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Plenty for 20! – 10

The Perfect Aspergian Vs. The Perfect Blogger!

Introduction ….

A slightly different approach to the normal episode ……….

Only a few know this – but when l was diagnosed with my Asperger’s Syndrome and by this l mean my official diagnosis period of time l received a label that basically said ‘You have Asperger’s and shalt be here by known as The Aspie!‘ Okay, it wasn’t quite like that it wasn’t that grand actually – there were no fanfares, there were no build ups or rocket ship launches and there were no fireworks celebrating another elder Aspie to the Tribe of Asperger’s. Back then – back in 2007 – l wasn’t specifically autistic just an Aspergian. Or to be more precise having received already a mild Bipolar Diagnosis in 2004 – l then became a Aspergian Bipolar diagnosis.

I don’t like labels, but labels help when used and utilised properly – sadly today we seemingly have many people who deliberately seek out labels to suit their particular needs or desires of minority or majority heading. Whatever floats their boat – not my problem. But l don’t particularly like the misuse of labels because with labels people seemingly think that once you are labelled this or that – then that’s who you are for ever more! Strict labelling makes it harder for people to change.

You can’t be anyone else – you have to be that person, that label – you have become almost stereotyped by a label – well that shit doesn’t fly that well with me. I am who l am and damn proud to be me – it’s taken me many miles, many treks through life’s debris and many journeys to say that.

You have to learn how to be you, what makes you tick, what makes you rock and roll – what is your life soul all about? The only way you can find out is living your life as you!

Now when l was first diagnosed with Asperger’s as opposed to being recognised as being on the spectrum which happened the previous year in 2006 by friends of mine who assumed l just knew l was an Aspie and was okay about and they were mortified when they told me and more so when they found out that the most l knew of Asperger’s was nothing at all and all l knew of autism was what l saw in the film Rainman!

From 2006 – effectively 2010 l researched autism and Aspergers almost to death!! It became a special interest with me, a real hyperfocus and as is the way with many of us – we don’t dilly dally with anything, we don’t casually do anything – we do it or we don’t. We don’t believe in being called “Half Ass Harriet!” As in – well if you can only give 50% then forget it! You are either 100% committed or not at all.

In 2009 l broke a friendship with someone who attacked me verbally during my latter end research of being an elder with Aspergers – which for the record back then, there was very little information abound and around for those of us above 40. My doctors didn’t diagnose me, a friend who was a Child Therapist who also specialised in autistic children did – my doctors weren’t interested. But the therapist only worked with children and so didn’t really know how to advise me except with the basics of Aspergers.

My so called friend accused me of trying to become The Perfect Aspergian and l felt insulted by that at the time, because he wasn’t being good natured he was just tired of me trying to learn more about how it affected me and how when l looked back at my childhood , my parenting and so on …… many pieces of the Lost Life Puzzle clicked for me. I could see my father [at the time] and his father had been and were both on the spectrum. I already knew my mother was bipolar – so finally my life started to come together and l finally began to find peace.

The Perfect Aspergian Vs. The Perfect Blogger!

With my Asperger’s Syndrome I wasn’t trying to be perfect – l was simply trying to become and understand the real me and in order for that to happen, l had to know who l was and where l had come from and what l had endured to be here had meant?

There is no such thing as Sustainable Perfection – perfection is fleeting – it is moments of pureness for want of a better word and the interpretation of that is both reflective and extremely personable to each individual it happens with. You work towards achieving a better level or an even surface or even just a balanced outlook.

With my blog, I don’t work towards perfection – l work towards achieving ‘something else’, something different or maybe something uniquely different? It’s like painting the ideal picture, writing beautiful verse, creating something astonishing … we all seek that moment or those moments even.

There is no such thing as The Perfect Aspergian and there is no such thing as The Perfect Blogger – because the beauty of blogging is making something unique – something that will stand out and set you as the creator apart from the other – but more importantly it is always a work in progress – you are always looking to better yourself, your awareness, your style, your writing, your artistry and your creativity.

When l began this series in January l knew that 2020 had a lot in store for me – blog wise – l knew there was going to be changes to my life anyway – l didn’t know all of them admittedly – but l roll with them now.

You see, l started a journey of studying blogging properly in January 2018 – it became a special interest for me. I had started this blog in September 2017, so nearly three years in just under two weeks today for me and A Guy Called Bloke. Today’s blog is very different from the blog that launched on the 17th September 2017.

I spent mostly 2 years observing blogging from 2018 – 2020 and l have spent this year trialing new projects and concepts that l observed during those two years of sampling. From the middle of this month many things are going to change as a direct result of my findings.

What series have proven really popular on my blog?

Question PostsFilms/MusicQuirky Fun Features
Morning GreetingsTopical PostsCreative Writing
Reality StoriesLifestyle PostsPoetry

These 9 genres are very popular features for my blog and will be the ones staying in blog and forging my direction forwards from this point onwards – this means that many of the other series will be vaulted in The That’s Life Learning Curve archives.

There are four types of reader to my blog – Readers, Writers, Commenters and Likers and when l look at it like that it reminds me of a comment Cagedunn made to one of my posts either early this year or late last year. That she followed the rule of thumb of 90% writing and 10% reading and l have observed that very schedule of time on all four reader types that follow this blog and more so on those who like me struggle with Time.

