Dear Blog – 12.45 – 31/08/20

Question Time Catch Up

Over the last couple of weeks l have received a few questions via email and l thought l would answer them here …

How is Suze doing and has she started her treatment yet?

Generally Suze is ”’okay”’ but she has wobbles which l think is perfectly normal considering what is going on in her life today. These wobbles take the form of crying and low mood and anger at the world – but they are fleeting and then she is okay again.

Has she started her treatment yet and what is it to be?

Not yet, but it does start this week. She is to receive a swab today and a new patient chat with regards her treatment plan. Tomorrow is the PICC insertion aka peripherally inserted central cathete which is a tube that is inserted into the vein and pushed into the larger veins near the heart. Wednesday are appointments regarding PICC care. Friday at 8am is the first treatment day. 9 hours of chemo. On 21st September she is to have a Dr ‘s follow up appointment to see how things are going. On the 25th and on the 16th October she will have an additional two 9 hour chemo appointments. This is regarded as Stage 1.

How is she about this? How do you think? How would you or l be? It is the unknown – and none of us like the unknown – l’ll not know how she is going to be truly be until it all begins.

Have l had many visitors to my new house?

No, l never really had visitors when l lived with Suze, she did – so it’s now no different apart from visits from Suze. I have had a few handymen or is it technicians now in to fix things? A visit from a window cleaner sizing up the property for a quote – but apart from that – no, no one.

Have l made any new friends since being here?

Yes, but not ‘friends’ per se, just yet, casual acquaintances as in shop owners and housing agents that l know from popping into their stores or the office. Are they to become friends? Probably not anything more than a conversation in store or in the street if l see them whilst walking. I have become a familiar face with many of the Rampart regular walkers and dog walkers alike.

Do l miss the fields and woods on my morning musings?

Yes l do actually, l am just starting to get to grips with Sandwich town and the Circular or the Ramparts Walk as it is known. I am still to find and walk the Nature Trail in full. I have been on a walk outside of the town and along the River Stour – l did that a while ago [3 weeks ago], only a half walk, but l realised l would need water on the walk itself. I am still in the process of finding other walks in and around Sandwich itself, but it is still early days.

Equally l am also trying to determine an exercise routine – in so far as walking for ‘Musing and Brisker’ and exercising for ‘Brisker and Walking’. I am currently in the process of researching professional indoor exercise bikes [as opposed to the pedaler l bought last year] with a view to having one of these in addition to my walking. With winter approaching and the chances of increased bad weather l must try and find an alternative form of exercise should l not be able to walk once/twice a day.

Back in Hillyfields l had a much broader range of walking routes, and l also had hills, now l have mostly flat walking and town street walks – but also l had a garden which from the very back to the very front of the house was a total of 225 steps or 450 round trip which meant l was walking close to 1125 feet every trip. The current garden is 18 steps long or 36 round trip and that only equates to 90 feet round trip!

So yes l am currently missing the woods and the fields for a couple of reasons – 1] for diversity and 2] for exercise, but as said – early days.

How am l settling into 1] Sandwich and 2] Living by myself again?

Mm, l am okay. Sandwich is a lovely rural town setting and for a town it has a lot of convenient amenities on my doorstep which makes life easier. Living by myself again is a harder journey – not for the obvious reason that many might think as in companionship – not that – but more of a psychological reason in so far as l must train myself to live in a house as opposed to just a space. I will explain this later on today.

How is the garden growing?

The garden is fine – it’s a smaller garden – much – than the Hillyfields one – and it ‘s a very different behaviour and styled garden than previously and l am still settling in to it.

How is the decorating of the house going and making it you?

It’s coming along slowly but surely – l didn’t have very much of my own belongings especially for a house and whilst l did have bits, they in some cases were another person’s house bits – so l have had to work at getting furniture for the house and work at making it a home – BUT – l will be discussing this topic literally later on today in another post.

How am l …. really?

Tired …… that’s the truth – l am shattered and for the last week l have been taking a bit of a back seat on a lot of things – but blog wise l have been here, l am/have been reading and catching up and performing a lot of internal administrations and repairs to navigations and so on as well as reviewing series l run and their overall effectiveness and whether they stay or go and basically just chilling out a bit. I have learned a lot about a lot of things in the last month and now l am in the process of filtering them through into my life to be more efficient.

Anyway – so there we go, those questions have been asked a lot in the last two weeks or so from various sources and l hope my answers help.

Thanks for reading, catch up with you all again soon.

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9 thoughts on “Dear Blog – 12.45 – 31/08/20

  1. It sounds like you are doing the best you can with what you have. It is a process to redesign your life activities. Glad to hear you are moving at a pace that suits you.
    Thanks for the update.

  2. I wish all the best to Suze in this difficult journey!
    I think you should get a good rest! All these changes would drain anyone physically and mentally!
    Just try to find that small little things to enjoy 😉

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