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Rory Gallagher By Harry Potts

Gallagher’s Stratocaster on display in Dublin, 2007 By Drnxh

William Rory Gallagher (2 March 1948 – 14 June 1995) was an Irish blues and rock multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and producer. Born in Ballyshannon, County Donegal, and brought up in Cork, Gallagher recorded solo albums throughout the 1970s and 1980s, after forming the band Taste during the late 1960s. His albums have sold over 30 million copies worldwide.

Gallagher received a liver transplant in 1995, but died of complications later that year in London at the age of 47.

This mini series The Guitar Talkers is dedicated to Di of Pensitivity 101. Gary of Bereaved Single Dad is also a serious fan of the late Rory Gallagher who was a mastered Guitar Talker himself! Below are also fans of brilliant Guitarists!

Jeanne of a Jeanne in the KitchenOmatra7 of Learning Life
Angie of King Ben’s GrandmaSuzanne of Ellie894
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Prior to Gary first mentioning Rory G last year, l had never heard of him – but l have listened to him and even dedicated a Theme Times to his brilliance before – Theme Times – Rory Gallagher – so have you heard of him before today and if so, are you a fan or not and if not, well let me know what you think below and also let me know of favourited Guatarists of your own.

Here’s my personally favourited Top 7 for him – what would be in your line up?

A Million Miles Away – 1973
 Shadow Play! – 1978
Cradle Rock – 1973
Messin with the kid – 1972
Laundromat – 1971
Ghost Blues – 1990
 ‘Middle Name’ – 1990

So they are my personal Top 7 – what are yours?


So there we go folks – Rory Gallagher – The Guitar Talker 5# – Fan or Not?

7 thoughts on “Theme Times –The Guitar Talkers 5#

  1. I’d never heard of him before Gary brought him to our attention either. He was awesome. So talented and seemed like a very humble, down to Earth guy who just loved playing his guitar and making music.
    Sad that he died so young.

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