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Many thanks – Rory
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Tuesday 18th August 2020 – Season 13 – Series 9
Welcome to the New Week!
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A Jolly Good Morning to you all – Stephen, Angie and Trisha – here’s wishing you all a totally brilliant Truly Toosday! To start today with some proper bouncing on two feet and hands in the air head banging duckin and diving crashing and rolling … let give some woot woots for Linkin Park!!

Have an absolutely cracking day everyone – let me know below if you would like a call out this week!!

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The Hello
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Have a fabulous Truly Toosday folks!

43 thoughts on “The Hello

  1. I am off to bed… I think?? Lol

    Just wanted to say hope you doing good. I fall behind on reading – been really busy!! I will try to be better

    Have a great day!

    Gnite 😴 💤

      1. I will be reading later – I have not been on feed too much … the feed can be overwhelming and I have been so busy lately… instead when I see the names on posts I go through all those and find that way easier and less overwhelming. But then I miss the feed lol … trying to juggle – I hope you are well … and Suze 🙏

        I will be back to read later 😊✌️

        1. Aww yeah I suppose, but I have blogs I just like to read… they don’t always read back but I like them.

          If I don’t do feed – then I miss it

          Not a huge deal, but been REALLY busy so basically missing everything

  2. I’m late tonight and Paula and I are in the same time zone.

    Thanks for another Magic Star🌠💃🏼🎶💫 I love Linkin Park and still miss Chester.

    Big Hugs and Happy Truly Toosday or Totally Tripindicular Toad’sDay on my calendar😉🧸💌🌊🦄

  3. Good morning Rory. This is the first time that the daily hello and my day have synced up. I saw this at 6:15 a.m. as I was reading my emails. However it arrived in my inbox at 1:32 a.m. Hope that that helps. Have a great rest of your day. 🙂

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