Ava the Acocado Update

In the last two weeks l have received three emails from friends regarding three main topics concerning ‘gardening’ – past and present and so l thought l would just write a small update for you all.

The topics on people’s lips were:

Ava the Acocado UpdateHorseradish SauceBokashi Composting

Okay, well here we are:

Ava the Acocado Update

Ava is currently residing in the kitchen patio/conservatory area – she was transferred from a medium sized container to a tree container on account of her ever increasing growth pattern and she has two immediate neighbours these being Bell Pepper/Capsicum plants and two indirect neighbours and those being a Money Plant [ Crassula ovata] and a Geranium. When the kitchen and so on is dressed up – all the plants will be in a nice set up together near the patio doors.

She is remarkably healthy and you can see that she is enjoying some beautiful new leaf growth – vibrantly lime green, although she has small brown points on some of her leaves, she is faring way better than last year. The image below was from End September and she was in many places riddled with black spot. Thankfully this year she hasn’t suffered that – but has suffered small burning points due to fresh watering as opposed to rainwaterings.

IMG_2308 (2)

However, currently she is doing as said, very well indeed!

Horseradish Sauce

You may recall last year, l cut down the horseradish plant and had a huge harvest of root and what l wanted to do was make Horseradish Sauce for Christmas presents – but of course life got in the way! The roots therefore were ‘chopped up, washed, dried and frozen’ and forgotten about as they were in the cube freezer at the bottom of the garden.

The Horseradish root was in several bags here, so yesterday l took them out and defrosted them, because despite being frozen, the smell was so overpowering that it was leaking through the pores of the bags and making the freezer smell – so something had to be done!

I decided yesterday to shred the entire 2019 harvest and rebox into plastic with a view to a further shredding next week and then to start the process of making an actual sauce!

How was it? As in shredding with the blender? Not bad, but l had the blender on the doormat right beside the patio doors when l was actually shredding and everytime l removed the blender’s cap – l will not lie! It was quite overpowering! BUT, not as much as it could’ve been and l think that is because the freezing process, may have diluted some of the scent punch.

I had enough root to basically fill the new freezer container to the top – as you can see, it wasn’t a fine shredding – that’s next week – this was just a taster for me to see what l might expect smell wise next week.

I will keep you updated to the process.

Bokashi Composting

I started Bokashi composting back in the first week of June and l have been fermenting kitchen waste ever since. I currently have two bins of my own and Suze has one of her own as well. I will write a much fuller post and review on this process in the next couple of weeks – however for the interim period – how am l finding it as a process of ‘composting?’

I am not unimpressed, but of course it is very different and l am still getting used to it having been involved in conventional outdoor composting for several years.

In the next few episodes you will see how very different the entire composting process is now in the new garden. For starters it is vastly and greatly reduced in size as a working system in comparison to the hot composter cubes from before. The latter were a complete system whereas the current set up is made up of three seperate processes that make for one of the old systems.

First l have the Bokashi which is a fermentation process and then l have the mini-hotbox composting with the potting soil wormery bringing up the rear! This three way system is totally new and untried by me before , but works on a variation of the old composting strategy. Whilst each segment is important to the other equally each can survive without the other if so required.

Since moving away from a together couple status with Suze, my bokashi process has changed and principally due to a significant change in food scraps. I think once l get back into the habit of living as a singelton again as opposed to a couple, l should be able to re-stabilise my diet. The reason l say this – is because the food wastes that are now inside the bin are very different to what they were three weeks ago. [Less fruit/veg]

However, l am still able to pull off a leachate liquid from the Bokashi once every ten days or so as opposed to every four days in early July. Waste wise l was originally filling a bin with kitchen scraps every 18 days – that is no longer the case and l believe my fill ratio now is more likely to be closer to one bin filled every 35 days. I have used the liquid down my sinks as a clearing and cleaning process, but l am currently freezing it – l was for a while filling smaller plastic lidded trays but opted a couple of weeks ago for a much larger freeze box as the gallery will display.

I will discuss in time the benefits to bokashi composting however for the time being, l leave you with the following gallery photographed yesterday displaying the process of leachate liquid pull, shredding kitchen wastes down and adding to the bin as well as displaying the frozen liquids themselves.

Thanks for reading and more from The secret Garden soon.

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  1. Ava is enjoying her new house 🌱 😉
    I remember my dad used to grate manually the horseradish and we all used to cry from the pungent smell, but I love a good strong horseradish homemade 😉

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