Walks in Time

Getting To Know The Town of Sandwich

Episode 1#

Overview of Sandwich Town and the overall view of the Brisker.

A slightly bigger overview of Sandwich Town and also showing where l live in comparison to the town itself. I am just offcentre to how many people might think the centre of town looks, but the reality is l am a mere stone’s throw from the centre of the town . I live in a period home but not a conservation listed home.

For the first episode of Walks in Time, l thought l would just touch base with my readership and friends alike and introduce you to my surroundings first and tell you what l know so far about my new town.

The first real episode will either be later this week or early next.

The Brisker 25 is a walk l take every morning, 7 days a week and in the main it is a fixed route. I started it for a few reasons:

1] To partake in some brief morning exercise within the town of Sandwich. Each walk takes me roughly 25/30/35 minutes and it is walked at a much faster pace than say a Morning Musing.

I walk in Fitbit terms a total of between 2800 – 5000 steps per walk – it is currently reflective on the state of the heat in the mornings.

A Morning Musing is more of a thinking person’s stroll with my Canon whereas the Brisker 25 is specifically an exercise walk and l have a much smaller camera with me [Cybershot] to capture moments on the move as opposed to the Musing where l am taking time with my photography.

2] I wanted to explore Sandwich properly as opposed to the last time l was here [2002/3/4] when l was only working with the owners of the wildlife Centre – then known as The Rare Breeds Centre and now known as Sandwich Wildlife Park. But back then l lived in the Lincolnshire Village of Baston and so my visits were infrequent and then only to the Centre and not the town.

Previous to that was when l lived in Whitstable [1988/89] and worked in Canterbury and l would occasionally drive through Sandwich to get to other locations …

3] I wanted to utilise the smaller walks to increase my health benefits such as improving my cirulation, improve my digestion, increase the strength of my right knee, restrengthen my calf muscles, lose some ageing middle aged spread, improve my sleep, acquire some definition, feel younger again, boost my confidence and keep my wellbeing and mindfulness in check. But also to increase my walking pace so as to be able to walk on hikes.

4] Rekindle my keen interest in history and architecture and improve my inner town photography skills and finally to ensure no boredom set in or worse melancholy with regards my emotional structuring.

Above is the typical Brisker 25 walking route.

So the Briskers serve me well and l have been enjoying the B25’s since Saturday 18th July – l literally started them the day after l moved in.

Sandwich is a truly beautiful town and the morning walks take me through many famous landmarks and astounding sights every day and although currently the weather has been beautiful it has also been an oppressively hot summer, unusually so. The Briskers will be walked 365 days of the year unless l really can’t do it due to health problems. But it will be marvelous to witness the seasonal changes also from our current summer through to autumn, winter and spring again.

The town is steeped in history and is located within the Dover District of Kent which lies in the South East of England. The river that runs through here is the Stour. The population here is listed as just under 5000 but that was back in 2011 and l don’t know the new figures but according to Edward next door, he believes the new total would be perhaps closer to 6200 on account of new residential developments just across the river.

The average age in Sandwich however is slightly older than the average age in other ‘tourist and historical locations in Kent’, that being 45 – 59 with the overall age average being older than most of Kent itself.

Sandwich has well over 400 [443] Listed buildings as in conservation and protected buildings. See Here for Listing. You can check out the map as well and it is quite astonishing viewing and each seperate link can be pressed to award the reader more information about each listing.

A Teaser …

My typical B25 walk takes me out of my front door and down my street [Harnet] and then l turn left into Strand – walk all the way along to join The Butts ….

… and l walk all the way along that path enjoying the beauty of the walk itself till …

…. l join The Ropewalk …. however in my next episode l will write in detail about these specific walks and their history but for the time being will leave you with the gallery from this morning’s Brisker.

Turning left out of my door and instantly left again into Guildcount Lane …….. all the buildings along here are listed buildings. Left at the end and walk towards Delf street and looking down at the ‘Temporary closed’ Empire Cinema before walking down Loop Street and crossing over the small moat that runs behind the houses there. Looking down Tannery Lane and then joining The Butts and looking over at the Sandwich cricket grounds and the medieval promenade willow tree lined waterway.

Crossing over Woodnesborough Road and joining The Ropewalk connection and walking all the way around the old Wall crossing New street and entering the Mill Wall connection and walking round to take a left down Knightrider Street and seeing St Clements church and then walking towards The Quay but taking the first left and joining Upper Strand Street.

Walking up Upper Strand towards the High Street and passing Fisher street and both the Quay and Bell Lanes and coming out opposite The Bell Hotel and before crossing the road looking across at The Admiral Owen – then crossing to walk down Seven Post Alley towards St Peter’s Church [with the broken Town Clocks] turning right to walk down St Peter’s Street and join Love Lane.

From Love Lane, l turn left and rejoin Strand Street and walk towards my own street, Harnet, passing Potter street and the Beach Hut Cafe and look up Strand street toward St Mary’s church. You can tell today is bin day too … although l think Sandwich hides it well. Before getting home, l take a quick look down on the left and The Butchery [Lane] and then walk home. The mini [not mine] is parked outside my final destination.

So there we go folks! That is a typical Brisker 25 walking through Time – in the next episode we’ll explore some of this beautiful Town’s history together – in the meawnile – many thanks for joining me for my walk today.

See you next time!

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  1. I love all the old buildings. There’s nothing like that here in SoCal. It must be amazing to FEEL all the time that has passed in that town. Very cool! Looking forward to exploring the town with you.

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