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Morris Day and The Time

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This Weekend is dedicated to the following readers and fans alike

Suzanne of Ellie894
Angie of King Ben’s Grandma
Chris Hall of Luna’s on Line
Kristian of Life Lessons from Around the Dinner Table
A Guy Called Bloke

The Time, also known as Morris Day and the Time and The Original 7ven, is an American musical group that was created in Minneapolis in 1981 by Prince.

Their work has been a part of the formation of the Minneapolis sound, featuring a mix of soul music and dance music with funk, rock n roll, and more.

Led by singer-songwriter Morris Day, the band members are known for having been close Prince associates, and are arguably the most successful artists who have worked with him, achieving particular popularity with R&B fans with tracks such as “Jerk Out” and “Jungle Love”. Former members Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis went on to a prominent production career after they left the band in 1983, while Day and guitarist Jesse Johnson recorded solo material in addition to their work with the Time.

Jungle Love 1984
The Walk 1982
Cool 1981
Jerk Out 1990
Chocolate 1990
Gigolos Get Lonely Too 2004
Partyup 1980
The Bird 2004
Fishnet 1987
The Character 1985
Two Drink Minimum 2004
Get It Up/777 2004
The Colour of Success 1985
The Oak Tree 1985

So there we go folks – Part 2# of the Pump It Large and Dance Long Weekend – Morris Day and The Time.

Next Time – well l will give you three choices and you decide for the weekend of 29/30 August …….. Female Country Pop and Rock or The Eighties or The Blues Brothers! The choice is yours!

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