To Simply Be Read!

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To Simply Be Read!

I read,
Have read,
… not just my words but those, your words,
The others l hear in my head!

I am reading words of others,
… who created the reading of their words in their heads!
I read their words,
.. and hear them in my own head…
Reading more of their other words!

But still l read, and the more l do so,
The more l read in my head from their heads!
We read the words of others,
The words from their within heads..
… words that spill out from the many minds …
… and leak through their fingertips,
Staining the pages of blank imaginary canvases!

Words so desperate to be seen,
…Scrambling and scrabbling and crawling….
Creative juices screaming to be released from the scrawling!

More words, from the many heads …
…. Always raining down into the digitalisation…
… of the canvas of the very many to be reads!
Words, so many words, from so many heads …

………. waiting and wanting to simply be read.

© Rory Matier 2020

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22 thoughts on “To Simply Be Read!

  1. So many lovely words, inviting us on endless journeys, through countless heads. Well said!
    So many words, so little uninterrupted time… it makes me see red!😉😂🌊🦄🧸💌

  2. So many words to read and be read 😄. Nicely written..I enjoyed the reading of your words that I’m now hearing my own head 😊

      1. Annie is doing much better. Her nose is still missing hair but the stitches are all gone. The cooler weather, high 80s low 90s, is making her happier. She is still sketchy going out front, but happily plays in the back yard.
        Thanks for asking.

  3. My head hurts from the thoughts that have been in your head that are now in mine, i’m fine, well I was until the in your head, my head, lost my head poem. Now this tired head is trying not to be in any head and just enjoy the poetry that was still once in your head. 😛

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