Dear Blog – 17.10 – 25/08/20

If it ain’t horology it ain’t rock and roll!!

I have been living in Sandwich full time now since the 17th July which is around 40 days now to those that count that way or alternatively just under 6 weeks for those over the age of 12 and in that time l have been dealing with all sorts of strife, ails and ills and chills with the latter not always being the relaxed type!

I’ll explain more of that in a moment,. however for those who are looking for an update on Suze and her cancer – l will just fill in a few of the missing gaps. I ‘ll not dwell – but just give you the heads up as l feel that in the next 12 weeks or so, you’ll see more of it in my writing or know about it if l am absent.

I passed on to Suze all of your good wishes and she told me to tell you all – thank you – it was and is always greatly received and appreciated.

Suze has throat cancer – or lower tongue cancer – it’s official name is P16 Positive SCC – there are three areas in the throat which are cancerous. The primary area is the base of the tongue, that is where the cancer first struck and as her body started to defend against the invasion of the cells – the lymph glands in her neck began to swell and become swollen.

That happened back in late June. It took this reaction and the continued swelling of the lymphs to warrant a visit to the doctor. Suze had tolerated the swelling and reduced swallowing and pain in her throat for about three weeks thinking she had another bout of laryngitis which she has had problems with since she was 12 or 14 years old . Not long after l moved in here l alongside others told her to stop holding off and get to a doctors.

This she did and the doctor didn’t dilly dally – he believed she had cancer and told her so and started the ball rolling for urgent attention and action and that was literally around the 25th maybe 27th July, so about a month ago. It was identified that she had suspected cancer at the base of the tongue and potential cancerous cyst on the left side of her throat.

When our bodies start to defend against cancer our defence systems are prepared for a small localised problem, but nothing quite like cancer and the defences also become weakened and the cancer creeps into those exposed areas and attacks.

So in addition to the base of the tongue cancer, Suze also has a cancerous cyst on the left side of her throat in her lymph gland region with a smaller cancerous cyst on the right side which developed when the right gland tried to fight off the infection as well. Thankfully with the results of the PET Scan received yesterday – Suze is only having to deal with one primary form of cancer in her throat which is bad enough – BUT – more importantly is not having to combat any secondary strikes in other areas.

One of the questions she had was how did she get this type of cancer which is normally associated with heavy drinkers – which she is not – or heavy smokers – when she has never smoked in her life – or even the likes of HPV as in sexually orientated diseases when that is not relevant either and the answer is simply – bad luck. It was just one of those things that this particular type of cancer P16 + HPV – struck.

Now, Suze ‘s treatment starts end first week September and will be an extremely aggressive plan. I read it last night and it made for frightening reading. She is on an initial 3 – 4 month plan with the treatment aiming for a permanent cure without surgery.

She is to receive 63 days of Chemotherapy in cycles of 21 days or bouts, followed by 42 days of Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy mixed – now l may well be using the completely wrong terminology and if that is the case – my apologies to those who know the right language – l do believe in the coming months that l too will be all too well aware of the right words however.

She doesn’t have her children close to hand but she does have an excellent support group and a strong team of motivators in so far as friends and family. As this all begins as a journey l will be writing about it – whether Suze starts her own blog just yet – l know not.

The last couple of weeks especially placed quite the strain on both of us mentally and admittedly l never realised just how fatigued and exhausted l really was with everything going on and that has gone on so far this year until l heard the good news yesterday that we were only dealing with a primary throat cancer.

Since the weekend l have been feeling quite overwhelmed and very emotional and made the decision this week to take a bit of a step back from the blog. I am here, The Hello will still be daily and l will be posting, but mostly this week l am just catching up with the reading of your blogs as well as taking some much needed time out for me. So if l appear to be quiet, this is why.

Anyway – that’s your heads up …….. now moving along …

The house here is coming along really nicely, things are starting to shape up very well indeed, and of the 8 main areas of the house four now have Mascots and Themed Names which l will discuss briefly in the episodes to do with that series.