In WordPress – Readers like to read 90% of the time, Writers like to write 90% of the time, Commenters like to comment 90% of the time and Likers like to like 90% of the time … the remaining 10% of their time is dedicated to what they least like to perform and this is not meant to be read as derrogative – it is purely based upon observations over the last 2 years to my blog.

It is very hard to balance a blog because of the rule of thumb of 90/10/40/60 – it is always open to reflection and the crossovers are huge because balance is really made up of equal parts.

I was watching a Vlogcast yesterday on Digital Time Management and it was a fascinating listen and l left with basically the following credo of today’s social reader summed up.

“People like their complexity simplified and their simplicity complex! If you can balance that you are on the road to perfection!”

So from the middle of this month – this blog will be changing – my life has changed quite significantly in the last two years and more so profoundly this year and so have l which is understandable – so from this point on l am going to work to the credo above using only the genres above that and writing to the audience l have displayed here today. The point being, l haven’t taken any of these decisions lightly and only based them upon facts based upon readership likes.

So what does this mean in simplified terms?

The series above will be going this month others will follow over the remainder of this year. Some were only on mini seasons to see how they fared and some well they achieved good results but in consideration to other series, they performed badly. The above are mostly games and prompts a genre l don’t do that well with admittedly.

I run on average each eclectic month 30 different series. I am going to reduce that down to 18 series. I will still offer variety – and l always have new ideas popping in daily so with the genres l work with l will always have something different to offer but one of the main reasons to blogging for both writer and reader alike is to have fun – life is way too short to not have fun and l intend to have more fun with my blog again.

So there we go – if you have read to the bottom of this post 10 Happy points to you.

Anyway thanks for reading – catch you all in October!

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29 thoughts on “Plenty for 20! [10]

  1. Yay, 10 more points🎉💃🏼 I’m sorry to see Mixtape go, but I can always make up my own if I have… what’s the word… oh yeah… TIME🤪🤦🏼‍♀️🙄🎶💃🏼

    1. Yay to points Grandma 🙂

      Everything comes down to Time – if l was to calculate the time spent on prompt creation posts in my blog over a given month we are looking at 20 hours. When you convert that time into response – you are now looking at a figure of 8 hours. That doesn’t tally – therefore the response [even by the dedicated] is non viable.

      I could produce facts and figures till my brains spilled out of my ears on the reality of blogging and certain postal genre types – but l would probably upset too many people at once because people don’t like the truth all the time.

      So it is easier to concentrate on what is achieving a better conversion rate for time – this isn’t always for traffic – but for comfortable time.

      1. Bottom line is, you have to do what you enjoy. Part of your enjoyment is engaging your readership. If they only respond to certain genres, you’re going to enjoy those more than the non-responsive one. Especially if the non-responsive are time consuming. Time, time, time… 🙄🤦🏼‍♀️

          1. I don’t want you to gooooooooo!!😫
            That’s me whining and being selfish.
            Your mental health, enjoyment and LIFE are most important! You gotta take care of YOU! Whatever that takes.🌊🦄💫🧸💌

            1. I am not going anywhere Angie – l have experienced a series of epiphany’s that have made me look very hard indeed at blogging and bloggers alike and now l am making changes that reflect me 🙂

              I am taking leafs also out of your book too 🙂

  2. I did read all of it. And you’re right, you have to decide which series to keep and which to discontinue. I love reading your fiction and poetry. I hope to see more of that. 👍👍👍

  3. I suppose question fun and lifestyle posts are my favorites. Morning Musing actually held my attention most…I can count on one hand, and have fingers left over, the number of challenges/prompts I have ever responded to…

    1. Hey Grace, exactly my findings also – l am leaning more away from prompts and back into my writing – topical, creative and reality – thanks for commenting 🙂

      Oh yes and question posts too 🙂

    1. Hey Gary, that’s a very interesting comment . I remember talking to Tony Attwood via email conversation a few years back and asking if he thought Aspergers would disappear from use? He said he didn’t think it would ..BUT – with the way the DSM was handled bundling everyone under the same roof and labelling them autistic only or actually autistic overnight made it more difficult for those who needed and those needing the services desperately and the support, near on impossible.

      DSM – 5 excuse my French really fucked everything up – because with the new grading it means that for instance your Son who could benefit more so from Aspergers services will not now.

  4. A very understandable read. I admit I am probably a 90% writer. I struggle to keep up with all the reading, feel badly when I don’t and then will often Not write myself because I feel behind on my reading. 🙃🙃🙃 Well done making choices that reflect YOU. 😊

    1. Hey Suzanne – like you l am a 90% writer also and many writers are 90% and 10% other – it’s difficult to balance. But you mustn’t feel guilty – l know what you mean about that as well, as you know – but you pay for your blog – you shouldn’t feel guilty and stop writing.

      In the years of blogging, the one secret l have been looking for is how to balance everything evenly writing, reading, commenting and liking. It isn’t easy – but it isn’t impossible not if you apply the 90/10 rule or even the 60/40 rule – but it will never be balanced and l think the secret is accepting that and then not pressuring yourself to feel guilty – the latter bit is probably the hardest element especially if you are someone who cares.

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