Requiring Definition ..

The last few posts including this one of the new series and especially the posts displaying the courtyard garden – have been catch up posts – l am not specifically gardening for the remainder of 2020 as in planting new crops, but l am in the process of learning about the garden itself and what the soil is like health wise, what the plants are like, problems and issues, potential blights and so on … but more importantly trying to define its actual gardening role and functionality as in …….

Is it purely an ornamental garden?
Can this garden become a migrational wildlife garden as well as a residential birdlife garden?
Is this garden a multipurpose garden as in – it can grow, fruit, vegetables, flowers and herbs?
What do l have to do to repurpose and redefine its identity to become the garden l need?
What will and what will not grow here and in what?

Also, with the galleries l present, it’s a way of showing the readers how the garden over the course of the month of my move in month – July 2020 – changed and transformed into what it is now and what it is becoming for the future of my residence. It underwent a series of small and dramatic changes which will not become quickly apparent nor visible until l start to write this series in real time for the day and month l am in. Because the garden below in image is not 100% the garden today.

The galleries below are photographs taken from 12th to the 17th July.

The first gallery taken on the 12th shows the garden from above in the guest bedroom and from the patio/conservatory [off the kitchen]. Every time we came over prior to the main move on the 17th it was early morning with a car packed to the brim with soil bags. The soils were indeed from and for the new potting soil worm farm.

The worm farm cubicle had to be established fairly early, and it was decided at the same time that a second cubicle would not be needed so that was taken down and further allowed for more space at the back for bins that serve as surplus garden waste bins for the mini hot composter.

The shed or converted coal scuttle needed a lot of attention because it had to be high functioning and practical. The wildlifing of the garden was also a priority for feeders, nesters and hotels … l have a couple of bee/bug hotels to go up later on this month. In the initial period it was trying to establish where things would live and stay sited in

The second gallery displays the creation of the ground based frog and toad hotel behind the table and underneath the shrub right at the back of the garden and near to the neighbours fence. The final completion of the potting soil worm farm as well as the raised beds and carrot box.

Luckily this garden has a lot of its own pottery containers and this’ll make it much easier to eastablish the container garden to the courtyard. All had to be dug out and new potting soil added. The old potting soils and composts were added to the worm farm and they will over the course of the next six months clean it all up and refresh it for use next season.

The shed is a constant source of frustration because l have a lot of stuff to sit in there and very limited space to fit it so as to still include efficiency.

The back of the garden once the second cubicle was extracted became a lot more efficient and workable and walk easy – it has to house the garden waste bins as well as the recycle bins and the hot compost set up.

The garden’s position is in the line of migrational bird species so the nesters might well be better served here in comparison to Hillyfields. We will see.

The bench is ‘lovely’ but not overly practical in that position – l would have to review that. There are a lot of features to this garden that will need to be sanded down and weather painted to make more of a feature such as the bench, the water pump, brackets and chains.

Anyway, there we go another progression post from literally a month ago. Todays garden is different again …… worry not you’ll soon see for yourself!

Welcome to the Secret Garden folks see you next time!

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