Beauty in the Eye Of ..

You were all first introduced to this garden via these two Letting Agent photographs back in June. I took up residence as in collected the keys to Willow on the 6th July and from that point onwards to the 17th July when l technically moved in and then to literally the 31st July when Suze and l vacated Hillyfields. Throughout that period of time which is more or less a month today – you have seen random photographs of the garden itself … that was a deliberation move on my behalf.

I didn’t want to display too much as 1] it was busy as hell , 2] l was inbetween three active gardens and 3] because l wanted to start this new Doin’ The Dirt series fresh this month so literally used some images as the carrots at the end of the feeding stick. No, of course you are not all donkeys!

The images above are quite bland and in many ways not a true reflection of the garden l have here, but the moment l physically saw the actual garden on the 6th July, l had fallen in love with it – it boasted and promoted all at once, secrecy, fantasy, romance and a hidden alluring sensuality and if you know me at all, you’ll know all too well anything that has elements of both sexuality and sensuality rolled into one essence will always win my heart!

But how does a garden have a sensuality to it – well that’s the softness and a sexuality? That’s the rawness. This walled in garden had both components to a true secret garden! A true island of illusion.

The images supplied for the house had no colour or vibrancy or even life and yet what they did possess and l should imagine many of you saw it with your own two eyes reflectively interpretive to you was a certain something ………. mystery or even a mystique to the antiquity of it. A friend of mine emailed and said ‘Oh a Harry Potter Garden!” whilst another wrote “Spiderwick!!” and a final wrote “Lady Chatterley’s private garden”, and all were correct in one way or another – there is something about the garden itself

Is it the size as in that it is a walled in garden, promoting privacy and secrecy, is it the elusiveness of it further highlighting fantasy and or romance? Who knows – what l saw that day was ‘Beauty in the Eye of ..”, as well as a garden that whilst had been tended, it was in need of something more loving and also l saw a conservation garden whilst others might interpret and see it as a conversation garden.

Above everything – this garden was ideal for me – for all points already mentioned but also for maintenance, sustainability and enjoyment because of its reduced size but its fullness and versatility! This was a garden l could tease back into a life of vibrancy!

Therefore this series will concentrate upon the garden’s journey and equally my own. It will explore new techniques for me such as container and hanger gardening in the main with a small percentage of raised beds and a smaller allowance for ornamental gardening. But also, it is superb for encouraging wildlife to in the shape of birdlife and already l have been running tests with seed types and feeders to see what produces the best results. I also have two garden capture cameras arriving today to observe and not be seen.

The series will appear to be running behind time – this is sort of true – but we will catch up with ourselves in due course – the reason being l will display some of the early July gardening changes l made. We will explore the following techniques together and try and have some fun doing so …

Containers and Hanging Baskets for fruits and HerbsVegetables in Smaller Raised Beds
Wildlife and Conservation GardeningBokashi Fermentation, Hotbin Composting and potting Soil Wormeries!
I promised you a rose garden ….Ornamental Bushery

However for the time being, thank you for reading and joining me on another path to discovery on our knees and l will leave you with this gallery from the 6th July 2020 when l collected the keys. In the next episode l will show you the start of the clean up which started on the 7th and took me through till in the main 25th July.

The first day l purely took photos of the garden and studied what needed to be done. On the following day [7th] l cleaned up the back and laid the prep for the rest of the month – l demossed, dusted, pulled out, dug out, weeded, disease checked, listed, pruned, cleaned up, toiled and resoiled – well you can imagine l am sure …. the courtyard had to be made ready for the arrival of my side of the Hillyfield garden. Willow’s garden once cleared up, actually had/has a large amount of growing space.

Most Sandwich houses [as in inner town] all have courtyard gardens. This particular garden will experience over the next six months [before new Spring season] a lot of repair, restorative and recovery project work. There are quite a few quirky and original and ancient features to this garden such as the hand water pump.

A quick tour of the garden as of 6th July 2020

Welcome to my Garden folks see you next time!

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  1. This garden was already charming at the beginning of July, we’re looking forward to seeing what you do with it !!

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