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Monday 17th August 2020 – Season 13 – Series 9
Welcome to the New Week!
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A Jolly Good Morning to you all – Suzanne, Gary and Tazzie – here’s wishing you all a totally brilliant Munnyday! To start today with some rocking groovin’ let’s all pump up the volume and put our hands together for AC/DC [let’s hope Yorkshire will be switched on today!]

Have an absolutely cracking day everyone – let me know below if you would like a call out this week!!

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The Hello
The Dug Outs Secret Garden
Dear Blog
Today is the day we find out about Suze’s diagnosis. It was supposed to be 9am this morning – but everything changed on Friday – now we have to wait till 5pm today at a different hospital. Been very stressful this week for us both. But Suze has had bloods, biopsy, MRI, ct scans and now we just need to know what’s going on.

I’ll keep you updated with the Dear Blog later on today.

Have a terrific Munnyday Folks!

17 thoughts on “The Hello

  1. A Flustering Munnyday to you, JB. That’s some head bangin music you got there🎶💃🏼🤘 I always liked “Rosie” and “Big Balls”😆

    I hope it’s good news🤞🍀🌊🦄🧸💌

    1. Sorry, glasses are wonky – you liked Rosies Big Balls?

      Many thanks – the waiting game these last two weeks has been a bit a chiller killer.

  2. That’s a beautiful sky photo. Thank you for the morning star and AC/DC to last the day. My beat thoughts are with you and Suze. 😊🎶

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