Well You Prompted Me

In response to The Monday Peeve 48 hosted by Paula of Light Motifs II l offer the following …

I have deliberately written this in the style of an angry audio conversation to really line up for the Peeve it is!

“Breaking Glass?”

This week has been a bit of a bitch,
I’ll not lie, nor gloss it all up and make it pretty,
For the readers who like to moan and twitch…
…. When they see something blue or shitty,
In the verse and consider it rather tiresome,
… and completely unnecessary!
Don’t care but this week’s been a bum!
Annoying, irksome, frustrating, and very, very ….
Well you get the jist l am sure,
Some weeks are like that aren’t they?
Something is bound to take a detour…
… get lost along the way,
Life, it’s just life,
But you know when the weather’s hot,
And l don’t mean a little bit hot, but serious strife,
Yeah that kind of rising humidity and murderous melting pot…
The crap that worries the spot,
On top of your head and burrows deep down,
… and turns smiles into frowns?
Yeah that kind of hot, the hot type of hot,
The volatile ‘don’t screw me over’ heated blood clot!
The ‘bloody hell mate, you’ve lost the plot! Hot!!
Yeah that HOT, well l am feeling a bit cranky,
because of it,
It’s taken away my usual calm like swanky,
…because of the shit!
What shit? What do l mean by shit?
Oh if l told you, you wouldn’t believe me,
You’d probably have none of it,
But it was down to a home delivery!
…By some clown driver who thought it funny,
To drop off a box of utter brokenness!
Something l bought online with my bloody money!
That turned up yesterday in a hellovva mess!
I mean it was broken, buggered and screwed,
Ripped, torn and totally unglued!
What’s the bloody world coming to?
… when broken goods are delivered to your door?
I mean like ‘Hello’ l am talking to you!
…. I need to hear some good news to reassure
And that l am not being treated like an arse!
BUT, who the hell delivers a box of bloody broken glass?

Don’t even begin to ask me about the rest of the week!

© Rory Matier 2020

13 thoughts on “Well You Prompted Me

    1. Not yet, delivery service and manufacturers are using Covid 19 to their advantage and not responding. Meanwhile l have a box of broken glass that is leaking bits everywhere.

  1. WP should change the “Like” button to “Read” or something… I read this, but don’t “like” that your package arrived broken and that it wasn’t quickly resolved.
    The icky sticky heat has hit my part of SoCal… humidity is rising with the temperature… tempers will rise as well if we’re not careful.

    I hope there’s some good mixed in with the suckage!🧸💌

    1. Nope, l have not heard a murmur from the company, they are saying no one is manning the desks – there was a spark of something, but l will talk about later – for the time being l want to see if the company return my email.

    1. Hey Lisa many thanks – the humidity broke last night thankfully, we are on cool down today – it was nice to have a shower and not be experiencing one ten minutes later caused by my own sweat!

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