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Monday 24th August 2020 – Season 13 – Series 9
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A Jolly Good Morning To You Sadje, Kritika and Tanya – Namaste! Wishing you each and all a truly beautiful week ahead. To start your week well – l feel some Adele is in order!

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Have a totally fabulous day folks!
Today Suze and her cousin travel to Canterbury hospital to find out the results from the PET Scan from last Thursday, this is the big one really. We know Suze has throat cancer – that we know – we believe it to be the Primary cancer. Last weeks scan was to officialise and determine that the throat cancer where it is – is the only cancer in Suze’s body. So as bad as the cancer is – when l say next that what we want to hear is that it is the Primary cancer and not a secondary cancer, you’ll know what l mean.

To say we have been on tenterhooks these last few days is an understatement. My stress has been through the roof and as for Suze – well you can imagine. Keeping her as busy as possible and motivated has been my prime concern. So today l am hoping to hear some good news in consideration to a really shitty six weeks so far.

Her appointment is at midday today and my concentration is just out of whack, so today l’ll just be reading posts. I will keep you updated.

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  1. Adele is one of those gems in the artistic world her looks and her overal attitude is against what the a league wants but she has that power that put her there and kept her there. Hoping for goods news mate.

        1. Well l read it before my morning walk, then thought about it on the walk, then came back and read it again, then looked it up, read it some more, then commented. I perhaps wrote 7 different variations to my final comment.

    1. Hey Grace, well sadly the appointment is now set for later than planned, between 1 and 3 now. It becomes very tiresome.

      Thank you though for your well wishes, greatly appreciated.

  2. I was out of the loop and happily read the good news before the anticipated not so good news. Happy that one thing and not more to deal with. Sending good energy to you both.

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