What really scares you?

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What really scares you?

I used to have this dreadful fear phobia that l might cut my own throat – admittedly the fear was so great l got a leather belt crafted which l wore around my throat when l had a very strong temptation to cut it! I felt this way when l was very low in my depression back in my later thirties when l was suicidal. I have 26 suicide attempts to my name – not recently – all of them long before my 50th. They started for me in 1988 and continued till 2012. I had a scare back in 2017, but that was more of an ideation over an actual attempt!

I heard this question the other day in town when l had popped out and as l was passing a pub, the conversation of death was being discussed with the leading question of what scares you the most?

There are many things that people are not just scared of but terrified of – l have displayed 9 above – these being – storms, snakes, spiders, heights, flying, clowns, clowns in films, insects, society and end of world scenarios. But there are many fears and phobias that worry people to the point of high anxiety. Like open spaces, closed spaces, needles, dogs, cats, fire, water, drowning, people, dentists, the dark, noises, the funfair and the list goes on ………. but today’s question is simpler

– what should we be truly scared about?

I mean if it is one l have listed, let me know – the W’s on it below – why, when, where, what and so on.

I was trying to think what really truly scared me and l think l am not easily scared as in it takes a lot to make me jump – but if you were to suddenly jump out on me l might respond. I think there is a difference between being prank scared and really scared.

For a while l was terrified of the dentist – that has gone now – which reminds me l must start that journey again! For me, l think we should be scared of our governments – and their gross negligence of what they do on behalf of their voters supposedly with our backing ……..

However if you can’t answer the question above then go with the title of the post itself … of course you can answer both.

What really scares you?

I think for me it would be perhaps losing control of my ability to be able to think logically.

But that’s just me – what about you? Let me know below. Thanks

18 thoughts on “What really scares you?

  1. Oh wow Rory! Not an easy life indeed 😬
    I agree with you, we should be scared of the governments…they’ve proved they can do whatever they please with us 🥴
    What am I scared of? Oh my…all insects except ladybug 🐞, wild animals, my nightmare: tsunami 🌊 and getting old and die eventually 😑 I’m too curious and I want to live forever 🤪

  2. Spiders scare the bejeezus out of me. And I’m not impressed when they pop up unannounced in Pixabay search results, or the WP Reader, for that matter.

    1. Oh so not good – l can see why the fear develops, they can be kind of creepy sadly – like them a lot, but l am not going to pretend that on occasion l haven’t yelped unexpectedly either 🙂

  3. I can’t think of anything that really terrifies me. The big American Cockroaches creep me out, but I’m not afraid of them. I’ve already been physically, mentally and emotionally tortured, so that doesn’t scare me. Death doesn’t scare me, but I’m in no hurry to get there… too much fun to be had still.

    The Government and the idjits killing our planet are scary. The damage being done… ugh!
    I can be startled, but that’s not really fear, is it.

    I guess I’m fearless… or too dumb to know better🤷🏼‍♀️

    1. That’s precisely it – l may at times be startled – but l honestly don’t have any major fears – l used to worry about being murdered in my bed and then l thought WTF is wrong with you Matier!? If you are murdered in your bed, you’ll not have to fear it, you’ll be dead – muppet!!

      I wouldn’t say l am fearless, because everyone does have fears – just because they haven’t encountered a particular fear just yet, doesn’t mean they are fearless, it means they haven’t been truly scared yet.

  4. That’s a LOT of attempts, and may I say I’m glad you never succeeded! My worst phobia is spiders. I’ve been terrified of them for as long as I can remember, and it doesn’t matter what size they are either. A spider is a spider. Brrrrr. But. The more in-depth deeper ‘phobias’ are of being left destitute and homeless (deep psychological stuff about security), going ga-ga because there’s no way I could afford to be housed somewhere they take care of those persons, our country (USA) going into another civil war because our leaders are all cloth headed idiots who have no concept of the damage they do…and it could go on. This was a REALLY COOL question by the way!

    1. Hey Melanie, those other fears you have mentioned [becoming homeless and going gaga ] are also two of my fears 🙂

      Yeah, our governments have a lot to answer for with regards running the countries l feel.

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