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Friday 28th August 2020 – Season 13 – Series 9

A Jolly Good Morning To You All – Kristian, Ruth, Grace and Jennifer all huge fans of some good ol’ thigh slapping country music – is it a Yeehaw Frywhyday? Well why not? Have yourselves a truly great day folks!

Are you also a fan of Country Music? Let me know below and next time it’s up, so too will you be!

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The Hello
The Dug Outs Secret Garden
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This weekend is a Pump It Large and Dance Long – your choices are …. Female Country Pop and Rock or The Eighties or The Blues Brothers?
So far we have 1 vote Blues Brothers and 1 vote Female Country – let me see your votes below please!
Have a totally fabulous day folks!

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      1. We’ve got heat, heat, heat! 98F yesterday… at least the humidity is finally breaking.
        The dystopian future is becoming a reality… Mother Nature is Angry and she’s swatting us left and right. Deservedly!

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