I explained to a dear friend recently that l craved certain things in my life and some of these desires was the need for continued stimulation – steady – hold your horses! Not quite like that!! Although that would be nice! But the stimulations for me are in design, colours, textiles and images and those are slowly being introduced to the house in a true eclectic fashion that even Suze whose house is quite conventional , was a little surprised at just how quirky l was and am and what is it with my fascination with Time!!?

But something else l wanted to briefly discuss was life in a house that is on a main Town road …. it is very fascinating all by itself!! People l think forget that people live in these houses and furthermore they forget that whilst they are outside old fashioned brick and mortar these houses still have glass windows!

You hear all sorts of conversations – be this from those standing right outside to snippets – which reminds me of The Things People Say and how Season 2 will be commencing next month. These people l tend to call Shlurglerz on account of the fact that they just seem to lurk outside the houses on this street at all hours. But then we have another breed called Window Shaggerz and those ……… well l have only experienced it so far once ………. but, once was quite enough! However, my house has windows that have deep sills enough for someone to sit on or worse – have sex on!

Living room before l moved in …. window top of screen!

I kid you not, last weekend l heard a familiar sound – well only if you are used to the sound of flesh against glass – and l was sitting where l am sitting now typing and it was around midnight and l heard “Oh Peter!!” Followed by some kind of scuffling and then the sound of flesh against glass – or should l say ass against window glass!! My desk is right beside one of the windows here and when l gently parted my curtains l saw bare cheeks hitting the glass panes!!

Well ….. l thought good grief – seriously!!? I listened for a few minutes and had a snarkled giggle and then grabbed a torch put it under my chin opened the curtains tapped the glass and grinned! Two drunken screams later and Badango I never knew people could move that fast with trousers around their ankles!! Seriously impressive!!

Anyway, l am off for my walk – missed it this morning due to hellish winds and rains!!! Thanks for reading and l’ll catch up with you later!

23 thoughts on “Dear Blog – 17.10 – 25/08/20

  1. Hmm, might be time to ‘decorate’ the outdoor window sills with some pretty pebbles. My heart goes out to Suze and her circle of supporters. I’ve never been through the experience but have supported friends through it, a constant hand to hold.

    1. Thank you Grace and oh yes, pebbledash – mm, except it’s a rental and it’s also Sandwich and whilst not a ‘listed’ building a period one, not sure if l could get the pebbles passed ……but l could fill a bucket and tip it on their heads from above – mixed with some vegetable oil and feathers ……….


  2. Firstly, I hope Suze’s treatment goes well and that she is able to tolerate the chemo. Secondly, you are such a prankster! 🤣🤣🤣

    1. Ha ha indeed with regards pranking – and l too hope she’ll be able to tolerate the chemo – that is the bit that scares her because of the side effects.

    1. I was starting to crack, my zen or passion is beginning to feel the strain of the very strain itself and wane. This year has nearly destroyed me – l will not lie about it – this blog, my friends, my community, my very close friends have got me through in one piece.

      But the year is not yet done – it’s about to get harder and l am having to pull on reserves l am not sure if l even have.

      I love to write but my creativity is taking a real hit and it’s making me low.

      So l think l have to take some time out and chill down – l will still be here, and to many they’ll not notice the difference per se, maybe just a bit more subdued – but l am longing to be able to write with relaxation in my brain …….. aah who knows when that will come back.

      But thank you 🙂

  3. Best wishes to Suze. Prayers continue for both of you.
    Prank away… unless you desire such stimulation then just get binoculars

    1. Hey Lisa, stimulation’s great but l don’t need two drunks shagging against my windows ha ha 🙂

      It brings new meaning to a ‘pane in the ass’ 🙂

  4. Sending love to you and Suze! So wonderful she has you and her family for support!
    I have missed so much recently while preparing, recording and releasing my podcast.
    Enjoyed the story of the couple that gave you a drunken show at your window! Haha! 😀
    Have a wonderful rest of your day!!
    Belle xo

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