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Series 1 – Episode 14
Did you Know that Nil is No in Irish?
The Longest word is nearly 190,000 letters loooooooooooooooong!

It’s the chemical name of Titin [no not Tin Tin!] and it goes a little like this ………… “Methionyl​threonyl​threonyl​glutaminyl​alanyl​prolyl​threonyl​phenyl​alanyl​threonyl​glutaminyl​prolyl​leucyl​glutaminyl​seryl​valyl​valyl​valyl​leucyl​glutamyl​glycyl​seryl​threonyl​alanyl​threonyl​phenyl​alanyl​glutamyl​alanyl​histidyl​isoleucyl​seryl​glycyl​phenyl​alanyl​p …… and it just goes on and on!

I am totally serious about this sheer lunacy – see LINK

You would think these scientists would have better things to do – however if you don’t want to read the nonsense you can hear it instead!!

Why is it soooooo long?

Because it contains information about every component in the chemical itself!!
Would you like to spend some time with me and together we could maybe ………. share a bout of ‘jentacular’! Which basically means everything to do with breakfast!
Can you see the anagram here?

The Classroom spells out Schoolmaster
“Nudiustertian.” Not just Tuesday!!

Didja Know That

Catch you next time, thanks for reading!

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  1. I’m surprised the name for titin actually counts as a word. Titin is a very large protein, and the full name is just the sequence of amino acids it contains.

  2. Ididnotknowthesefascinatingfactsanddidjaknowsnotaonethankyouforthefunillbethinkingofitalltomorrowwhenimkneedeepinjentacularmorningcooking. 😉😊

    1. OhmygoodnesscheckyououtSuzannewithyoursmartypantsansweringandallinonsieresponseveryimpressiveitsofcoursevery difficulttowritelikethisasournaturaldesireistoaddspaces… 🙂

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