Where Do You Go To My Lovely?

Where Do You Go To My Lovely?

Yesterday on Grace’s blog Just Tawkin l read a post Everybody talks about sleep... which you should have a read yourself also and it displayed a small video of a very sleepy child. Grace was tawkin of the term ‘to sleep like a baby’ and perhaps it should be changed to ‘sleep like a toddler’ and there is a line in the clip towards the end from the sister of sleepy child and it is ‘Where are you baby? This line got me to thinking and then in the comments Grace herself asks the question …

So funny to watch her sleep-eat! And an interesting question from her older sister – where are we when we sleep?

Her question made me think on the subject of sleep, but also the song by Peter Sarstedt “Where do you go to my lovely’ 1969

But where do you go to, my lovely

When you’re alone in your bed?

Tell me the thoughts that surround you

I want to look inside your head, yes, I do

Peter Sarstedt lyrics 1969

So the question today is ‘Where do we go to when we are asleep?” or if you prefer Grace’s version “Where are we when we sleep?”

Every night before l finally close my eyes l always have this snippet of Edgar Allen Poe’s run through my head …

“Sleep: Those little slices of death, how I loathe them”

– Edgar Allen Poe

But in addition to that l also say gently – ‘See you in the morning mate, provided that you awaken!”

Irrelevant to my age today, l have always been baffled by the trust we place in ourselves to fall asleep, sleep and wake up again. Yes, yes, l know the body needs to regenerate energies and sleep allows us that and the scientists amongst you will come on board with the ins and outs of where we go to biologically, but how about the imaginative amongst you – where do we go to? Where do you go to?

Me, recently l have started to dream again … it had vanished for a while this year, but as l am starting to settle down and relax and chill out in my new home – my creativity and wants to be creative are returning and so too is and are my full colours of dream state! So now l take long journeys into the land of make believe and high fantasy!

“Where do we go to when we are asleep?”

“Where are we when we sleep?”

Let me know your thoughts below. Thanks.

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34 thoughts on “Where Do You Go To My Lovely?

  1. an interesting question Rory! I do dream but a lot of the time my dreams turn into nightmares, if I can fall asleep, that is. I’m often too scared to let myself sleep, so I will fight it. xoxo

  2. ““Sleep that knits up the raveled sleave of care, The death of each day’s life, sore labor’s bath, Balm of hurt minds, great nature’s second course, Chief nourisher in life’s feast.” Wm. Shakespeare

    Sleep is not something I do well, I’ve was told that even as an infant, while I never cried or fussed, I also did not sleep at night. Today I’ve been up since 3:45am caring for my husband and sleep is something I would love to have right now but worry about him won’t allow that.

    Where DO we go when we sleep? Do we go back into the recesses of our mind and memory? Do we leave our bodies behind and our consciousness floats off to other places, even other realms? My dreams often are very detailed, filled with people I don’t know but who are so clear that I would recognize them if I saw them on the street. Interestingly, at least to me, is that my dreams always take place indoors, in what is a residence, a place where I am living, and what transpires there is often quite disturbing. This residence is never the one I am actually living in in ‘real life’ but usually some very odd place…filled with people I’ve known, something still living, some not – and I always wake feeling very uneasy.

    I’m sure there is some deep, dark meaning to these dreams but have never been able to figure out what.

    1. Interesting dreams that a dream specialist would be able to progress through Grace.

      We can of course alter our sleep patterns, but of course to those who suffer from sleep deprivation disorders and insomnia that is never really that helpful.

      Most natural remedies are too mild to prevent wakening and chemically induced methods 1] don’t always work and 2] if one is anti-chemical are not the way forwards.

      I was an insomniac from my early teens to my early fifties. I now know that my Asperger’s was responsible for some of that and an overactive brain – but the life l led always made me a candidate for no sleep.

      From later forties l started to physically slow down not so much mentally, but my body was getting slower and insomnia disappeared to be replaced by night owlship.

      Now l can regulate my sleep, something l could not do even as little as 4 years ago.

      But some people, don’t allow themselves to sleep and their brains become so hard wired by their anxiety or stresses or the must do elementation of their lives that they prevent the one thing they crave.

      Sleeping wise of course we are able to alter our dreams, by food, stimulations, music and recreational drugs.

      Good thoughtful comments Grace.

  3. Good morning here Rory. ☀️🌳Lovely day to you. ☕️🌺

    😴 oh the visions and dreams… I actually am on a directed silent retreat which lasts until Friday. (I am not doing very well with disconnecting as I had planned. From FB, yes! WP, no.) What am I learning here? Well, my tongue is subdued but my mind is as wild as ever! 🌌💫

    The lyrics of that song are so lovely. And the images. Love the smiling baby. My dog smiles too while he sleeps. And often is so cozied in his dreams that he becomes vulnerable to the world. He trusts me that no harm will befall him with me nearby. So sweet!

