Oh Handy, Where Art Thou!?

Oh Handy, Where Art Thou!?

Handyman/woman, technicians – whatever they are called these days perhaps just ‘Handy Services’ or probably to be correct – Handyperson – that’s fair and equal – afterall – you don’t need to be specifically a man or a woman to be handy and expert at repairing things – more importantly l don’t care what the term is … all l care about is that trying to get hold of one of these persons is proving very hard indeed. Handypersons are rarer than rocking horse shit!

As l said to you in the last episode Who you gonna call? it isn’t going to be me… the last thing you need is a “Rory armed with any tool loose in your house!” I am not practical, not really – sure l try , but l am legion at clumsy! I know my place in this whole shebang, l am not proud and insist on doing stuff myself – l am practical and logical with my mentality! There is a reason why we have technical personnel, repair and handy personnel, people who fix stuff and others who are superb at getting shit done right!

That reason is so people like me – who are not practical can hire them to contract and pay for their expertise to get their own stuff done. I believe very strongly in hiring and paying for people who get the job done with very little fuss! That is why we have handypersons, but getting hold of them is tricky. I had one booked for the 17th August and l had booked him in the first week of july! With the cancer thing with Suze l have had to cancel him and his next available date is October 1st!!

I have been trying to find another one and so went to the letting agents and asked them who they used? They gave me a number but l keep leaving messages and getting nothing back πŸ™

Suze is very practical at a lot of things but not everything and the things l have left to do require a person to be reeeeeeeeally good at the things that Suze isn’t good at! They are not hard things – but they are if YOU can’t do them! Mostly it is small technical jobs now like drilling into walls and fixing pipes, but mostly drilling into walls!

The house here is truly lovely, but it is an old house which has quirks of its own and one can be temperamental walls so it is best to have a handy person who knows this kind of brickworking! Everything is coming along ………. mostly pretty well – apart from the things which are moving at a snails pace like repairs and the need for handy personnel – but also waiting for deliveries to turn up!

One of the hardest journeys for me has been training myself to live in a house as opposed to simply living in a space. Whilst l have lived in houses mostly since leaving my parent’s home back in the day when dinosaurs still roamed the lands … l have lived in houses with partners and mostly the decor of the house has been their tastes. I am not bothered, this has all been quite exciting discovering what l loved.

BUT, l haven’t lived in a house of my own since l was living in London back in the early 90’s – and even then it wasn’t a house it was a top floor apartment just off Edgeware Road – it was an all open plan apartment and the only privacy was a small area that was walled with the wetroom and toilet. Prior to that l was living in a one bedroomed flat and of course prior to Suze and l as a couple l was living in a forty foot caravan and then a small one bedroomed property after the caravan.

But l have mostly only ever lived in one area of these properties and that is very much an autistic/Asperger’s thing apparently! Now l am living in a three bedroomed property on two levels and l must behave in such a way to live in all the house and to use and utilise it as a house and not just a small space! The last thing anyone wants is to rattle around like a marble in a large empty jar!

That’s been the hardest thing for me personally. Suze asks me “Do you miss me?” I answer, “Yes of course, but this is what you wanted and now l am adapting to your wishes – why do you ask?” “I just wondered.”

Do l miss Suze? Yes, but it’s not like we never talk or never see each other we do, l mean we ARE only 8 miles apart which is way better than when we first started dating back in 2013 and she lived in Ashford in Kent and l lived in Whaplode Drove in Lincolnshire! I mean that was 155 miles away and a devil of a journey for her! On good days the journey might take the specified time, but the reality at times was more like double that and more so if she was travelling up on a Friday and battled weekend traffic!

So really this ‘getting a house made into a home’ isn’t hard per se, it’s just different and more when l remind myself l am NOT to live in just one room!

You may recall in a 24 Hour Blog question l asked – The Animal’s Within The Inner You?? l asked what animals you might use as mascots for your house? Well l now have all 7 mascots for the 7 main rooms here these being ‘Dogs, Porcupine, Cockerel, Dragonfly, Badger, Rabbit and Dolphins – but l will explain all their roles and their rooms in due course – this episode is just to display some of the progression so far!

So, despite a lack of handy personnel and certain deliveries how are things coming along – the gallery below will show you ….

….. things are slowly coming together – rooms are beginning to take on their dedicated characters. The overall theme to the house once finished will be Quirky Victorian Steampunk……..ish! That’s the twist. But things still need to be done and the house is terribly naked at present and whilst l love lots of things naked – walls in a house are not one! When you give life to the walls of your house, you start to gift it your soul! It starts to breathe the same way as you do – a house starts to become your home!

This was the one thing that Suze didn’t do in any of the houses we shared – she was waiting until we owned a house together before she would put things on the walls. It was literally only from August 2019 and after she came out of hospital that she started to adorn the walls of Hillyfields.

Willow – the name of my house here is starting to become my home – the house where l live and work and breathe and sleep – but like Rome, this didn’t happen in a single day – but thankfully, unlike Rome it’ll not take 700 years – unless of course l can’t get hold of a handyperson!!

I will explain all in more detail soon enough ….

 Slowly and surely things are getting done!

Thanks for reading, catch you soon!

13 thoughts on “Oh Handy, Where Art Thou!?

  1. I love those motivational cards and the “bawdy” collection of artwork. Very Cool! I can’t wait to see how you dress her up!
    I see you’ve hung your hat tooπŸ˜‰πŸ’•

    1. Ha ha trust you – Grandma, to see the nakedness of my luridness πŸ™‚

      Yep, the Hat is up on the stand, there is a nifty beastie below called Scoobstah – it’s a robotic dog like hoover for wooden floors πŸ™‚

      1. I keep getting ads for something similar. It would be great since I have tile everywhere except 2 bedrooms, but I’m afraid it would last a day here. πŸ™„πŸ€¦πŸΌβ€β™€οΈπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  2. You’re off to a fine settling in. I like the way you’ve organized your front hall space with all the things you need to leave the house, like shoes and cameras. Well done! 😊

    1. Hey Suzanne, yes – the camera display at the top is just that – a display of old cameras. I had a huge box of cameras from my father’s belongings and so decided to utilise them.

      The sneakers – well l collect them – but they will be stepping out into Sandwich soon enough πŸ™‚

  3. I likie your home. It’s coming along nicely. It takes a great deal of effort to change a house into a home.

  4. Love the pictures and how the house is coming together as your home. I understand totally about the walls. I moved into my apartment in 2016. It was not until 2018 that I began to truly transform the space as I wanted. While I cannot paint I have an entire wall of positive quotes (those stick and peel stickers) w/butterflies and flowers. Pictures of wolves (I have an affinity for. I swear my spiritual animal) I must admit though I have a hard time picturing you seating in the teal blue/aqua blue bean bag chairs. I love watching things come together for you and reading about your adventures. Have a great rest of your day Rory. πŸ™‚

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