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Tuesday 11th August 2020 – Season 13 – Series 9
The Jolly Good Morning is the new feature of the daily ‘ The Hello’ where upon this for this season and series – three readers are celebrated with the Morning Guest Star instead of just one and also the music displayed is from artists they all as a selected ‘trio’ love to listen to.

I wanted this particular seasons feature to be more about the community that we are and sharing what we all love and take delight in. So if on that note you wish to receive a call out, drop me a comment below.
Paula of Light Motifs IIFandango of This, That and The OtherLauren of ISS Attitude of Gratitude

A jolly good morning indeed to you Paula, Fandango and Lauren – here’s wishing you fine folks a Truly fantastic Toosday …. here’s some vibes you might enjoy!

Have an absolutely cracking day everyone – let me know below if you would like a call out this season!!

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Have yourselves a fantastic day folks!

15 thoughts on “The Hello

  1. You can’t go wrong with a repertoire of songs from Chicago. By the way, Rory, you declared Paula, me (Fandango), and Lauren as your guest stars for this post — for which I’m honored — but then you wrote, “A jolly good morning indeed to you Paula, Lauren and Lauren.” Hmm. Are you suggesting I change my pseudonym from “Fandango” to “Lauren”? I dunno, buddy. I’m not sure I would do justice to that name. 😏

    1. Yes, l just noticed that err myself Fandango, lying in bed with the ipad – all corrected – have yourself a great day when it arrives properly 🙂

  2. I’m waaay behind today🙄🤦🏼‍♀️ Hope your day wasn’t too bad. Hope your evening is relaxing and your sleep is restful with wonderful dreams!💫🌊🦄🧸💌

      1. Totally fine. Daughter had a work meeting from 8am to 10am today. It was 10 miles away and she doesn’t drive. Took a big chunk of time going back and forth.🤷🏼‍♀️

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