The Curious Case Of ….

The Curious Case Of ….

….. Being Turned On!

How curious are you as a person? Don’t confuse ‘curiousness’ as being nosey as there is a huge difference between the two …. See Episode 1 for the introduction to this series.

Now before l am besieged by a flurry of erotica stories and sensually orientated answers the question isn’t that type of question ……. there are many ways to be turned on. However you may have noticed “Being Turned On!!” Does not have a question mark at the end – therefore that’s not the question….

You know l was lying in bed this morning and trying to think what turned me on …………… wait for it! To LIFE? What was l passionate about? Enthusiastic for? What got me out of bed in the mornings?

I think the last one is currently pretty redundant for me anyway … l mean, l am one of these people who can’t just stay in bed for the sake of a long lie in. That’s a wasted day in my world. Even as a youngster and by this l mean in my teenager years because of working in catering l was always up early. But also, as a dog keeper, companion or owner – you have a responsibility to be up early. I may not have a dog in my life at the moment but old habits never really die!

My parents, especially my father was a person who would lie in and when l say lie in, come the weekends he would still be in bed come Saturday morning till sometimes midday and later! He refused to allow my mother to get up and if she did she wasn’t to make any noise whatsoever – otherwise the bastard would be grumpy all day!!

If l am to stay in bed for that long in the mornings there can be only two reasons – 1] l am ill and really unwell or 2] I am not ill and neither is the person laying next to me! If there isn’t anyone lying next to me and keeping me otherwise occupied then l am out of bed and usually pretty early.

But l was laying there at 6.15am this morning, thinking it was cooler and it was, it hadn’t rained, but thankfully this morning was easier and more pleasant than yesterday – l love the heat, l like it hot, but the recent heatwave had been quite awful! I just lay there – thinking and l was trying to think what turned me on to life these days? What made me apart from not wanting to just lie in bed all day doing SFA want to actually get out of bed?

It’s been a rollercoaster of a year considering it’s only August and l am seemingly riding even now on the crest of not just a wave but a bubbling tsnumai especially with this cancer scare with Suze. Just when l, we or us think we are out of one obstacle and can start to move forwards again something else pops its head above the parapet! So it makes and can drain your motivation and enthusiasm levels down quite quickly!

But l used to be soooooo passionate about sooooo many things and it’s NOT that l am not anymore, but maybe it’s an overall tiredness or physical exhaustion or even mental fatigue, or a lack of quality mindfulness and wellbeing or, well who knows? But l feel like l am in a form of limbo of the lost – not sure where my direction is! I want to be passionate, l want to be motivated and enthusiastic but life is apparently content to keep on throwing shit at me!

No, l am not being a moaning Minnie, many people, perhaps even you yourselves are in the same swamp of quagmire confusion? Not knowing, where to turn, where to go, where to look for that spark to ignite you again!

There is soooo much l want to do this year in so many areas, but whenever l am getting ready to ready steady go – something happens and delays me further again!

But that’s just me, there are plenty of things that keep me going like the new gardening and the composting, photography, walking, writing and blogging and community and friends and making the new house and whilst not huge passions, they are sufficient as interests to ensure l don’t go insane – now?

How about you?

I am curious to know …… what turns you on to life, what makes you get out of bed every day, what are you pasionate about?

17 thoughts on “The Curious Case Of ….

        1. Oh ha ha – no, l have just reread – when you said you are writing that now, l thought you meant to were writing a post about bliss ha ha 🙂 Oops

  1. I’m like you at the moment… kind of in a holding pattern. With so many uncertainties and so much beyond our control, it’s difficult to look beyond today. I have a few projects I want to do when I am no longer doing Peasant Duty 24/7, but they’re on hold.

    I get joy out of simple things… interesting clouds, a good cup of coffee, a horrible puns, music, learning a new word or a new fact… I just enjoy living each day.
    Obviously every day isn’t rainbows and fairy dust, but that’s just life.
    I’m really looking forward to running away from home in 10 years or so… maybe sooner 😉

    So, the answer to your question is… Living life turns me on, man!😎

  2. I’m curious about what motivates people to say/do/write the things they do. I look for patterns and now that I’m done with dating, I find I can be very objective about most things, which usually keeps me calm. Not sure if that answers your Q. The reason i get out of bed is because my back hurts and I need to move around upright…

    1. Hey Paula 🙂

      Mm, l have noticed a calmer you in the last 12 months also 🙂

      Can understand the back thing, l used to have the same problem with my shoulder when it was injured.

      I’m curious about what motivates people to say/do/write the things they do. That’s a healthy thing to be curious about 🙂

  3. It really is the little things – watching a candle flame flicker before dawn, being lost in book places with nowhere to be, the way the light falls through a spider’s web, wearing a favorite tee dress, when a hummingbird looks me in the eye and then buzzes off, learning, holding a pen in my hand, serendipitous moments that let life move through you as it will. 😊

    1. serendipitous moments ………… always fascinated me that word and of course moments is a word l love, but the word serendipity – fascinating word too 🙂

  4. I could supply plenty of erotic stories if you were asking…

    LIFE….I reckon kindness. It’s such a great force. I love being kind, I love seeing other people being kind. I get a buzz from knowing that many people have this gorgeous soft-centre that moves them to see beyond themselves and their own bucket list – they wanna make other people smile. Kindness is so awesome.

    I reckon that when I am sure that kindness is abundant, I can enjoy life more. I can enjoy great food and all the hobbies Ben and I like…simply because KINDNESS is everywhere. There is so much that sucks in the world. When I see all the crap, it affects my motivation and makes me feel down. But when I can believe in the goodness and kindness of the majority of people, life tastes better. I wanna be a part of it.

    1. Hey Jenna, that’s an excellent answer and very true – like the line when the world smiles at you, you smile at the world 🙂 Makes life a way happier place.

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