    Love this post. It does open the mind’s doors to think. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼🐚🌊💙 Much like the ocean’s deep! Jeanne

    1. Hey Jeanne, l know what you mean with regards animals when they sleep. I used to work with horses and often when l was working in the fields with them, they would come to me and lay down and go to sleep as l talked to them. Their stomachs exposed …. most animals not unlike humans are quite vulnerable when their stomachs are exposed to the world, a small injury can result in a horrific accident due to the thinness of the skin there. BUT, more importantly as you say – they do so because they trust us to protect them.

      1. Beautiful image of those horses trusting you. Ive only been stepped on by those magnificent beasts. Ouch! Try getting those pounds off you and not wearing proper boots! Rookie mistake. But I still live horses. I admit, just a wee bit afraid of them though.

        1. Oh yes, they are indeedy mighty strong beasts, having been trodden on, stomped, galloped off with, chased down and flattened, thrown and kicked – l too love them – but l respect and fear the buggers also as well!!

          Ha ha 🙂

  4. I hope I stay in my bed when I go to sleep. It would be a bit awkward if I go somewhere else and not even know or remember it.
    Jokes aside, I am usually quite tired and drop off quickly these days. The dreams if any disappear as I wake up. But my Apple Watch tells me that I had a heart rate dip of 20% and tell me that it’s a good thing.

    1. I know l have heard this one before … my experience of dinosaurs in dreams is usually letting go of the past’.

      I used to dream of being able to fly, l would be in a field and l would start running and then flap my arms and l would begin to fly – it was explained to me that flying dreams are those that wish to explore avenues of being free from the past.

  5. I’ve lost most of my dreams lately. My sleep is horrendous. I did actually get a good sleep monday night. My body is doing the narcolepsy thing the past few days, where if I stop moving I doze off. Someone or something is always there to snap me out of it… lucky me🙄

    I believe we travel sometimes… other realms, other times, or just hang out in the Ether.
    Other times I believe our subconscious speaks to us. Our spirit self gives us guidance or receives guidance from our guides.
    Other times, dreams a data dumps. Just a bunch of files being reviewed and tossed.

    I used to remember my dreams nearly every morning. It’s rare that I remember them now. I miss my dreams.

  6. Totally thought of a different song with that tag line lol… I thought of “Where do you go, My lovely” by No Mercy ❤️ is one of my favorites ❤️

    I do not know and have never heard the song you mentioned 😮

    I dream rarely… it doesn’t usually happen… but recently I am having floods of dreams!! Weird dreams… I have no idea what they mean or why I am having them?

    I don’t go anywhere but my bed when dreaming. My mind takes me to many places … but I am also a daydreamer – sometimes I drift off with a daydream about something I wish for, I don’t sleep my mind just drifts … these night dreams are rare for me usually – but like I said recently I am having a lot of dreams while I sleep… it’s just odd cause I don’t normally dream at night so what is making them come?

      1. Good point – but I am not a stranger to stress lol unfortunately … so that’s nothing new … but I have been crazy busy so that is a good point. Interesting 🧐

        1. True, but I was crazy busy before corona too… I worked every day, 2 jobs, mom, fight lol… I never dreamed then… and yes life is change always…

          I just haven’t had night dreams in years and years

          Haha I dunno about crazy busy being my activator … I am used to busy… I think it’s something else

        2. … I think it’s something else – For you to say this in this way, l suspect deep down you probably already know 🙂

          Failing that – stop eating blue cheese before bedtime 🙂

        3. Hahaha eewww Lol nope no blue cheese for me – I find that soooo gross!! I don’t really like cheese – just on pizza 🍕 (I’m a little picky)

          Well I dunno, 2020 is alot… I do have a lot on my mind and on my shoulders. I can’t really focus cause I’m really busy. So I don’t know

          Yeah a lot on my mind. ✌️

        4. Blue cheese is the cheese Bram Stoker ate before he retired for the night and had a nightmare which in turn created the horror icon – Dracula 🙂

          It was about a suddeness in vivid dreams 🙂

        5. I did not know that… was probably the mold lol ✌️😝

          I do know food can cause that … but I haven’t changed anything and I never eat before bed

          I did drink a sparkling water one night but I can’t remember if that was one of the nights I had dreams or not… there was like 2 or 3 nights that I had really vivid dreams. It was this past week.

          Dreams are interesting, I don’t usually dream at night – I’m usually too exhausted lol

  7. Like yourself I have recently begun to dream again. I think. I have flashes but they are mostly occurring as a deja vu moment if that makes sense. For me though it is the quitting drinking that is allowing that world to reappear. 🙂 Have a great day..

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