Dear Blog – 14.55 – 10/08/20

…… and the Oops My Bad Award Goes To?

Life’s Too Short For Shit!

Ok, l get it – I GET IT!!

There is a pandemic on! I have to wear a mask! I do wear a mask! They are HOT and more so in this weather – wearing a mask with glasses on is like trying to swim in someone else’s sweaty armpit without holding your nose! It’s difficult – but l do it! Why? Because l don’t particularly want to die and l don’t want to be the cause of someone else’s death … potentially! It’s common sense …….. and yet there are times and places and locations and people when we are NOT seeing common sense and more so in closed built up areas!

But in open areas l expect to see a bit more common sense being applied ………. now before l continue l need to say a few things ..

1] It’s been years since l visited a National Trust or an English Heritage landmark – the last time l think knowingly was 2005 with my father up near Hadrian’s Wall somewhere in the north of England. I may have been to other locations since and not really logged it on account of not being a member to either and only being a member of the public and therefore paying an admittance fee.

2] I am neither a paid up member of the National Trust or English Heritage because it is not often l visit these places and have weighed up the pros and cons and configured it is still easier to attend these locations and pay on the door.

On Saturday night, Suze said she really wanted to go for a walk/hike this Sunday [yesterday] to burn off some steam. The last week had been quite emotional. This morning for instance she had her MRI at Canterbury and next Monday we return to the William Harvey hospital in Ashford to find out the results of everything – so both of our stresses are significantly higher than normal.

I said ‘Well let’s see how you are feeling on Sunday and we will make a decision based on that. I had also been a little unwell the end of last week, so it sounded like a plan. However, we both agreed that Suze would arrive at between 11.15am – 11.30am and we would walk to the Richborough Roman Fort and Amphitheatre just outside of Sandwich.

It is literally a stone’s throw from where l live. I didn’t know, and in truth l didn’t even question who ran it ‘museum wise’. Just figured it is an outdoor landmark, 45 minutes away by foot on a sunny day from where l am sitting typing today. I briefly looked it up in Google, got the details and the direction – checked it’s opening times – looked for prices couldn’t find them. I figured we would walk there and discover that when we arrived ……….

Gallery above The Richborough road approach to the fort from Sandwich is a little unexciting …. thank goodness we are going to see a fort -Yayyee!!!

The sign post below stands just outside the tourist attraction….

Well …..mmm, what we discovered when we arrived was actually more of an WTF??! Situation…. It’s English Heritage managed and from the bottom of the road l could see 7 cars at the top, but where l was standing near the gate to the drive up was a sign that read ‘Pre Booked Visits Only!

You may not be able to read this so well due to editing magnification but that’s the sign that reads Pre Booked and you can only pre-book as a member to English Heritage? Yet, on the actual Google hit box – it doesn’t say any of that. So that is a Covid 19 addition.

You may not be able to see it that well – but up the rise there were only 7 cars – considering the overall space of the attraction ………… so Suze sat down and we figured okay let’s book an appointment then – play their game! Which is when we then discovered ‘members only could pre-book!!’ A membership for the year with EH for a joint couple is £109 – but you couldn’t sign up digitally online there and then…….. the end result was a 45 minute hike from Sandwich to the fort in blistering heat ended with a no go Roman show! We have to debate whether we wish to join EH just to see the fort or not another time?

However, disappointment aside we had a relatively good walk up which was a little [admittedly boring and uneventful image wise] and a slightly marginally better walk back. Before setting off to town again, we found a Rambler’s path …… and thought we would walk down it, but a hundred nettles 2 foot high later and a particular someone wearing shorts we decided to maybe NOT walk that way!!

Walking back however we found a stile next to the railway track which had a footpath sign on it, so we chose that instead for part of our return trek which allowed us to walk by the River Stour for a while and discover odd things like cars being restored and boats parked in even odder places and a quirky set of private post/letter/mail boxes and some pretty flowers … but more importantly Suze and l had fun walking with each other as friends and we also had a very deep and meaningful conversation ……..

…….. about us as the couple we were, the year to date, the circumstances of now , the couple we were and are now, the friendship we share and a very deep look and conversation concerning how very short life is and how potentially it could be much shorter for Suze if she was say a stage 4 and what preparations are there in place for her? Suze can talk about these things with me logically because her family wouldn’t host the main topic of the conversation.

You know, l was listening to her, and l just thought fuck it, it doesn’t matter how we were as a couple of lovers or partners and why we broke up Rory, just drop it – it is what it is! BUT, it has always mattered how we are as friends and that above everything else – Suze is my best mate, she is my best friend and she is the only real life real time friend l have and only those who understand autism and Asperger’s will truly understand that – what l have just said.

Life’s too short for unwanted and unnecessary shitstorms – what matters is now and how we live for today and friendship and how we handle our friends in love and war and life and death. That’s all that matters. It was a great day, it was a good day indeed.

 Thanks for reading folks – I’ll catch up with y’all again soon!

17 thoughts on “Dear Blog – 14.55 – 10/08/20

  1. Things end up to often focused on labels. Your both special to each other. That all that matters.

    It looks like safety procedures are dropping fast. What can you expect when the govt and certain papers talk of the virus being under control – so just go and earn some money for us. Yet the actual numbers (based on the so limited testing) are rapidly rising.

  2. Exactly! Life is too short to waste any of it worrying about labels and stuff in the rear view. Live each day as best you can. Share time with your best friend in any way that’s comfortable to you both.
    You’re becoming a “mental yoga” master, JB! Bravo!! That’s seriously hard for those on the spectrum!🌊🦄🧸💌

      1. I hope you both are doing ok. She seems strong. That’s good, but also good for her to have a release with you. I’m glad you have each other.

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