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Season 3 – Summer 2020
Series 3 – “Rediscovering And Identifying With Me Again
Thursday 20th August 2020 – Walk Time 55 Mins
Words Follow You .. They Always Do.

The Quirky Garden Corner in Loop Street!

I am always fascinated with how Time flies by – most of the time, it just ebbs away at normal pace as it was so designed and observed to do and yet other times it speeds by and then finally there are times when time goooooooes soooooooooo slooooooooooooowly! The latter is a bit like my last week – l seem to be spending my time with Suze waiting on the answers to tests done within defined normal pace time.

It’s been a strange week and l was staggered last night when l decided to create a Morning Musing that my last one was just over two weeks ago! I thought that’s not right? But of course it is … l get confused on account of their being Brisker 25 Roundups on the weekend and Walks in Time.

My walk this morning was broken by a chat l had with an elderly guy maybe in his 70’s and we were reminiscing about life over the last forty years strangely enough – it is strange because l am only in my fifties l thought, but then l rethought that and amended that line of thinking, l am now later 50’s! I am 57 and going back forty years l can now do, having lived in this country now for 44 years! Prior to that l lived in Australia and Malaysia. But we talked for perhaps 15 maybe 20 minutes and we originally stopped because of the fellow below!

This cheeky squirrel was quite content to show me his nuts and his skills with his nuts!! The third shot is actually a Strutting Nutty Squirrel Posing Stance which interprets to ……. these are my nuts play with your own!

But it was a good chat and all the whilst we were talking, Nutty Squirrel and his one solitary nut listened to me from the crook of a tree and he reminded me of Scrat from Ice Age fame and glory ….

When l finished speaking with the guy, Nutty Squirrel proceeded to stalk me for a while ……….. and if it wasn’t him it was Percy! Across the moated canal drain was Percy and l swore l heard him say “Alright Guv? Um, l was just wondering when you are going to fill up the feeders again back at the ol’ place??!”

I took my time on the walk this morning, l wasn’t in a rush, no Brisk walking for me – just enjoying the sun’s warmth and the blue sky. It was pleasant. I have decided to do two walks a day from next week – or basically an hours worth of walking per day and then slowly build up to two hours daily in an attempt to increase my stamina and lose some of the weight. I am not heavy, but l feel heavier than l want to feel. The furry football needs to go 57 or not – it’s not like l drink beer and it’s a belly from that! It’s a belly from being later 50’s and sitting in front of computers for longer than normal times!

The garden here doesn’t need the kind of work Hillyfields needed plus the composting is now a hot compost unit it does all the work for you – the wormery doesn’t need digging and although it’s August, l am still 6 – 8 weeks off a major pruning here!

I stopped by a one to one Gymnasium and wondered if l might try that once a week – why not, might be interesting who knows? I don’t want some muscle bound flat stomach but l don’t like the middle aged flabbiness either! I am only 13 stone, and most of that is now muscle build up again, my calf muscles are really starting to find their definition again – but l need this tyre either paying rent or buggering off and l know that’s not going to happen without work! So watch this space l might join Paula in spirit with strange appointments with Jim!

The house is slowly coming together – the crash room as l call it or the surplus third storage bedroom which holds all the unwanteds or the unwanteds at the moment is slowly filling up, then emptying off and wash, rinse and repeat! When this room is efficiently and effectively tidy – the house will be finished!

As l was finishing off this morning’s stroll, l walked through St Clements church grounds and was spotted by yet another nutty squirrel who also decided to show me his better profile for the camera …. l think they know they are going to be photographed and deliberately pose!

It really is such a lovely church! It was a good walk out and l was able to chill for a while, l have a busyish day today l am going to see a lady about a Fedora she has, another about a pond and another about a large bee – but in the meantime here’s a poem l created whilst on this morning’s musing.

Thanks for reading everyone see you next time!

Words Follow You … They Always Do.

I am usually quite imaginative,
Even if my creative,
Might feel a little abrasive…
… or belated or faded!
But it’s the way at times of the complicated,
The overly intricated and complexicated!
I care NOT for the tone,
…. Used with me that the latterly word is unknown!
Who gives a monkey’s when it’s at home!
We are adults here we can forgive and can condone!
Part and parcel of being overly imaginative,
Is we allow ourselves the liberal use of alternatives!
Words, wordery, wordmanshippery is manipulative!
Agreeance is merely communicative and collaborative!
It’s what we as imaginative and creative cooperatives..
… do!
Don’t deny it either – YOU!!
Because our words follow through …
Afterall we use words to our advantage,
We twist and tickle, tease and taunt and manage,
Letters, sentences, grammatical paragraphical passages!
To become romantical, fantastical and oft enchanting sycophantic!!
We do it because we can!
… We seduce words and entertain ideas of grandeur that even …
Those new to the art of imaginative creativity with reduced spans …
… of attention…
Can garner confidence …
….. and slowly build up and accrue wordery cognizance!
Not forgetting competence!
Or astute and acute variableness!
It’s all words, it’s always words, wherever you go,
Words Follow You!
…. They Always Do!

© Rory Matier 2020

10 thoughts on “Morning Musings

  1. “elderly guy maybe in his 70’s” – Excuuse Me! I’m soon to be 74 and I assure while I am old (in years) I am far from elderly…

    1. Oh l agree Grace – but there is nothing wrong with the term elderly – it’s all schematics – however l don’t know what the age is in the States for being classed as elderly but in the UK is 65 and he was older at his own concession than 70. 🙂

      It’s an attitude 🙂

      1. In the USA, you start getting “senior discounts” at 55 in some places, 60 at others and at 65 it’s all in. Also in the States we are deemed “Senior Citizens” not elderly.

        1. Oh right, they also use that term here – however l was brought up to respect my elders from a young age. So when l use the term it’s not derogative but respectful. The biggest problem currently in the UK is that many don’t respect senior citizens anymore than they respect the elderly.

          Again, it’s all schematics, one might say Potayto whilst another might offer Potahto 🙂

          Just the way of the world anyone over the age of 25 is considered dreadfully old by some teenagers and anyone older than 40 is considered ancient by some young 25 year olds …….. you know what l mean 🙂

        2. Over here you get your free bus pass at 60 which is the start to a person being classed as both senior and elderly 🙂

          My mother of 80, said the other day l needed to apply for mine, l said Mum l am only 57, you know? Blimey she said you are getting on, you’ll be in the elderly bracket soon!

          Got to laugh.

  2. Don’t it make you stop cold when you realize you can tell stories from FORTY YEARS AGO!😲
    I was 12 then, but already getting into trouble, as you know.

    Stay away from the squirrels, JB. They’re out to get you! Stick with the Percys they’re kinder… so far anyway, but you might wanna keep that feeder full😉

    Did you get the Fedora?

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