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Wednesday 12th August 2020 – Season 13 – Series 9
The Jolly Good Morning is the new feature of the daily ‘ The Hello’ where upon this for this season and series – three readers are celebrated with the Morning Guest Star instead of just one and also the music displayed is from artists they all as a selected ‘trio’ love to listen to.

I wanted this particular seasons feature to be more about the community that we are and sharing what we all love and take delight in. So if on that note you wish to receive a call out, drop me a comment below.
drtanya@saltedcaramelJulie de RohanMelanie of Sparks from a combustible mind

A Jolly good morning to you Tanya, Julie and Melanie and to help you celebrate your Unconventionally Quirky Wed4nezdae – aye l don’t disagree it’s a mouthful indeed – however to help you with your day – let’s hear some pumping tunes from the Boss himself!!

Have an absolutely cracking day everyone – let me know below if you would like a call out this season!!

Today’s Feature Posts
The Hello
Gifting The Compliment
The Dug Outs Secret Garden
Have yourselves a fantastic day folks!
This Weekend coming – Pump It Large and Dance Long Weekend – Artist – Prince!! Let me know below if you are a fan!!

16 thoughts on “The Hello

    1. Many thanks Grandma, it is blisteringly hot today, so much so, l have had to delay my morning walk till this evening. Water shortages are starting to hit the Uk also … mm, not good.

      1. Water shortages in the UK? The place where it always rains? Wow! That is bad. We’re very water conscious in California, UK might need to learn about water conservation if the weather patterns keep being wonky… and I’m afraid they will.

        1. I agree, l remember having a discussion with a colleague years ago [who was quite senior in the water industry] about potential water shortages in the UK with the connection to global warming and l was informed that the UK had everything under control……………………. mm..

          Happy Wednesday to you Grandma 🙂

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