The Animal’s Within The Inner You??

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The first question to kick start the series was …. If you were wearing a tee shirt what is your personal style?

Anyway just a random Sunnyunnyday Sunday fact!

The Animal’s Within The Inner You??

I have recently commissioned an artist to create a series of hand painted pictures for me for my house here – you know her [the house] as ‘Willow’ and you’ll come to watch her transition from house to home in the coming months.

I had this idea come to me last week in a dream about mascots for the home – be this – and this is open entirely to your own personal comfort zone – spiritual, personal, fantastical, emotional, soulfully, naturally, symbiotically, sensual as in a softer natural or even sexual as in a raw response – it matters not how you choose to allow the question to sit within your mind awaiting answers – but it is to do with your inner energy, your essence – the inner you, the reflective translator.

I love all animals, but l have favourites and for a very long time and by this l am going back to my childhood when l was perhaps 5 or 6 l started to develop an understanding of the beauty of having animals in our lives. An appreciation … over the years l had pets and companions and then l was very lucky to be able to not just work with some very exciting and exotic species, but also work quite a bit in other areas such as animal conservation, investigation and protection and collection. This has furthermore allowed me to come into contact with hundreds of animals that many people might only dream about coming face to face with.

When you are with animals, or work with animals or merely have animals in your life you develop a soulful or spiritual connection with them and they you, and to a certain degree you also manage to develop a form of symbiosis. I have found that l have very astute connections with some animals and the traits they can share stay with you.

Okay, with me so far?

So in this dream, l decided to attach symbiotically to the various rooms in the house, within Willow, within me and within us as one heart – my strongest connectors – they would become the leading mascots for the house – the protectors, the creators, the developers, the strength builders – they would help me find my grounding within my home.

If you are regular readers to this blog, you’ll know that l am naming each of my rooms within the house within the Home of Willow. Slowly as l work, live and breathe in each of the rooms l come to understand the energy of each room and therefore can understand which animal would be better served as the mascot.

Now as l start to write, share and create the process of building my home in the series The Blokes New Digs you will of course become aware of the names of each of the rooms and the chosen mascot and as each commissioned painting is complete l will introduce you to it. Not all of my rooms have attached names yet and as such no mascot – although two do …. these are :

1] Home of Willow – this is not a room but the very essence of the house and it’s arteries so for the savvy you’ll know l refer to the hallways, the stairs and the connections that make the house … one. The rightful mascots are dogs and most notably Scrappy and Dora but also Jakey. Dogs are our strongest companions. They will be with me always whereever l am in the house. Between them all – they had the most wonderful traits and attributes that l shall talk of another time.

2] The Heart of the Livenden – that is the final name of the loungeroom – it is the very hub of who l am. I spend most of my time in here – l create in here, imagine in here and reidentify with me in here – it is vibrant and colourful and eclectic – it’s social without being directly social. The mascot l have chosen for here is Wilma the North American Porcupine.

Despite what many people think – porcupines happen to be very social animals – they are just a little stand offish and pricklish when agitated, they are mostly solitary, eco friendly conservationalists who can pack a punch if threatened.

You have only ever heard me mention briefly before Wilma my North American Porcupine but once l am not so stressed and or agitated with life and l can relax again, l will resume writing my stories and l will introduce you to her.

So far, of the 10 spaces l have here – rooms and hallways and garden – only a small percentage actually have names and as such appointed mascots

However, my question today to you all is one question in two parts ..

What animals do you feel a special connection with and why?

If you were able to allocate an animal mascot to each of the rooms of your house which rooms would you give them and again, why?

Let Me Know Below – Cheers Rory

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25 thoughts on “The Animal’s Within The Inner You??

  1. Animals I feel a special connection to?In the interest of generalizations, felines, canines, avians especially covids. I think it is very fanciful of you assign names and personalities to your home and the spaces therein. That whole idea made me smile.

    I have no attachment to such things and while there are many beautiful buildings they are just that, buildings. I appreciate them while they are here (if I deem them beautiful in my eyes) and would miss them, ever so slightly, when they’re gone but – buildings are just buildings.

    I’ve learned that everything thing I need, especially a ‘home’ is within me and I carry it with me – I don’t inhabit it, it inhabits me.

      1. I just realized, as I was writing a post about your post, that I totally misunderstood your question. I had an immediate reaction to the concept of ‘home’.

        1. But your answer was a good answer Grace, l like answers that made me ponder further so thank you πŸ™‚

          Yes there is a hug difference between a mere house and home a conversation l had with Suze literally this afternoon in fact. This is the first time a house has felt like a home for nearly 40 years. Like you, most l see buildings as buildings and yet here, something else is afoot – l take your mind back to the strangeness of a penny moving as an example of something different about this house, this town, this time. It is that sort of connection.

          In some ways quite surreal.

  2. That’s difficult, I share my home with Older Daughter and Ben. Three distinct personalities so the rooms aren’t mine. Even my bedroom isn’t “mine”.

    Animals I feel an affinity with…

    Hummingbirds, dragonflies, crickets and crows come to me.

    I like otters, dolphins, cats (domestic and big), dogs, hawks & falcons and the flock of wild parrots that roams my city.

    1. Hey Grandma, interesting answers indeed. Of course you are quite right concerning the possession and ‘ownership’ of rooms.

      So your natural affinity lies with birds – flight πŸ™‚ Freedom – that’s intriguing also.

  3. Ooohh I didn’t see the T-shirt question sorry… if I am at home and it’s hot I like tank tops and half shirts – or forget them all together for a bikini top / whichever … it’s fricken hot here lol

    I identify with a Phoenix πŸ¦… because I am about to rise from ashes 😘✌️

      1. Yeah I feel strong with that. πŸ™

        Life threw me around like a rag doll there for a minute … so now I show life who’s boss lol … or I try to lol – sometimes it works – sometimes I get my ass kicked lol

        I am definitely about to rise from the ashes!!

  4. “When you are with animals, or work with animals or merely have animals in your life you develop a soulful or spiritual connection with them and they you, and to a certain degree you also manage to develop a form of symbiosis.” This is so so very true!

    Thank you for this post. I am intrigued about this as I often have dreams about rooms in my house and I associate those rooms with different parts of my psyche – recently I have been opening many new rooms in my inner mansion, which is hugely exciting for me.

    My bedroom woud def. have to be a place for a deep-dreaming animal – a whale I think, as this is the room that I ‘travel’ furthest in. I would love to draw upon the energy of racoon in my kitchen for organisation skills and efficiency and my creative space/office would be assigned to a horse, just because of the type of work I do because I feel that I would like to use the horse’s strength and staying power to last the distance.

    1. These are marvelous animals to pull energy and creativity and spirituality from – many thanks for sharing these πŸ™‚

      I love whales, have worked with raccoons and horses alike and the behaviours and connections you describe would be spot on πŸ™‚

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