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Saturday 29th August 2020 – Season 13 – Series 9
This weekend is a Pump It Large and Dance Long – your choices are …. Female Country Pop and Rock or The Eighties or The Blues Brothers?
So far we have 1 vote Blues Brothers and 1 vote Female Country – let me see your votes below please!

A Jolly Good Morning To You All – Italy, Julie, Sa and Jeanne – let’s all go back aways in time and have some fun with the songs of the 80’s!! Here’s a compilation of sound that’ll last you more or less all day! Today Sattzyourday is yours so have a good un!

Are you also the 80’s? Let me know below and next time it’s up, so too will you be!

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The Hello
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Have a totally fabulous day folks!

22 thoughts on “The Hello

  1. If you play the blues brothers consider yourself told lol. Couldn’t think of a more agonising sound. 80s rock it is. If blues brothers turn up I’m poeming it hard!!!

    1. Ha ha – so let me get this right Stephen – that’s a vote for the Blues Brothers??

      Mm, well let me see …………

      Ha ha joking aside votes for the 80’s are showing the signs of the weekend play list 🙂

    1. Hey Julie good morning to you too – did you enjoy your 80’s Musical Memory? As to me, l am trying to get on top with everything going on in my life currently – how are you today?

      1. I loved it, thanks, Rory. I feel like you do, I think – trying to stay on top of everything going on. Hope you have a great day (weather is dreadful here in Norfolk) 🙄😊

        1. Oh dear [weather] we had that yesterday – never quite seen rain and storms like it – be careful and stay inside the house 🙂

          Enjoy what you can of today Julie 🙂

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