The Reality of Ality!

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I decided to liven up my sneaker and formal boot collection – the laces in situ were boooooooooooooooring! Needed to change that and slowly am getting all pairs relaced colourfully!

The Reality of Ality!

Life’s too short for formal conventionality,
… you know what l mean?
We must do more for our personality,
Than merely doing what’s already been,
… l am tiring of the normality…
And long for more vibrant vitality!
Playing the game that is to be played,
…. By a society that is forgetting how to live?
Is merely drab, dragging and unpleasantly staid!
……. when there is so much more to life – like hand jive!
I yearn, is it to yearn or am l yearning?
… either way l have a strong longing for some rascality…
Some ooh la la and taste sampling of the discerning..
…. My mentality is being stretched by whimsicality!
Naughtiness at its absolute best!
My imaginative creativity is once more awakening!
…. I need to laugh and make jest!
The sour dowdiness has finished vacationing!
I am done with the boredom of banality!
…. My heart craves outer mind dimensionality!
I need to be surrounded by joviality!
…. and freely cavort with illogicality!
Oh yes, yes, and more yes to the reality of ality!

© Rory Matier 2020

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