some time.

  2. I believe it’s difficult to be creative when tragedy occurs in our lives. You’ve had a fairly traumatic year, losing Scrappy (may she rest in peace), the change in your relationship and having to move. Death, I learnt after my hubby died, is the single most traumatic event a person can go through and takes time to recover from and one should not make major decisions for at least a year after one has occurred. To me? Our pets are family and the loss is fully as great if it’s a pet or a person. Moving is apparently the second most traumatic occurrence in a life (along with changes in circumstances – losing one’s job and losing one’s partner). So if you require specific things to let your creative banner fly, who is to object? We get the benefit from your creativity. I’m sorry this year has been so awful, but I don’t know even two people who haven’t had a spectacularly crappy year this year. Everyone says the same. Hang in there Rory and keep amusing and astounding us here in Blogland. I, for one, am very grateful you do! Cheers!

    1. Hey Melanie, so many true points – but you too have not had an easy journey nor time of it. Yes, family pets are the same if not more than a person. You know l lost two people – one of which a child – in my early twenty’s and the effect of that on me was profound for many many years.

      Each time l lose a close friend such as a companion like Scrappy, or Dora before her, Misty and Lucy before that and the losses before then – they impact upon you. Losing both Dora and Scrappy who had been my closest confidants for a total of 14 and 16 years struck me down terribly and to the same grief and loss of that of a child. Grief is an awful emotion to deal with .

      This year has been bad on top of everything and now Suze’s cancer and l am so keen to see 2020 just go, l have had enough.

      ………….. thank you for your words of kind.

  3. You and Ben are sensory seekers. It gets a little overwhelming for me because of my hypersensitivity. I write best in calm and quiet. Music is good but not necessary since there’s usually random songs popping into my head, so I can listen to those.

    I am beyond happy to see you coming out of the stress-shell and being your authentic self!💃🏼🎶🦋🌊🦄💫🧸💌

    1. Spot on concerning myself and of course Ben – we are indeed intense sensory seekers – from childhood to adulthood to agedhood – no difference just if anything more intense.

  4. I don’t require any requirements for writing – just what I feel or experience at that moment … mine is more of a diary or conversation with friends

    When I was married I used to share everything with him, all my stories, all my thoughts, everything. I trusted him… which is how he knows exactly how to hurt me.

    I was lost until I found blogging… I needed somewhere to dump all that lol

    So I do that. What I used to do in marriage – I do here now… and I don’t have to have any pressure.

    None of you know me – and I can just relax and tell my stories – maybe they help someone else.

    When I first started I didn’t know how this worked and I didn’t want to look at any blogs or research – I just wanted to do my way – I didn’t really think anyone would find my blog … I wanted a place that I could unload? Write down my thoughts so I could think clearer… sometimes I write and it helps me see? And I learn from others too

    It helps a lot and I have come to really love the community and the support and discussions ❤️

    What I can’t say in real life – I can say here. ❤️

    I am private in real life – I’m honest with most things but I am private with others

    Specifically the abuse I am private with. It still hurts.

    But here I don’t care – here I can be free for myself

    And I get to learn from the world ❤️ it definitely helps

    But I have no prerequisite for writing – just whatever comes at that moment ✌️

    1. Blogging is hugely beneficial for many reasons – for self creation and self worth, boosting confidence, letting go and finding both people and answers 🙂 Thank you once more Trisha for a delightful answer 🙂

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