The Saga of the Furry Football! [1]

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Please NOTE – no Furry Footballs were harmed during the writing of this stage of the journey. I feel over time that may change. If you are of a sensitive nature and disposition do not read passed this point and most assuredly passed the photo below! You have been warned!!

Monday 7th September 2020 Progress Report!

One week in [31st August – 06th September] of twice daily walks …. 2 pound lost – new weight 13 stone!

The Saga of the Furry Football!

Part 1 of the Official Journey!

I have a close friend…
…. you could say we have a thang goin’ on!
We’ve been together since the dawn of time…
…. and will be till the end!!
For many a year, we didn’t even need to talk,
… we just knuckled down to business,
My brain, his guts and we’d just walk …
… together and get on with no stress!

But over the last few years…
…. He and l have more in common it seems,
We’ve started sharing a form of furry sphere …
… that had developed and appeared mid seam!
Apparently, it’s called middle aged spread…
.. but ours feels like moving continents!
It’s steady creeping is causing us absolute dread …
… and filling us both with alarmed astonishments!

This fleshy tyre of ours has a mind gear all its own,
… no longer does it listen to logical configurations…
It’s like it’s aiming to acquire a record milestone,
…… and establishing a solid foundation!
To build upon us for ever more!
That can’t happen –  the haired invader is a foe!
…. The creeping land mass needs a new shore!
The furry football needs to go!

So gutsy and me we have started a new regime…
… we’re walking twice a day,
And working with a balanced scheme,
… of exercise and renewed dietary buffet!
The hairy one is set to be further shocked still!
Gutsy and me we are soon starting to take hikes!
Once our minds are set we have an iron will..
… and the hairy one hasn’t yet seen the new exercise bike!

I feel this journey may take us a wee while,
…. As we age things take longer to disappear,
But l’ll log my progress on our new lifestyle,
So that others too may celebrate with our cheer!
According to the doctors we are overweight?
We only need to lose a stone maybe two,
… 13 and we need to be 11 or 12 ……… great!
Saying “Adios Furry Football” is something to look forward to!

© Rory Matier 2020

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12 thoughts on “The Saga of the Furry Football! [1]

    1. Ha ha thanks Ribana. It’s been a real struggle since the house move and the reduced garden size! My muscle mass is really building up in my legs and calfs and thighs, but the middle needs more work. If l can get to just below 12 stone – it’s happy days 🙂

    1. Indeedy MaSadje, but where there the will there is always the way – it’s basically trying to get a new routine since the move – the old garden really made sure l was able to burn calories.

      1. I understand. My weight tends to go to my belly now. It’s like being pregnant. The belly gets in the way of free movement.
        I dont want to lose any more. As it is, my skin looks awfully saggy since my muscle tone isnt good either. Apparently pacing the house and yard aren’t quite enough.🤣 And the injuries sidelining me arent great either🤦🏼‍♀️😂😂😂

        1. If the belly was comfortable to wear so to speak it could stay – because if there was no discomfort that would mean it was a natural part of my ageing ………but because it is a constant source of pain, it means it shouldn’t be here.

          It seemingly doesn’t matter what l do, what l eat, what l don’t eat, what l take, what l don’t take … okay sure having a take away once every two weeks isn’t great but it shouldn’t be damaging me as it does.

          Now l am having to go back to real basics again, it becomes depressing after a while – so l am determined to get myself back into a comnfort zone that is of my making.

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