What Are You Truly Good At?

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What Are You Truly Good at?

Later on today you’ll see another post from the series The Bloke’s New Digs where l personally ask myself this question and answer it – but what are you good at?

What special skills and attributes do you have?

Are you crafty? Handy? Gifted? Technical? Savvy ….. the list of descriptives can go on …. however the question remains the same – what are you good at?

Let me know below – Thanks – Rory

25 thoughts on “What Are You Truly Good At?

  1. I think I’m ‘good’ at a lot of things, practical things, analytical things, but I am a primo gift giver…explaining how and why I’m a primo gift giver would mean saying nice things about myself and I don’t do that.

  2. I’m good at falling down.πŸ™„πŸ˜‚
    I’m actually pretty good at a lot of things. I can fix things, I can do crafts, I’m good at thinking outside the box. I’m a good cook. I’m good with animals.
    The most important thing I do is be an emotional anchor/compass/touchstone for my friends and family. (if that makes sense)

    I CANT sing or draw and I wish I could do both.πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

  3. I have certain talents….but I won’t list them here!

    Besides the “skills” I won’t share here, I am good at negotiating. Ben says I am the great treaty expert. I spent a few years working in legal departments and I reckon I picked it up from there.

    1. A negotiator – excellent, l am what they class as the Forever Diplomat πŸ™‚

      Yes l should imagine like me you have a specialised a la carte set of skills that for some reason most CV’s /’resumes’ don’t entertain! I know that from experience.

  4. I am good with people. People tend to be at ease with me instantly in person… like instantly!!! Always!!! Lol …

    I have a soft gentle demeanor typically and I’m bubbly and always smiling. (Although I hide the bubbly and smiling part at work with families) I can’t be all bubbly at a funeral home!! No one wants that!!!

    I am friendly, helpful and also very empathetic. I know how to react in different situations

    You only see my fire when I feel an injustice is done lol

    But yeah I’m really good with people… it’s just that way, has always been that way? I am non threatening

    But like I said… unless their is an injustice lol… then the fire comes out… I will stand up for others! And I do help people through things. I never fear taking on a cause.

    Complete strangers will feel at ease with me instantly too?? It’s weird I don’t really know what it is?? It has always always always been that way??

    1. Great answer Trisha, l can relate to that also – l have people share their inner secrets after first meeting me and then ask themselves why they did that – some people just have affable natures πŸ™‚

      1. Yes… I have a tender type way? Which is why I do so good at funeral home too. I am very soft, and always kind.

        I can calm even those most agitated person. I was also with police…

        But in general that’s just how has always been

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