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Season 3 – Summer 2020
Series 3 – “Rediscovering And Identifying With Me Again
Tuesday 04th August 2020 – Walk Time 30 Mins
Oranges and Lemons Say The …

A lone sunflower in a quirky walled garden l saw this morning.

I am currently enjoying my regular 25 minute daily walks – although l am a bit wobbly on attaching a Time to them. Yesterday l was awake at well before 6am and well before my 7am alarm and l was up and showered and dressed and set off for my Brisker 25 or my brisk 25 minute circular walk at just after 7am, whilst today although l awoke at 5am for a pee l went back to bed still asleep and woke up with my alarm. I put my tiredness down to my battle yesterday with the 15 year old pot bound hydrangea monster in the garden! I won, but it came at the tiredness cost and not forgetting l had been up at Silly O’clock!

So this morning rather sluggishly l set off after 8.35am but this time although it was a Brisker walk, l also took my new Sony Cyber-SHOT DSC-WX220 camera with me to officially trial out its performance. Normally l try and trial things after l have read the manual, but l am so behind with everything and still so dreadfully tired – but also l don’t tend to take cameras with me for just my brisk walks – they only come out for strollings, hikes or the Musings.

“Is that a camera in your pocket or are you really pleased to see me?” Is not a good look ………..

However l bought the Sony initially for this very purpose – to use as a street camera – something more compact and pocket size so that should l see something l like and want to capture without any fuss l could – over taking my usual Canon EOS 700D which is a bit more of an obstacle to fit into your jogging pocket unless you want to be arrested for erectile projection dysfunctioning!

I also bought myself recently more of an appropriate walking attire for the summer months – l was wearing a hiking trouser which was ideal perhaps for Kingsdown on account of being around bushes a bit but l think for the town you need a more suburban and relaxed casual look and so l bought myself some lightweight walking joggers which go better with other casual attire and sneakers. Plus it’s way easier to fit a small compact camera with your joggers over said bigger beastie!

I was therefore quite keen to have a play with my new street camera this morning and therefore the shots in this post are just basic no fancy fiddling with settings or zooms, just basic point and click to test how well the camera reacted to my complete slackhead techy approach! It performed very well l have to say. It’s a small slimline camera and today l even received a compliment about my tool! I was photographing some of the walks and ducks by the river when a cute dog walker strolled past and commented “Goodness that is quite the slim number isn’t it, does it work well?”

Well, what could l say but ……… “well l am not unimpressed with anything, but as they say it is how you handle it that matters, would you like to hold it for a little while to check the weight in your hands?”

“I haven’t got a mask on” Cute dog walker replied …

“You only have to hold it not kiss it.” I answered with a smile.

“Mm, maybe another time .. when l haven’t got a dog pulling me away. See you around again l am sure.” Cute dog walker answered smiling.

“For sure, have yourself a lovely day.” I answered ………. also smiling.

“What? Well that was perhaps social bantering and casual flirting …., yes okay.”

But banter aside, l was very impressed with the weight in my hand and how the camera handled and responded to my touch and as l sit and type this post now and leaf through the captured images from this morning and add slight editing to them [filtering and cropping only] l am very pleased with the purchase. I got it from Amazon for £135 which was a bargain and l then bought myself a 64GB storage card for £20 – so for just over £150 – l have a seriously nice compact Sony street camera which is ideal for the Musings and other walks when l don’t have the Canon with me.

One of the other reasons l wanted to take the cybershot out with me this morning was so that l could capture some of the images from the St Clements church [it’s not THE St Clements Church from the Nursery Rhyme – that one is actually in London.

In the town of Sandwich there are three main churches which l shall write about seperately another time but they are St Clement’s, St Peter’s and St Mary’s. I spotted it the other day when walking down Knightrider street and wanted to have my camera with me for the next visit which was today.

Here are some images from St Clement’s Church ….

I know you can’t see much of the church itself, but you will soon enough, today was really about testing and trialing the cybershot and it passed – it has a 10 x magnification should l wish to use it and the next time l do l will as this morning in the churchyard with me were squirrels and lots of different birds within feet of me – the 10 x lens would be handy, but l need to read up now and get to grips with camera.

From the church l was now mere minutes away from home, so the remaining photos are just some street shots in random order and of St Peter’s Church.

So this morning was just a small Musing to test a new camera but it was a good walk of a few thousand FitBit steps that helped my health, my physicality and my mentality and wellbeing, that lasted for maybe 30 minutes and also had some innocent good natured chat thrown in too … can’t be bad, can’t be bad at all. Anyway, thanks for reading – catch you again soon.

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24 thoughts on “Morning Musings

  1. I also have a Sony cybershot, but it’s lying somewhere forgotten. Haven’t used it on ages. Nice pics. Lucky you to be living in such a historic place. I really like to concept of early morning walk!

    1. It’s truly beautiful here, but as l wrote last week – l have a very knowing feeling of this place, we have shared history together. I am walking loads now, l have my morning walk , but an hour ago l was out for a walk around town – l am literally 90 seconds away from the main high street, the very hub of Sandwich and l feel its pull daily 🙂 I will go out for an evening walk also.

  2. That camera does take crisp photos… I could even read the historic info on the church … and until 1600 something? 😮 towns people used to elect the church officials and if you said no, they had the right to destroy your house 😳😮 omg … I would make sure no one would want me elected then lol – I’m sure you had to be a man anyway 🤨 … but very very interesting! We have weirdo things too.

    I don’t really read manuals unless I have to build or construct the project.

    I have a printer that is awesome, but need that manual to do certain things!! I will forget, and is all complicated without a touch screen and a ton of buttons – I need the manual to figure out certain options I want 🤨 (that kind of annoys me) the printer is amazing though so whatever

    Your pics are very awesome – camera definitely worth it!

    1. Hey Trisha, l am very much the same on manuals, Suze was very tech savvy, she would always read instructions – but l am too clumsy and impatient for it. I like to pick it up and play with it then 🙂

      1. Hahaha yup that’s exactly me… just give it to me let me do it… only if I can’t figure out, do I use that manual lol – I am also impatient with manuals! lol

        1. Yeah and sometimes those manuals do not explain properly or the writing was written for an ant – it’s so tiny 🤨

          Sometimes other people have same issues

          I had this one product – came with a stupid manual that did not explain anything and rendered the product useless … until I went and googled and found a forum with many others having same issue… someone else posted the same issue and that’s how I learned to use it.

          I have friends who do anything by watching YouTube videos – I have tried to do that with my car by myself – but I am not that talented lol … luckily I have friends who help me in that department. Cars are one area that I just can’t do, I try… but being realistic – I am not a mechanic lol ✌️😄😘

  3. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 oh JB!!! Thank you! That picture😲🤣
    I’ve been thinking about a camera and I’m happy to read that your…ummm… camera handles well.
    I can’t stop laughing 😂😂😂😂😂

    1. I am a little adverse to mobile phones and am ‘just’ okay with the cybershot – l am very traditional camera wise and prefer eye to lens .. but hey that was yesterday now we live for today 🙂

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