Dear Blog – 14.12 – 24/08/20

Excellent News – No Secondaries!

This is terrific news – we are only dealing with a Primary concern now – which of course is bad enough – but is at least something we can work with and fight off.

My heartfelt and sincere Thanks to you all for your well wishes and positive good will. I haven’t been able to concentrate much today due to much of the time l was in a state of hyperventilation and stress … but :

I Genuinely appreciate you all, l really do – so thank you.

I will write more soon.


 Thanks for reading folks – I’ll catch up with y’all again soon!

25 thoughts on “Dear Blog – 14.12 – 24/08/20

  1. Sorry I’ve not been over here in awhile, so am just hearing about what Suze and you have been going through. I will send my best wishes for a complete recovery.

    1. Hey Barabara never a need to say sorry – l am so far behind with my own rwading and with everything else going on l wasn’t sure if l was coming or going – many thanks 🙂

      1. You knew it was there. It’s fan-freakin-tastic that it’s in the one spot only. Now a treatment plan, and kicking some cancer butt! 💪🌊🦄💫🧸💌

        1. I was reading the plan tonight, Suze left about an hour ago, they are really going to go in hard on it. The cancer is primary in the throat but – it’s in three places, both sides of neck and at base of tongue, she has aggressive chemo in two weeks on three bouts of 21 days followed by 7 weeks of Radio . The last four weeks of the 10 weeks will be joint chemo and radio – not a pleasant journey but they are going for complete kill.

        2. Yikes! Well, 10 weeks of Hell then, fingers crossed 30+ years of happy healthy life.
          Younger Daughter’s ex’s mother had breast cancer and she did the chemo, radio and had the surgery too. It was tough, rough and generally miserable but she’s awesome now!
          Does UK allow medical cannabis for cancer patients?

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