Are We Becoming Too Reliant Upon … ?

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Are We Becoming Too Reliant Upon Social Media?

I don’t have many social media platforms – l have WordPress because despite what many think – WordPress is also a social media platform – it just has more depth to it in my opinion. I guess l do use this platform as a form of social media but not like other platforms – here is more of a styled daily brain journal for me.

I have an Instagram account that l don’t use, but l only discovered l had an account three months ago and then realised one of my assistants had set it up a month after the platform itself launched back in 2010 and at that time for my business which unbeknownst to them had already closed its doors down due to recession! But l discovered it by complete accident – l had a peruse of it last week and saw some familiar faces from here also had accounts. I don’t think l have any use of it at this present time.

I also have a Facebook account, it’s my third – l only maintain one – l used to have a different private one and also a business one. The business one got hacked and l only managed to glean access again last year. Facebook deleted my original personal account in 2012 on the grounds of it being unsafe due to my erotic poetry!!

I opened up a fresh account moved my poetry to something call Scrbd and then very rarely used FB much after that – but l still have it and mostly for the internal chat system. I belong to a composting group and run a few group pages that l manage with regards gaming and gardening. But in truth l am hardly there. I glean more fun by stopping by and checking out my memories which many a time form the basis to some of the Random Quotes series.

I used to have two Twitter accounts which l started in 2016 and ran to 2018. One was for Scrappy and she had her own followers from May 2016 – May 2018 and the other was in support of my Tee Shirt business Classic Eggshell Moments which began in May like Scrappy’s but was closed down in July 2017 – because l just found it too much hard work, but also because l was Guest Writing for a Gold Making Gamers blog and contemplating starting my own blog which was this one September 2017.

For the most part l found Twitter to be too much up its own arse and in many ways a waste of time and effort with regards a business user. I found also many a time the actual social users to be insultive, trollish and childish and way worse than any playground at school! People think they can get away with murder because of their anonymity and so you found all sorts in there! Many a time as sad as this is ….. l found the purest of stupidity present and that’s why l left. Scrappy as a dog only really had dog followers and dog lovers and owners alike as followers and it was a sad day when her account closed as she was very popular but also like her old man she too was running her own blog – Doodlepip’s Adventures!

Her blog was actually gaining more stardom than her Twitter account and either of my two other blogs – A Guy Called Bloke and The Tee Shirt Blogger. So in January – March 2018 l did the sensible thing – l amalgamated all three together!

Thus this monster of today was born …….. this then became my main go to social platform of ease, convenience and fun and not forgetting community. But l tend to not specifically use this as a true social media vessel more as said a kind of online open to the eyes of the world brain journal – of course, l do socialise here, but differently.………….

………………. now to the matter at hand , the question?

I have noticed in recent times and maybe you have too that it appears that people are becoming maybe ‘dumber’ or stupider or maybe it’s just lazy or maybe, perhaps, possibly it is that people are becoming too reliant upon social media as the bearer of trustworthy news, fantastic advice, structured logics – the only GO TO resource for facts?

I am in Facebook on a composting group as an example of this new confusion of mine ……. and it appears that people now take word for word anything that is writtem whether it is true or not? People seemingly have become so brainwashed and programmed by social media that they have lost the art of researching out their own facts.

People seem to have become sucked into the ‘Social Media is Good’ credo and no longer think for themselves and at times l swear l can hear the chants of ‘all hail social media!!’

I mean how long before society forgets how to analyze life with its own brain? We are already starting to see peoples, cultures and societies buy into the whole ‘creative imagination thing as being dangerous!’ Political Correctness is fast getting out of hand, many people no longer seemingly wish to think for themselves or tackle issues of concern, society doesn’t agree with those having their own opinion at times especially if it goes against the grain of what society deems normal and never mind how normal is being defined anymore!

Society is very quick these days to cancel and ostracise what it thinks is wrong ……

Social media l don’t deny is a pretty powerful tool and a weapon combined, but in the process of all of this social media frenzy are we forgetting how to be free thinking people? Are we too reliant on it all?

Let me know below what your views are? Thanks – Rory

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35 thoughts on “Are We Becoming Too Reliant Upon … ?

  1. Social media is not social, nor is it media. It is a group of keyboard warriors with an agenda who ostracize anyone and everyone who does not agree with their opinion of the day.
    God forbid there should be difference of opinions.

