Dear Blog – 22.30 – 17/08/20

Not Stage IV…but,

Above everything, Suze and l are both realists – we knew it was cancer and it’s irrelevant how many times people say ‘Oh you watch, it’ll not be that bad’, or other similar things and trust me they have been said to both of us in the last two weeks. I think the biggest problem is many people ‘don’t know’ what to say – l personally prefer the black and white truth even knowing it’ll hurt or cut deep, l would rather have it straight and logical …

What we didn’t want to hear after the blood tests, the biopsy, the MRI, the CT Scans and the rest was talk of stages and we most assuredly didn’t want to hear Stage IV in anything!

The good news is we didn’t hear Stage IV …… that was the good news … we were both prepared to hear the very worst and we didn’t hear that … we did hear more scans were needed – like the PET scan known officially as Positron Emission Tomography – this Thursday.

We heard about the team of people that would be working very quickly with Suze in the early Stages of the cancer. Oropharyngeal Cancer or Throat Cancer to the layman – but to the enquiring and inquisitive mind … the actuality of Throat Cancer for Suze is something called P16 HPV 16 – P16 Positive – HPV [Negative] a viral form of cancer that falls under the HPV banner and grouping.

First we need to rebuild Suze’s weight, she has lost weight and in truth never truly regained her weight after last year’s episode in hospital with the Unknown PUO + Sepsis – was there a connection? The doctors think potentially there might have been, but we’ll never know.

By the end of this next thirty days, Suze’s treatment will already have begun a combination of aggressive and invasive Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy and the dietician’s assistance in eating by tube……… it’s all grim. Thank fuck we were prepared for the worst – so whilst the worst wasn’t delivered and hope for a future came into a different packaging than others might accept – the hospital and medical team are going for ‘Treatment Cure! It is treatable…..’

How is Suze? Pretty calm considering – understandably shaken – but we are both positive – we can get through this – we will get through this!. Suze and l would like to say thanks to all for your well wishes. I will keep you updated …… but now a very different journey begins………..

 Thanks for reading folks – I’ll catch up with y’all again soon!

30 thoughts on “Dear Blog – 22.30 – 17/08/20

  1. So glad it’s not worst case. I read up online when you first mentioned cancer.

    Get some rest JB. You’ve got a plan now. You need to keep your strength up too. My thoughts are with you both!🌊🦄🧸💌

  2. You’ve got a diagnosis, you’ve got a plan, you have each other – and an international cheering squad!

  3. Man….it sucks! You both sound like you have a lot of grit.
    I don’t want to say anything stupid…but I am definitely wishing you love and strength for any challenges you face.

  4. Sending happy, healing thoughts. It’s treatable and it beatable! I know someone who went through this and he’s very much alive and well the other 🙂

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