Slowing Down And Can You Take It Easy?

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I am currently taking a bit of a break this week – l think in truth l have to, l have been running on full steam this year with all systems and engines go, go, go and more go and l need to slow down, take a break, a chill pill, hold my horses back and all the other terms you can think of referencing loosening up!

I have told myself l need to take this week or ten days or risk breaking down. Having had three or four physical breakdowns since the age of 25 l am able to recognise some of the signs especially when l start to slow down and in consideration to what lies ahead of me … the time and age has come to start listening to my own advice and slow down.

I have a feeling that this year is not yet done with me and will pull on many of my energy reserves that are currently depleted and l cannot allow that to happen.

It’s not a forever thing l tell myself – it’s a moment to catch your breath and reflect upon your current window. But l really started to see the signs and hear the warning bells around the end of June … l was literally running on the fumes of an empty tank!

I feel guilty at times when l do take a break, like l am betraying myself – letting myself down – being lazy – and then l have to combat my Asperger’s – you see the latter really doesn’t like slowing down – it fears me stopping – l fear me stopping – l fear me slowing down – so my take it easy slow down time is still busy but just not as busy.

Now, l struggle to relax as l have just said, and l struggle to slow down and AND l feel guilty if l do – so l must do things that keep my brain busy, my body active and allows me to fidget and to keep moving ……… it’s not often that l stop. I am a restless sleeper with the thrashing of legs and things.

Earlier today l went for my morning walk, l am cooking dinner for Suzanne who is coming over later on this afternoon and we shall go for an early evening walk together but it’s another walk for me. I did the housework and hoovered the house upstairs and downstairs mid morning and then from 10.30 to 4pm l have spent that time actively in the garden, not reading on the bench, but on my knees getting dirty behind the bushes ….. so to speak. Now l am creating this post and l have another post to work on for later on this evening.

There are not many things that relax me to a 100% success ratio without me fidgetting all the time! Plus – even when l am doing things l enjoy – l many a time don’t get any real enjoyment or satisfaction from it on account of feeling guilty about chilling out!

I can’t just switch off and relax, l have to be active.

So, the question today is about relaxation and you!

Do you find it easy or hard to switch off, let go and relax or do you feel guilty for doing so.

If you find relaxation easy – what do you do to relax or what relaxes you and why?

Let me know below – Thanks – Rory

20 thoughts on “Slowing Down And Can You Take It Easy?

  1. I’m still working on the guilt part! There’s always stuff that needs doing. But, then again, there always will be. It’s like laundry. Unless you do it completely nude, it’s never really DONE.

    I push and power through, running on fumes or the idea of ghosts of fumes… until I slow down, then the crash happens. We both know how bad that can be!

    I’m not a fidgeter so I have no advice for you there.
    I think keeping busy is probably good for you, but a slower paced busy. Not trying to fill every minute of every day with projects, making sure you’re eating well, trying to get enough sleep… that’s the kinds of things you need. Time in Nature to refresh and restore you would help too.

    Sheesh! I’m just full of …err… advice today🤦🏼‍♀️
    On the odd days when Ben actually leaves me alone, and Daughter is off work, I stay in my room, laying down and reading or writing. Being still and resting is what I need the most. I have to remind myself over and over not to feel guilty. I’m getting better at believing it.

    This “break” or “slow down” is good practice. There won’t be much you can DO when Suze is having her treatment, but be supportive to her. Some people do okay, and don’t have the horrible illness with the chemo and radiation. It’s the most difficult thing to watch someone you love suffer and be able to DO anything to make it better except be there.
    I can tell you that when I was bedridden for 3 months, just having someone close by made things a little easier…less lonely.

    I’ll be around… give a holler by the back fence if ya need me🌊🦄💫🧸💌

    1. Oooooooooh Nude Laundry!! 501 Jean adverts eat your heart out!!

      It’s always the guilt thing – OCDers suffer a lot from the guilt thing as well – well l am doing things that provide some entertainment but l don’t always find them – that entertaining – so l know l am in a bit of trouble with the upstairs department – but l think l have stopped at the right time.

      Thanks for Holler Invite Card 🙂

  2. I relax in the garden,the focus there takes away from the other things, the plants and insects and birds are in the moment, sharing the space — and I get to eat some of the goodies as I go.
    Seriously, if I can find time alone in the garden to pick and fiddle, my brain resets to a calmness only otherwise achievable with Tai Chi and meditation (sometimes, it’s the same thing).

  3. Rory taking time for yourself especially with all that is going on in your life and the fact that you yourself know you are running close to empty is not being lazy it is called self care. I realize that as humans we are programmed to try and fill every hour with something. However and hold onto your hat but the world does not stop because you are taking much needed time for yourself. Now I will put away my stern school marm voice and say as a blogging friend please give yourself a break. You have dealt with a whole shit load pardon my language in the last 8 months with 4 to go. So be easy on yourself. Go for meandering walks. Build your strength. We are all going to be here waiting to see all the wonderful pictures you took and hear all about the things you did just for yourself. Okay this time for sure the nagging voice is going away. Have a wonderful Thursday Rory.

    1. Hey Marm – l feel that may well be your new nickname Jay-lyn 🙂

      Yes l do agree, but l have managed to conquer one of the enemies at my door this week – but thank you, you are totally correct in all that you say – the world does indeed go on with or without us 🙂 x

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