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Back in my younger days [between the ages of 16 – 30] l used to wear a lot of hats – l liked hats for a couple of reasons – 1] because l looked really great in some hats and 2] because if l was wearing a hat, or a bow tie, a strange tie, some dress suit bling or even a cravat- people looked at that rather than me, l couldn’t stand people looking into my face directly.

I used to not look at strangers in the eyes at all, felt very uncomfortable and so l started looking over their shoulders or into the centre bridge of their noses but people thought l might be crosseyed and so l learned and have mastered very well over the last 40 years to look at people right below their eyes [lower eyelid] – people don’t know l am doing it unless they really know me well. Even now, there are only a few people that l do look at directly into their eyes …. l don’t even look at my mother directly!

From a young age l discovered that hats were friends of mine and they stayed as close friends for me professionally till the age of about 30, maybe 35 and then l occasionally wore hats till my early forties.

In my twenties l had a collection of maybe 50 hats with my favourites being the Homberg, Panama, Fedora, Trilby, Derby, Topper, Fashionable Berets and Gap Tartan Caps. Although l also had Trappers, Straw Hats, Fez’s and Deestalkers! They were ideal for my Dandy phases! As l got older l preferred more Flat Caps and Bretons, and when l was younger l wore more Baseball cap styles.

But gradually they all phased out of my life and ‘somewhere’ during my years of marriage my wife donated my entire hat collection to charity – the ‘somewhere ‘ period refers to my time of a serious mental breakdown when l didn’t know if l was coming or going and my wife did a lot of damage to me during those years.

I haven’t worn an actual hat in years, not properly – yes l have worn the occasional Beanie, and l have a few Baseball Caps in my cupboard but now as you can see above l have a Fedora. Fedora are different to the Trilby in case you think it is the latter by having a much wider brim, the Trilby’s brim is much shorter in width – has more snap over flopsy. I bought the Fedora this afternoon from an antique store – the hat is fifty years of age – because of all the hat styles l ever wore, the Fedora is one of the most comfortable.

I am not planning on wearing this Fedora , it is my size and is a beautiful fit, however for me it is more symbolic.

Anyway — to the question ………. are you a hat person? If so, what styles of hats do you like? If not, why don’t you like hats or wearing hats?

Let me know below – Thanks – Rory

28 thoughts on “Hats Off To You!!

  1. I LOVE hats, have since I was a teenager. I love hats so much that I was a manager of an independent hat store and my hat collection got a huge boost for the several years I worked there. Hell, I was known around Burlington Vermont as the ‘hat store lady’. I had in my collection every conceivable type and style of hat humans can imagine (well not a beer hat) – classics and novelty hats. I have/had what is known as a ‘hat face’ the only style of hat that I can’t carry off with panache is – wait for it – a baseball cap. I tried one on in the store and my boss laughed so hard the tears rolled down his face and he made me swear I would never wear a baseball cap in the store. Oh, and I can’t carry off a boater either. (And to answer an age old question – Stetson is a brand not a style)

    1. Excellent and brilliant answer Grace – the Stetson brand is a brand l really truly love – BUT it – the cowboy western hat or Cavalry hat – doesn’t love me, the closest l could get to it and it’s not close at all is the Australian Bush Hat sometimes known as a Diggers Sloucher. Although l did used to like my Boss Hat πŸ™‚

      1. When it comes to Western/Cowboy hats I prefer the Gambler but I also have Stetson brand fedoras. Tho some of the finest and most practical hats are by Borsolino. Drives me crazy when people talk about Panama hats as if it is a style, it’s not – it’s a hat made a particular way from a particular type of straw from Panama!

        1. Indeed – many years ago when my family and l were travelling back from Australia to the UK, we did so my cruise ship or liner whichever. We passed through the Panama canal at the time [77] and we berthed in both Puerto Rico and Curacao and both of these location sold ‘Panama’ hats – they had different names attached to them at the time in addition to ‘Panama’ they were called Toquilla Straw Hats on account of them being crafted from the fronds of the same named palm – but it was a fascinating schooling of the hats and it was one of the second hat styles l started wearing in my teenager years πŸ™‚

  2. I never knew there were so many types of hats. LOL! I wear a hat when needed to keep my head warm or keep the sun off my head or keep dust or grass clippings (when mowing) from getting in my hair. I guess to me a hat is more of a utility item than fashion item.

  3. In my building I’m called the “Hat Lady”! In fact most people who see me without a hat don’t know who I am. I have a few dozen baseball caps and Newsboy type hats, some pillbox hats, a few tams, and loads of knitted and crocheted hats for winter and for nightcaps even in summer I started wearing hats many years ago when I had a really bad hair cut and loved the way it didn’t matter then if I combed, brushed or even at times washed my hair. I could just don a hat and take off. Oh, I also have an engineer’s type of hat (railroad, that is) and a leather Harley cap a friend gave me. One of my friends always brings me a hat from places she goes, usually decorated with a lot of bling that lights my apartment up on sunny afternoons when the sun shines in at the right angle. Double duty then, keeping the sun out of my eyes and throwing bright lights across the room. Yep, I do love hats!

  4. When my hair is short, I can wear hats. A Fedora is my favorite, but anything looks good.

    I dont like baseball caps. Nope! And when I’m in the sun, I usually wear a visor only. My head sweats so much, a hat would be too hot and it would get soaked… ewwww, groady!

    So when are you gonna get a Fedora to wear?

    1. My hat wearing days are gone now Grandma, l rarely wear them, l can’t stand anything being on my head for too long these days as the hyper sensitivity activates and l get claustrophobic.

  5. I’m not much of a hat person but I do own a Snapback and a beanie. That’s my limit πŸ™‚

  6. I have one hat, and only one!! Would be my Boston Red Sox hat ❀️❀️❀️ the only one I will wear! ❀️

    I don’t wear it to make people not see me… they gonna see me regardless and even that hat will draw attention!! Especially out here in California!!!

    I try very hard to β€œblend” but it never works!!

    But yeah … just one hat for me ❀️ don’t want any others – I love that one

      1. πŸ˜„πŸ˜„ oooohh Lol… winter hat…

        My Sox hat does not keep my ears or head warm – just my heart lol πŸ˜„βœŒοΈ

        But I don’t like winter hats and I’m in California … I’ll do a hood or something…

        Unless I am camping or something totally outside

        But is California – our winters are rain and not overly cold

        1. πŸ˜„πŸ˜„ … Yeah I remember my New England winters πŸ₯Ά… bundle bundle bundle 😝😝😝

          I got spoiled by California ✌️

  7. I have a summer straw hat which I wear if the weather is sunny and hot and several woolly winter hats for cold days and if I go walking, especially up hills. ☺️

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