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I have forgotten how to actually write by hand!! It is really terrible, and l am struggling to make sense of it myself! It was always bad, but now it’s just plain worse – l would be damn near lost without a keyboard!

Rory Matier


“Handwriting is the shackle of the mind.”
― Plato

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  1. Ben makes sure I get to practice my penmanship by Writing The Words🙄

    If we all become so reliant on keyboards, how will we be able to share our thoughts if we don’t have those keyboards anymore? I would think being able to write, by hand, so that anyone can understand what is written would be an important skill to have.

    Interesting topic, JB! My mind is already off on a journey with this!

    1. Well there are many reasons for poor penmanship Grandma – 1] l was taught to write by hand in Australia when the schooling was not exceptional and l was not taught formal cursive but mostly casual cursive 2] my brain tends to move faster than my hands and always have done and 3] you mustn’t forget that many of us on the spectrum also have exceedingly poor eye to hand coordination. We see and think much of the time in pictures.

      If we don’t have keyboards – ask yourself – why we don’t have keyboards – what has brought that about? Is it natural progression or something more sinister?

      How often aside from Ben’s words do you need to write great lengths of text by hand?

      I can write by hand it just isn’t that legible anymore – but l can do it.

      Did you have to write by hand as a youngster or a teen or an adult socially?

      When l was in my teens, l wrote by hand and struggled, so bought a typewriter.

      Suze has lovely handwriting –

      Sadly we are seeing more and more children in school these days ‘not’ being taught handwriting properly – the situation is set to get worse, not better.

      1. I wrote a LOT by hand, especially as a teen (notes to friends) and young adult (journals). I still write notes, not super long, but more than a couple sentences, to my daughters.

        Yes, I was surprised to hear that cursive writing isnt being taught anymore. All of us old folks will have a “secret code” the youngsters can’t read😉😂

        The hand-eye, the fast moving brain, and in Ben’s case, perfectionism. If it isn’t perfect, he starts over. He can print very well. It just takes forever for him to write something that meets HIS standards.

        You know I was thinking cataclysmic loss of keyboards or power. The world is a scary place…and I’ve probably read too many dystopian stories 😉😂

        1. I can understand Ben’s situation very well – as l have aged l have allowed the lack of perfectionism to slide especially with my writing.

          I figured you WOULD be thinking end of world scenarios oddly enough ha ha!! So, it’s the end of the world as we know it – no digital footprint or even imprint is left – okay so we all write by hand – those of us that are left alive or will we – truthfully, we probably will not see that much writing by hand at all, mostly scrawl – the youngsters will be the dominant race, the elders mostly wiped out and if not probably hunted out.

          The time for respect of age is long gone, we are not respected now as is we are seen as fools and imbeciles and an irksome annoyance by those who seemingly think they are the first inhabitants the world has ever seen ……….

          The world will not be like Fallout 4 – it will be much much worse and writing will be lost to time on account of the few handwriters we have in the world will be seen as enemies by those bought up on mobile phones ……….. mm, see l can read the mind 🙂

    1. Hey Lauren, yes very true – formal cursive writing is a skill as opposed to the hopshoddery l rec eived in Australia when at best it was casual cursive.

  2. I love writing by hand. The keyboard is very handy and it allows me to do a variety of writing but my favorite is still by hand. 😊

      1. Yes I do. There are at least a dozen ways technology can stop my train of thinking. Whereas when I write by hand I my ponderings fly and land better. No doubt technology is extremely helpful but I much prefer by hand when possible. 😊

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