  2. Honestly I hate social media. It is the biggest depressing machine ever to grace mankind. But at the same time i seek validation from it. I struggle with the upkeep. I have insta and get dragged down by the lack of likes so i just watch. Twitter couldn’t keep my interest facebook is just out of boredom now oh and to contact you and wait years for responses….jks. wordpress is a better one i don’t need to focus on others i can just write. If somwome likes my stuff great if they don’t not so great but unless i look at the stats i wont know…. oh but i do look at the stats. I paid for scribeophile and i just cant find time criticising others just so i can poat my own work up. Bad concept really lol not everyone can or should critique another’s work. Anyway i probably have gone off topic.

    1. A huge laughing snarkle from me Stephen 🙂

      You made me laugh and smile so many thanks – yeah!! Ha ha you are one of the few l message and one of the reasons l stay connected.

      I speak to maybe three people through it on a regular basis, you, Suze, her daughter, Then over the course of a month maybe six others – so for that communication FB is quicker … l will try and improve my response times 🙂

      1. I need responses like you do blogs. Think of it as a p.t session for messages.
        Glad i made you smile. Got another story in the works using a word i saw on a blog of yours.

    2. Social media is a double-edged sword and can be very addicting. If you have a strong belief in who you are and what you stand for, no matter what drivel comes from social media, you can withstand the storm. I was much happier without social media. I am ONLY on FB and of course WordPress for my blog. the ONLY reason I am even still on FB is because it is attached to my blog and I would lose to many followers if I disconnected it.

      1. Hey Jeanne – did you connect FB with your blog yourself? When l first began l had Tw and FB connected and then found it a waste of time as l find the various medias very different demograph wise. Do you really think you would lose your true followers? Why would they not just read what you produce anyway? I disconnected all external medias very quickly.

        1. Hey Rory. When I first started my blog, I hooked it up to FB and it has been ever since. I have almost 8400 followers, and about 1/2 of those are from FB. If I left, I would lose those followers. I don’t really understand how it all works to tell you the truth. I am still learning as I go.

  3. But is also a medium to earn a living for many. A platform where one is also showing creativity.
    Positives and negatives both reside. Its just how we take it. I believe. 😊

  4. Except for WordPress, which for me doesn’t fit the description of social media per sé, I am not into the whole rigmarole which is known as social media. You’re right that there are as lot of people who quote everything they read there as gospel truth. But not all. There still are people who question the validity and reliability of news on it.

  5. What really puzzles me is the people who rely on social media for news. I have a friend who’s really into Youtube, and it’s also how he finds out about world events. I’ve tried to explain to him that what shows up in his Youtube feed is there for very specific reasons, and those reasons don’t involve being representative of what’s going on in the world at large. He doesn’t get that, though, and I think that particular type of cluelessness is probably pretty common.

  6. I love our little corner of WordPress. It’s been especially wonderful during these ‘unusual times’. Other SM less so. And if I had a quid for every piece of fake news that’s been whatsapped to me, over the past 6 months I’d be rolling in it!
    Let’s just keep it real. 🙂

  7. I am on a lot, but I mostly read it without interacting, so it’s more media than social. I have WP, FB, and Twitter. I rarely comment on Twitter though I’ll like and retweet things of interest. I got burned commenting a couple times, trying to be supportive and ended up blocked. People are so bizarre. I read politics and poetry there mostly, and occasionally I write a poem. It’s more FB and WP I may be addicted to, though I don’t rely on them for much news and info. I think the world would be better off if it all disappeared though. It’s a useless waste of time or worse. The platforms harvest our info for their advertisers, which is icky enough, but who knows what else they’ll end up doing with it?

  8. I have a Twitter but I haven’t been there in forever. I’ve never had a FB. After watching my daughters and their drama on FB I decided I didn’t need it. Younger has suggested that Sven should have his own Insta… maybe when he comes out of brumation, silly reptile.

    I definitely think people are getting dumber. They don’t even realize the algorithms are spoon feeding them. I seek out news from my own choices of outlets.

    I’m reminded of the lyrics
    “…and the people bowed and prayed
    to the neon god they’d made…”

    Scary stuff, really!

  9. I dunno!
    People used to use it to post their vacation pics…then came taking a photo of every meal at a restaurant…some of that was cool. I have definitely tried out restaurants my friends told me were the bomb. But something weird happened at some stage. Like this insatiable appetite to be part of the social media in-crowd. People found their voice in social media and they could be anything they wanted to be. I dunno anymore…I have less to do with it than I used to. Can’t be bothered with Twitter. Facebook page is redundant. Instagram is useful and Whatsapp but we use it with family and close friends, not random people we don’t know.

    1. People found their voice in social media and they could be anything they wanted to be ……… this is very true – suddenly the world became a reviewer, a critique and journalist and executioner all in one swoop.

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