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Sunday 16th August 2020 – Season 13 – Series 9
Welcome to the Weekend!
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A Jolly Good Morning to you all – Paula, Melanie and Angie – here’s wishing you all a totally brilliant Sunnyunnyday! Y’all like a bit of Rod, but Paula – well she wants his honey ………… have l read that right?

Have an absolutely cracking day everyone – let me know below if you would like a call out this week!!

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The Hello
Brisker 25 Roundup
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Welcome to The Brisker 25 feature – once a week round up of some of the best images l have captured during my early morning and evening walks!

The gallery above displays the churches, the River Stour and the boats afloat, young bulls in fields, parts of the walled walks, St Peters and St Clements churches, algae covered promenade waterways, moats and quirky buildings!

Have a great day folks, more Brisker 25 Round Ups next week.

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  1. Hey JB! I hope you’re having a Gregarious and Flamboyant day… errr… evening now! Thanks for the Magic Star🌠 and Mr Stewart🎶💃🏼 I saw him in 91. Awesome show!

    I love that the Old Pharmacy sells a different “medication” now😂 and are there really dancing goats in the coffee shop? Ooooooh and a shop full of quirky things?? How fun! You’ve located yourself in a fabulous little town!

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